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Audit service in Dubai is provided for the companies so that stakeholders can have a true and fair view of their financial position. It helps in checking whether books of accounts are accurate and up to date and internal controls are working as intended, detecting fraud, providing advice regarding better management, etc. We even ensure that our service is the best amongst all Top Audit Firms in Dubai, which functions as per the law and regulations, keeping your company compliant with the local and international auditing and accounting standards.

For various banking and regulatory requirements, one needs to get his books of accounts audited. If one needs to fit in the UAE’s economic system, he needs an independent audit firm that can perform auditing for the company.

Independent auditing must be done by reputed Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in UAE such as N R Doshi & Partners, which is approved by all the banks of UAE. We are a well-known auditing firm, and our auditing is recognized by officials all over the country. If you have branches in other countries, we have associates in 92 countries who are as reputed as N R Doshi and Partners. Therefore, we are a one-stop solution for all your companies present at different locations.

Audit Services in Dubai
Audit Services in Dubai

The Worthy Benefits which will Help your Business Expand

With the help of internal audits, a business can achieve its predefined goals. If the internal audit process is conducted carefully, it will let the company owner know whether internal controls are working as intended and whether the right processes and procedures are followed in the day to day functioning of the business. It will also highlight control weaknesses and let the business owner know if risk management processes are operating effectively.

In the present world, it has become tough to avoid fraud. What’s more stringent than that is to detect them. By evaluating financial reports of the company, one may know where the mischief has happened. N R Doshi & Partners’ forensic audit and assurance services and cash embezzlement service are the perfect fit for your company for fraud detection.

Your company’s reputation and goodwill define your business’s valuation. Our audit and assurance services will attract your potential shareholders. It will also help to get foreign investment and improves your credit rating.

When we conduct a complete internal audit, it will bring the overall picture in front of you. You will know about the processes required to eliminate, which weakens your company profile. It also identifies your strengths on which lesser effort can give you more return. We provide advice to you based upon the results which can safeguard you from the potential threats. Our widely extended service makes us one of the top audit firms in Abu Dhabi.

Where Trust meets Transparency

Transparency is a core business value that fosters trust. It also transpires into exceptional results elevating the growth in the business of our clients

Audit Services in UAE

The Standard Auditing Process N R Doshi & Partners follows

Out of all our audit and assurance services in Dubai, we certainly need to find a suitable one for you. Depending upon the industry, we indeed select the audit cycles which are required to be implemented in your business. This helps us to prepare the scope of work and an accurate quotation for you.

After the approval of audit and assurance services and quotation, we need the company to provide us information required to conduct the audit. The data is based on the type of audit we perform. Generally, the financial data (credit notes, debit notes, invoices, purchases, etc.) is required for the Statutory Audit. The forensic audit requires information about employees as well.

As per the requirement, we select the audit cycle for the specific areas of business, which require auditing. For that area, we understand the functioning of the business by going through the complete business model. In the case of a statutory audit, one needs to go through each and every attribute of the business for complete knowledge.

The structure of the plan depends upon the necessity of the client. For different audit types, such as balance sheet audit, cash flow statement audit, fraud audit inventory audit, cash audit, stock audit, etc. Different methodologies have been developed. N R Doshi & Partners has created its own audit and assurance techniques which are efficient enough to perform a precise audit.

Auditing is done for various sections, and different auditing reports are generated. We review the generated document to make sure it is compliant with UAE law. It is further merged into one before presenting in front of the board of directors and shareholders.

The audit report contains all the information required to know the complete picture of your company. Based on that, if you need further assistance in making any changes as per the recommendations, we will be available for you.

Audit Services in Dubai

Various Audit and Assurance Services for your company

Audit Services in Dubai

Statutory Audit

Amongst all the auditing firms in UAE, we provide the best statutory audit services in Dubai. It is also known as External Audit Services in UAE. The main aim of the external audit is to review the accuracy of a company’s accounts and records from a legal perspective. Check out our article, ‘Understanding an Audit Report‘  to know the elements and format of the audit report. Generally, this report is prepared for the public. Also prepared for stakeholders to provide a transparent lookout on the functioning of the company. In statutory auditing, we go through the book of accounts and vouchers. Such as purchase bills, sales invoices, debit notes, credit notes, receipt voucher, payment vouchers, etc. Check out our article, ‘Statutory Audit and its significance in today’s world,’ to know more about its importance in current parlance.

Here, our expert auditors will work along with you aiming to enhance productivity and work efficiency. We provide Statutory audit at every location in UAE as we own audit firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and various other free zones. Even if you have subsidiaries outside the UAE, we have associates in 92 countries through DFK International. DFK is one of the largest associations of independent accounting firms.

Our external audits are accepted by all the official bodies, including all the banks and commercial building owners in the UAE. Therefore, if we conduct a statutory audit for your company, your company will appear as one of the most reputed ones in front of your shareholders and potential users. Read more about our External audit services in Dubai, UAE.

Our statutory auditing procedure depends upon your business model. Based on the model, cycles are selected, and the total time required for auditing is calculated. The quotation entirely depends upon our judgment, which will be concluded according to the quantum of work. We expect from the company to present fair financial statements so that our auditing process exactly matches with the circumstances. Finally, we will be evaluating how appropriate the accounting policies are, detect the flaws, and prepare the audit report for getting published.

Forensic Audit

As the number of frauds in Dubai as well as in other parts of UAE is increasing, several companies are becoming its prey. Tracking these fraudsters is tough but at the same time, important. Therefore, a forensic audit is performed with high-level seriousness by the auditing firms in Dubai. There are multiple companies for Forensic audits in the UAE, but N R Doshi & Partners is one such company whose links are spread across the nation.

