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Bookkeeping Services – Why do Companies in the UAE Need it now more than ever?

VAT’s introduction is now a vital concern for companies in UAE as they try to prepare for it. Preparing for VAT is advisable for operational effectiveness, adhering to compliance, financial penalties associated with non-compliance, managing cash flow, the risk to goodwill, etc. VAT will apply to most goods and services except a few exempted ones. A proper bookkeeping system is now…

Impact of VAT on Hotel and Leisure Sector

The Hotel & Leisure (H&L) sector is comprised mainly of the following subsectors: tourism and tour operators, hotel industry, airlines etc. (Impact of VAT on Hotel and Leisure Sector) The scope of Hotel & Leisure services under these sub sectors is quite broad and may include: Tour packages Transport services Hotel accommodation services Restaurant meals Ticketing fees Entertainment fees (internet,…

RAK International Company – New Legal Structures

In this post, let’s look at some new legal structures in the form of RAK International Company. The term “International Company” relates to registering, managing, directing, and administrating a legal entity in a foreign country, usually with low or zero taxation policy and many more benefits. It has a lot of mutual features with traditional offshore companies in terms of…

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