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We give the best advisory amongst all business consulting firms in Dubai

Advisory and consulting are required at every step you take in your business.  N R Doshi and Partners is one of the top consulting firms in Dubai, providing advisory for various aspects of your business. Whether you talk about system designing and its implementation, contract negotiation, management consulting, or Anti-Money Law compliance, we have included all the services.

As per the service, we own a specific team of experts which no other consulting firms in Dubai possess. These experts are unrivaled when one talks about their experience and knowledge in the field. With our advisory and support, we will make sure your business reaches the heights which your competitors think unachievable.

Advisory and Consulting

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

It is a service that vary from company to company. The nature of business, industry challenges, availability of skilled staff, competition, grow opportunities etc will define the scope as well as coverage of management consulting service.  

The management consulting services provider must have employed experienced minds as well as experts of the local and also international markets. N R Doshi & Partners is the perfect management consultancy in Dubai, which has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of management improvisation. This certainly helps us to provide accurate information of the “Best Practices” in your industry, specifically in the UAE.  

However, if we further bifurcate our management consulting service, you can reach us out for any assistance associated with: management training, technology implementation for better management, developing strategies, operational improvements, etc. 

With our proprietary methodologies as well as uniquely designed frameworks, we will guide you out of issues by identifying all of them. This will serve as the base for improvement of management in your business. 

Business Feasibility Study

The business Feasibility study is the first step that you must take before starting your own company. You have an idea in your mind, but its benefit and return can only be accurately determined by conducting the feasibility study. For finding the accurate details, you need the support of a prominent management consultancy in Dubai such as N R Doshi and Partners.

It also matters how your idea gets executed. We will define the key success factors required to meet the company’s desired goal. Based on those factors, we will evaluate if the commercial and technical feasibility of the proposal. 

Out of all the consulting companies in Dubai, we are the only ones who efficiently include all the possible scenarios, examine them, and select the best possible way for the company by which it should move forward. 

The feasibility of a business must be calculated from every aspect. We first go through the entire industry and check the market potential. The competition and customers are analyzed, and tests are conducted for various locations to find out the best one. In the end, the project feasibility report is prepared. 

Then the operational environment suitable for your industry is found out through which you can achieve the goals. 

After that, it is necessary to identify the capital investment required to start the project. Based on the investment, the business structure is developed, and profitability is calculated.  

And now, we come to the final feasibility study, which is an economic feasibility study conducted to identify the project benefits. These benefits are compared using different economic scenarios. 

The benefit of N R Doshi & Partners includes the complete study of each aspect. Thus, no room for loopholes or errors is left when the feasibility of your business is determined. 

business Feasibility study

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions consulting

Mergers and acquisitions consulting services can only be provided with the help of specialized tax and legal support. The requirement could vary, and a top advisory service should be able to fulfill it through unrivaled methods letting the company have minimum expenditure.

Our best advisors and financial consultants for m&a consulting services are aware of how the tax and legal structure of the transactions should be prepared. The complete merging, splitting, and our executives handle the reorganization process.

However, our initial task is to find out the correct valuation of all the acquisition target. We find out if there is any alternative entity present at a lower cost. We even help you in the negotiation and formation of contracts favoring your company.

Even after mergers & acquisitions, post transactions and their arrangement can also be handled by us. Our service makes sure that reorganization and transactions occur without losing focus on the core business. Our team of experts will efficiently let you have the complete control of the old business and the acquired business.

Pre-close integration will be managed for planning and projects. After this, the implementation of leadership and various post handling is managed. New strategies are prepared, planned, implemented, and checked for its efficiency.

If the idea you propose and the strategies prepared look promising, we may even help you in getting funds or borrowing the capital from banks through our corporate finance consulting service. As we appear as a reputed accounting and auditing firm, getting financers for your business is an effortless task for us.

System Implementation and Design

We excel at designing and implementing value-driven software programs that are aimed to provide specific solutions based upon specific needs of your business. Our experts have years of experience in designing and implementing applications for various industries, which make us the best choice amongst all the IT consultants in UAE for software implementation in your company.

Our initial task is to analyze user requirements and prepare a business requirements document (BRD). We interview users from various departments in your company including, purchase, sales, accounts, inventory, marketing and IT and understand and document their requirements. Based on the requirements gathered, we analyse each business process and optimize it. We also evaluate the current workflows and process computerization capability to arrive at the desired system requirements.

Using the business requirements document (BRD), we make software requirements specifications document (SRS) if the proposed software is to be developed afresh or we help you in selecting the right off-the-shelf software solution for you.

Once the software is acquired, we assist you in implementing it in various departments within your company. We also help carry out training sessions for the end- users so that they can run the software independently. We also carry out post-implementation audit to check if desired outcomes are achieved.

