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Assuring you of Outstanding Audit & Assurance Services in Dubai

Audit service in Dubai is provided for the companies so stakeholders can have an accurate and fair view of their financial position. It helps check whether the books of accounts are accurate and up to date. These audit services also ensure that internal controls are functioning as intended while detecting fraud & providing advice related to management aspects.

Understand that NR Doshi & Partners is one of the Top Audit Firms in Dubai, with over 35 years of rich experience. We keep abreast of the local rules & regulations plus the last industry developments. Therefore, we ensure that your firm complies with all the local and international accounting & auditing standards.

Every business must audit its books of accounts to meet all the banking & regulatory requirements. Suppose one needs to fit into the UAE’s economic system. In that case, he needs an independent audit firm that can perform auditing for the company.

Audit Services in Dubai

Choosing from countless Bookkeeping and Accounting firms in UAE can be challenging. Ensure that the firm you choose is approved by UAE banks. Only authorized firms like NR Doshi & Partners must conduct independent auditing.

We are a distinguished auditing firm recognized by government officials all over the UAE. If you have branches in other countries, we have associates in 92 countries with a reputation at par with us. Regardless of your location, we are a one-stop location for your company, sister concerns & branches spread over multiple locations.

Audit Services in Dubai

Noteworthy Benefits that will Help with Business Expansion

With the help of internal audits, a business can achieve its predefined goals. Suppose the internal audit process is conducted carefully. In such cases, an internal audit will tell the company owner if the internal controls are serving their purpose.

Other benefits of internal audits are as below:

  • Internal controls will indicate whether the company’s employees follow the correct protocols & procedures while carrying out day-to-day business operations.
  • The internal controls will highlight control weaknesses and let business owners know if risk management processes are working effectively.

Fraud is becoming more common these days, and what is more annoying is that these frauds can be hard to detect. With a thorough investigation of the company’s financial reports, you can pinpoint the department & the individual responsible for it.

N R Doshi & Partners’ forensic audit & assurance plus cash embezzlement services are the perfect formulae for fraud detection.

Your company’s reputation and goodwill define your business’s valuation. Our audit and assurance services will help attract potential shareholders and increase financial investment while improving credit ratings.

Once we finish the auditing processes, you will have a clear idea of the blunders and areas for improvement. In short, every business detail will be in front of your eyes. You do not have to ask the questions below-

  • What processes should I eliminate?
  • How can I improve my business reputation?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do I comply with rules & regulations?
  • What are the barriers to progress?

NR Doshi’s detailed audit will help you get answers to the above questions while identifying areas that can deliver greater returns with lesser efforts. We suggest solutions for your business based on a SWOT analysis plus the audit report’s findings. Due to our meticulous & unique approach, we are one of the top audit firms in the UAE.

Where Trust meets Transparency

Transparency is a core business value that fosters trust. It also transpires into exceptional results, elevating our clients’ business growth.

Audit Services in UAE

The Standard Auditing Process N R Doshi & Partners follows-

Finding an experienced audit and assurance service provider in Dubai can be challenging. Put your worries to rest. NR Doshi & Partners can prepare the scope of work and an accurate quotation for your company.

After your organization’s decision-makers approve our quotation for audit & assurance services, we will require the relevant information necessary to conduct an audit. Depending on the audit type, the required information will vary. Generally, financial data (credit notes, debit notes, invoices, purchases, etc.) is required for the Statutory Audit. A forensic audit requires detailed information about the employees too.

As per the requirement, we select the audit cycle for the specific business areas that require auditing. First, we understand the functioning of the business by going through the complete business model. First, we analyze the business operations and entire business model. Based on our research, we choose the correct audit cycle. We understand that no two businesses are the same. Hence, we provide tailor-made solutions for every business. In cases of statutory audits, we inspect every business aspect to gain thorough knowledge and understanding.

The plan’s structure depends on the client’s requirements. Depending on the audit type, audit companies may require information like the ones below-

  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Inventory details
  • Cash inflow/outflow
  • Payroll reports
  • Details of bank accounts
  • Trial documents of the company
  • Loan documents
  • Copies of legal documents

Having served companies in the UAE market for over 35 years, NR Doshi & Partners auditors know how to approach audits for all kinds of companies.