With our forensic audit services in UAE, our certified forensic auditors aim to find out the crook and the way he used to conduct the fraud. The procedure differs depending upon the facts of the case. It may also change according to the size of the company and the amount of risk involved.

There cannot be a fixed methodology as the fraud types can’t be standardized. However, for malpractice’s easier detection, N R Doshi & Partners, one of the best audit companies in Dubai, has drawn a specific audit and assurance methodology to detect financial irregularities.

This audit and assurance service in Dubai can be provided for a specific section of the company. There are very rare instances where auditing for an entire company is required. We mainly focus on the area where fraud and suspicious transactions have been made. If nothing is found in that particular area, we move to the closest related one. We perform it with utmost care as it can be used as a legal document against fraud.

Audit Services in UAE
Audit Services in Dubai

Internal Audit

Our primary aim in conducting an internal audit is to improve the company’s operations. The improvement in operations can be provided by accomplishing a systematic and disciplined approach that is efficient enough to detect and manage risks, give better control to the company, and strengthen the governance process. However, not all internal audit firms in Dubai are able to manage to use this approach, unlike N R Doshi and Partners.

Our certified internal auditors with advanced knowledge of this service will help you out to achieve your goals. It also ensures that your organization is working smoothly to mitigate risks. Our  Internal Audit Report will contain specific recommendations and action items where we feel there’s a control weakness.

Periodic internal audits can provide continuous monitoring and review, along with a chain of recommendations for improvements in the internal audit report from our end. This will allow the management to safeguard the company by brainstorming solutions to the business risks. Furthermore, it helps one to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency. Check out Top Internal Audit firm in Dubai,’ to know more about our internal audit process, internal audit service, and value proposition. Read more about our Internal audit services in UAE.

Compliance Audit and Assurance Services

Rules and Regulations are required to be followed by all companies, whether established or start-ups. Our compliance audit team in UAE will help to make sure that your company follows all the regulatory requirements. It is one of the essential assurance services which must be conducted by every business

For different sectors, different rules are set, and only audit firms in Dubai, such as N R Doshi & Partners, can provide reliable auditing and compliance check for various sectors. As we have clients from energy, oil & gas, jewelry, trading, retail, healthcare, etc., we can provide an accurate compliance audit for any of the businesses.

It is necessary to maintain regulatory compliance to maintain a happening work environment and good relations between the company and stakeholders.

You should reach out to us. we will shield you from penalties as well as fines that are laid upon the company. When one does not comply with the regulations strictly though the company isn’t compliant unknowingly. Still, it can cause trouble for the company owners. Compliance audit services in UAE are essential as it provides safety against license withdrawal. We will make sure that your business never faces such trouble.

Our audit and assurance services in Dubai will deliver better governance on the regulations you follow and will maintain a good business reputation.

Audit Services in Dubai
Audit Services in Dubai

Financial Statement Audit

When you wish to hire a third-party service, that can flawlessly check your book of accounts, N R Doshi & Partners is the loudest name you will hear. We, the team of the best financial auditors in Dubai, will provide the essential picture of the accounts. Picture the company stating whether it represents the true and fair view of its state of affairs.

The primary use of our service is to learn whether the management has represented the books of accounts fairly or not. It is different from other auditing services as it only focuses on the financial data and not the other areas of a company. This requires the attention of specialists, and we the best Financial Auditors in Dubai to sort out your audit issues.

You will know how to have better governance on the financial matters of the company by using the audited financial statements. As we are accepted all over the UAE as trustworthy auditors, it proves our opinion will remain uninfluenced.

Our method of verification and auditing is efficient enough to cover all the financial aspects of the company We have a thorough look at your books of accounts, supporting vouchers, and financial statements before expressing our opinion. Our audit services and audit report will be useful to stakeholders in knowing the profit and loss for the period and the financial position of the company.

Information Technology Audit

With technology, several advancements have taken place. However, with these advancements, the number of risks also increases. To eliminate these risks, one needs a reliable IT audit in UAE service provider who can go through each system of yours. Some businesses keep information about their business models, clients, and their companies that they would not want to get revealed.

Therefore, this data must be kept under the utmost security. For that, N R Doshi & Partners’ IT audit services in Dubai will be beneficial where we will examine your IT structure, software applications, and various operations. We also check whether the IT systems don’t negatively affect your goals. Moreover, you will be provided with a proper understanding of the systems.

In the whole process we conduct, the unauthorized accesses will get detected, allowing you to make suitable changes. It reduces the risk of further data tampering. Our experts are well-trained in the field of auditing, as well as cybersecurity. Moreover, we, one of the premier auditing companies in Dubai, are endowed with capable auditors. Auditors that will make sure your data remains adequately protected from the risks.

Audit Services in Dubai
Audit Services in UAE

Agreed-upon Procedure Audit

It is based upon the International Standard on Related Services in which independent auditors carry out specific auditing processes according to the entity and its requirements.

Under this audit services in Dubai, sales audit, inventory audit, and an audit of any specific section of the company can be included.

Whatever you wish to get verified, Contact our Team and let us know. We will perform auditing to find out if any fraudulent acts have occurred, how management can be improved, what are security standards followed, as well as how they can be improved, etc. N R Doshi & Partners, one of the leading audit companies in Dubai, is your one-stop solution for various auditing requirements.

We are highly regarded approved auditors all over the UAE

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