System Implementation and Design

Where Future meets Foresight & Higher Values meet Higher Goals

Robust foresight enhances the quality of strategic decision making in complex and uncertain operating environments. Our services enable leaders and managers to improve their organization’s capacity to realize the opportunities and manage the risks.

Future meets Foresight

Information Technology (IT) consulting

Information Technology Consulting

There are numerous services associated with information technology, and most of them are provided by leading IT consultants in Dubai- N R Doshi and Partners.

You get the option to choose this service for a specific requirement or get a quotation covering the complete set of IT services offered by us.

Our strategy consulting service helps you in selecting project management tools, vendor management, governance tools, and implementation of all these IT instruments.

We even manage the infrastructure or assist you in making them efficient and secure. The term infrastructure is used for software, hardware, and networking channel implemented in your business.

Our IT Consulting practice includes making Business Requirements Document (BRD), System Requirements Specifications Document (SRS) and dealing with your software vendor to get the desired software ready in the timeline defined. We assist in making Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP).

We also handle vendor proposal evaluation, product demonstration, software evaluation, contract negotiation, project management, software implementation, software testing and post-implementation audit. It’s like having a complete IT team available at your disposal to carry out various tasks as you proceed towards IT enablement of your company.

Risk Consulting

Risk management in business depends upon each department. Various factors such as strategy, accountability, and transparency between employees and employers affects the potential of risks to a great extent.

Risk of penalties and cancellation of the license can also occur if there are compliance issues. N R Doshi & Partners, which is one of the best risk advisory service in UAE, can support you to keep the governance up to the required mark.

The risk of fraudulent acts is also present, especially in medium and large-scale businesses. People associated with the company can easily find the security lax, which they can use as a resource for fraud. We examine the systems, detecting the means by which unauthorized access may take place, and then eliminate it.

We, as one of the best risk consulting firms, never compromise in conducting a check. We even do internal audits for companies associated with different fields. This lets the owner know about the current as well as the potential risks developing in the company.

Our risk consulting covers risk identification, risk evaluation and risk prioritization. We help you define suitable internal controls to manage, mitigate and transfer the risk. We check regulatory compliance requirements applicable to your business and establish a compliance framework in such a way that legal requirements are met on a timely basis. We also evaluate risk emanating from your information technology assets and device a suitable risk management plan for the same.

Risk Consulting

We learn your business model, how operations are handled, the existing business processes are studied, and then loopholes are detected. Many other risk management consultants are offering the same service. However, the solutions we offer are designed by the experts having industry-specific knowledge.

For the benefit of our users, we provide flexibility in our service, letting us create a quotation as per their requirement. This flexibility makes sure you don’t pay for anything you don’t require.

Deal Advisory

Deal Advisory

Our huge portfolio contains the information about the industries which we have worked: Jewelry industry, Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Retail, Healthcare, etc. Therefore, we have found out contract negotiation strategies in various industries, and thus, our experts will make sure that the deal lies in your favor with fair means.

We own our expertise in the various sectors with the superior analytical resources that can be used to negotiate business contracts. The experts make sure you get the perfect deals which let you capture the value and provide sustainable growth.

We evaluate business deal considering its technical and commercial feasibility, market conditions, industry challenges, future expansion plans, terms of the agreement, taxation, legal requirements and give you the best possible help and guidance.

Accounting Software Selection

There are various accounting software programs in the market, and each one claims to be the best one. However, each of them as their unique attributes, which make it difficult to decide which one is the finest.

Our CPAs, CAs, and accounts have worked on all the proficient accounting software programs such as Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, etc. and these applications provide all accounting solutions. Therefore, with such expertise, we can easily decide which one is the perfect fit for your company.

The software solution depends upon the size of the company, sector in which your industry is dealing, type of transactions occurring in your company, etc. Keeping all this in mind, we find out the best option to keep your accounts in order.

The service is extended to the handling of the accounting software, as well. Our active accountants will keep the record of all your transactions, manage your inventory, conduct bank reconciliation, etc. using the software.

Accounting Software Selection

AML (Anti-Money Laundering Law) Consulting

AML consulting firms

As UAE has created strict laws against money laundering, companies have tremendous pressure to make themselves AML compliant. We help them implement AML in their business.

N R Doshi & Partners standing among the top AML consulting firms owns an exclusive team for AML consulting in Dubai which consists of professionals who know about dealing with different laws.

These professionals thoroughly know the provision of AML and they use their professional expertise and judgement in devising a framework to implement AML in your company.

We review your business processes and identify specific points where data related to AML should be collected for further analysis and processing. Based on the data collected, we understand the risk associated with your business and device a standard operating procedure to meet the requirement of AML Act.

Periodically, we do conduct audit to check if the procedures are being followed and internal controls are working as intended. We do provide thorough training to your staff so that they can carry out day-to-day activities fully adhering to the provisions of AML Act.

We are here to advise you what’s best for your company

Run the company with your skills as well as our advice.

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