Auditing is done for various sections, and different auditing reports are generated. We review the generated documents so that they comply with UAE’s laws. Later, our experienced & dedicated staff consolidates the documents before presenting them to the board of directors and shareholders.

The audit report will have all the essential information to understand the company and its operations. After the audit’s completion, an auditor’s primary responsibilities are as below. NR Doshi’s auditors will fulfill each of the below responsibilities.

  • Discovery of existing facts
  • Identifying omitted procedures
  • Subsequent event reports

Suppose you need further assistance to make changes per our recommendations. In that case, NR Doshi will always be there with you.

Audit Services in Dubai

Various Audit and Assurance Services for your company

Audit Services in Dubai

Statutory Audit

Amongst all the auditing firms in UAE, we provide the best statutory audit services in Dubai. It is also known as External Audit Services in UAE. The main aim of the external audit is to review the accuracy of a company’s accounts and records from a legal perspective. Check out our article, ‘Understanding an Audit Report, ‘to know the elements and format of the audit report. Usually, this report is prepared for the public and the stakeholders to provide a transparent outlook on the company’s functioning. In statutory auditing, we go through the book of accounts and vouchers, such as purchase bills, sales invoices, debit notes, credit notes, receipt vouchers, payment vouchers, etc. Check out our article, ‘Statutory Audit and its significance in today’s world,’ to know more about its importance in current parlance.

Our expert auditors will work with you to enhance productivity and work efficiency. We provide Statutory audits at every location in UAE as we own audit firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and various other free zones. Even if you have subsidiaries outside the UAE, we have associates in 92 countries through DFK International. DFK is one of the most influential associations of independent accounting firms.

All official bodies accept our external audits, including all the banks and commercial building owners in the UAE. Therefore, if we conduct a statutory audit for your company, your company will appear as one of the most reputed in the eyes of your shareholders and potential users. Read more about our External audit services in Dubai, UAE.

Our statutory auditing procedure depends upon your business model. Based on the model, we choose the cycles and estimate the time required to conduct the auditing process. The quotation entirely depends upon our judgment, keeping in mind the quantum of work. We expect the company to present fair financial statements so that our auditing process matches the circumstances. Finally, we will evaluate the accuracy of the accounting policies while detecting flaws and preparing the audit reports for publishing.

Forensic Audit

Frauds are on the rise in Dubai & other parts of the UAE, and several organizations are falling prey to them. Tracking these fraudsters may be challenging, but we must do it regardless.

Understanding these risks, many auditors in the UAE conduct such forensic audits for their clients. With over 35 years of experience, NR Doshi is a renowned and dedicated company that provides forensic audit services in UAE.

With tried & tested techniques, our forensic auditors’ team will identify the culprit and the fraud. The procedure differs from case to case. Other factors that affect the approach include company size, facts, and the degree of risk. We do not follow a cookie-cutter approach to detecting fraud.

NR Doshi & Partners has developed robust audit & assurance techniques to detect financial irregularities. Mostly, audit firms conduct forensic audits for specific departments, and rarely do they conduct forensic audits for the entire organization.

We focus on the areas/departments that indicate suspicious or fraudulent activities. Suppose we do not find any suspicious transactions or activities in the focused area. In that case, we shift our focus to other closely related aspects. We exercise utmost diligence and caution while performing such audits because they can be used as legal evidence against fraud.

Audit Services in UAE
Audit Services in Dubai

Internal Audit

Our primary aim in conducting an internal audit is to improve the company’s operations. Companies can improve their operations by adopting a systematic and disciplined approach that allows them to conduct the following functions:

  • Detect and manage risks
  • Strengthen the governance process
  • Control & manage company affairs efficiently

NR Doshi & Partners has worked with thousands of clients in the past 35 years. This experience and knowledge help us exceed client expectations while achieving the desired goals. Moreover, such a proactive approach also helps with risk mitigation.

Our internal audit reports will contain specific recommendations and action items to address control weaknesses.

Periodic internal audits can provide continuous monitoring and review, along with a chain of recommendations for improvements in the internal

audit report from our end. These steps can enable the company management to brainstorm and develop solutions to manage business risks. Additionally, it also helps the company achieve a higher level of operational efficiency.

Owing to our stringent auditing standards and innovative thought process, NR Doshi & Partners is one of the Top Internal Audit firms in Dubai. Read more about our Internal audit services in UAE. Please schedule a consultation with one of our audit experts to learn more about our internal/external audit processes and value proposition.

Compliance Audit and Assurance Services

Rules and Regulations are required to be followed by all companies, whether established or start-ups. Our compliance audit team in UAE will help to make sure that your company follows all the regulatory requirements. It is one of the essential assurance services which every business must conduct.

There is a distinct set of rules for each sector. Renowned audit firms in Dubai like NR Doshi & Partners understand that. We provide bespoke auditing & compliance checks for companies spanning various sectors. In the past 35 years, we have worked with clients from diverse sectors like energy, oil & gas, jewelry, trading, retail, healthcare, etc. Thanks to this valuable knowledge and experience, we can provide accurate compliance audit services for any business.

Regulatory compliance is essential for smooth business operations while maintaining cordial relations between the company management and stakeholders. Trust NR Doshi & Partners to shield you from penalties and legal woes. Sometimes companies may think they have been abiding by all the rules and regulations. Still, they may overlook certain aspects due to negligence or heavy workload.

With NR Doshi & Partners by your side, you do not have to worry about anything like that because auditing is our key area of expertise. Apart from penalties and legal issues, we can also provide safety against license withdrawal. To cut a long story short, our audit & assurance services in Dubai will ensure better governance while enhancing your business reputation.

Audit Services in Dubai
Audit Services in Dubai

Financial Statement Audit

Are you looking to hire a third-party company that can accurately examine your books of accounts while ensuring absolute confidentiality? Look no further; NR Doshi is here at your service. With 35+ years of industry experience in the financial industry & a team of dedicated financial auditors in Dubai, we can provide you with a clear picture of your accounts. Based on the audit report depicting the current state of company affairs, you can decide the further course of action.

Mostly, our services identify if the company management has accurately documented the relevant details in the books of accounts. Our approach extends beyond superficial aspects. Of course, it is crucial to analyze financial information, but sometimes the secrets lie buried within. You need audit specialists to examine & understand such detailed information. Being one of the best Financial Auditors in Dubai, you can count on us to accomplish the task.

After we complete the audit, you can make the necessary changes and take control of the company’s financial matters. We have established immense trust and goodwill over the past three decades. Hence, you can rest assured that our auditors’ opinions will be fair and uninfluenced.

As stated earlier, our verification and auditing methods are far from superficial. Before suggesting improvements or corrective measures, we thoroughly examine your books of accounts, supporting vouchers, and financial statements. When your company’s stakeholders and decision-makers have a fair idea of the organization’s financial situation, they will be in a better position to make critical decisions.

Information Technology Audit

However, these advancements come along with huge risks. An
IT Audit Services in UAE will analyze the potential risks in all your systems. Many businesses want to conceal information regarding their business models, clients, and other critical aspects. Please do not mistake this approach for paranoia; it is more like a precaution.

NR Doshi & Partners understands the importance of online security. Our IT audit services in Dubai cover the following aspects:

  • Total scrutiny of your IT structure
  • Complete check of your software applications
  • Examination of business operations
  • Impact of IT systems & their contribution toward your business goals
  • Detect unauthorized access

Even if you do not understand your current IT setup, we will be happy to educate you regarding the same while suggesting changes for improvement. The above measures will ensure that your business maintains confidentiality while preventing data leaks or tampering.

Audit Services in Dubai

NR Doshi’s IT experts have extensive knowledge & experience in auditing and cybersecurity. Being one of the premier auditing companies in Dubai, we will ensure that your data remains safe. At the same time, you carry out business without any hiccups.

Audit Services in UAE

Agreed-upon Procedure Audit

An auditing firm conducts auditing bearing in mind the client’s business type and requirements. Simultaneously, the auditing firm must also adhere to international standards related to auditing. Audit services in Dubai can cover the following:

  • Sales audit
  • Inventory audit
  • Department-specific audit

If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable audit services provider,
Contact our Team, we will handle the rest. Our detailed audits will focus on the following aspects:

  • Identifying fraudulent actions
  • Improving business management
  • Examine the security standards in place and suggest areas of improvement.

NR Doshi & Partners is one of the leading audit companies in Dubai, your one-stop solution for all auditing needs.

We are highly regarded approved auditors all over the UAE

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