Business Setup in Dubai Media City (DMC)

Business Setup in Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City (DMC) is the regional hub for all media organizations. Dubai Media City houses the largest global as well as local media brands and digital companies. Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA) is responsible for the establishment and registration of companies in Dubai Media City. Moreover, DMC provides an integrated creative ecosystem with 24,000+ professionals and 1,600+ business partners. Some of the featured partners are Disney, BBC, Spotify, CNN, and JCDecaux, as well as others.

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Media City

Following are the Benefits Enjoyed by a Business Setup Services in Dubai Media City:

Firstly, 0% personal income tax

Secondly, 100% capital repatriation

Thirdly, Special licensing and freelance permissions

Fourthly, the Prime location

Fifthly, 100% repatriation of profits

Lastly, 100% foreign ownership

Business Structures at Dubai Media City 

Following are the Available Business Structures:

1) Free Zone Limited Liability Company

It is a wholly-owned company or an independent legal entity where in particular at least one director is required.

2) Branch office of a UAE Company

It is not a separate legal entity as well as conducts operations of the parent company’s business.

3) Branch office of a Foreign Company

With no minimum share capital prerequisites, it is 51% locally owned.

4) Freelance Permit

This gives an individual the liberty to operate as a freelance professional.

Offerings of Company Formation in Dubai Media City

The following offerings of Dubai Media City are:

1) Commercial Spaces:

Multiple flexible, as well as strategically located offices, are available.

2) Co-working Spaces:

A fully integrated as well as ready-to-use space suits everyone.

3) Boutique Spaces:

Offices as well as attached studios, which are a great fit for production companies.

4) In5:

Innovation platform for all start-ups, design, as well as tech companies.

5) Go Freelance:

Easy place to start a freelancing career, particularly in education, media, or technology.

6) Retail:

A number of dynamic retail options are available.

7) Light Industrial Units:

Strategic, as well as multi-purpose light units, are available.

8) Sound Storages:

They range from 11,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. as well as are equipped with grid and catwalk systems, water tanks, elephant doors, etc.

9) Warehouses:

Strategic, as well as multi-purpose warehouses, exist in DMC.

Process Of Business Set up in Dubai Media City

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company Formation at Dubai Media City

For Individual Shareholders:

Step 1: Submit the application and present the following documents for approval: 

  • Application form for the License 
  • Business Plan 
  • Valid passport copy(s) of: 
    • Shareholders of the proposed company 
    • Manager of the proposed company 
    • Director(s) of the proposed company 
    • Legal representative, if appointed 

Step 2: Submit documents as well as make the payments 

  • Firstly, Submission of the documents 
  • Secondly, the Selection of suitable commercial space 
  • Thirdly, Payment of necessary fees 

The Documents Include:

  • Application for Registration 
  • CV of Shareholder(s) 
  • Bank Reference Letter for Shareholder(s) 
  • Resolution for the Incorporation of the FZ-LLC 
  • NOC for the Manager which has to be from the Current UAE Sponsor  
  • RIC form for Shareholder(s), director(s) as well as manager 
  • Deposit Receipt in Trust Account or Proof of Share Capital from Bank  

For a Corporate Person as a Shareholder

Steps 1, 2, as well as 3 of the Process of Business Set up in Dubai Media City of a corporate person as a shareholder, are the same as that of an individual. However, the only difference lies in the documents that are to be submitted. Following are the documents to be submitted to Dubai Media City:

  • Application for Registration
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Certificate of Continuity of Existence or Good Standing
  • Memorandum of Association as well as Article of Association of Parent Company
  • Resolution for Incorporation of FZ-LLC
  • NOC for Manager which has to be from the current UAE sponsor
  • RIC form for Shareholder(s), Director(s) as well as Manager
  • Deposit Receipt in Trust Account or Proof of Share Capital from Bank
Business Setup in Dubai Media City

For Individual and Corporate Person as a Shareholder

All the steps are the same as above, but the documents mentioned for both the individual and corporate shareholders will be required here in this case. 

2. Branch of a Foreign Company Formation at DMC 

All the steps are the same as above; only the requirement of documents is as follows: 

  • Application for Registration 
  • Trade License of the Parent Company issued by DED 
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Parent Company 
  • Resolution for the establishment of Branch 
  • NOC from the Current UAE Sponsor 
  • RIC form for Manager 

3. Branch of a UAE Company Formation at Dubai Media City 

Step 1: Submission of an application form for a license, UAE license copy, as well as a business plan: 

It is important to note that only the companies that have been carrying their operation for a period of at least two years will qualify for setting up a branch. 

Step 2: Submission of the documents, selection of commercial space, and then payment of fees: 

The documents required are the same as stated for a branch of the foreign company. 

Step 3: Signing as well as collecting your lease as well as license: 

The documents of the lease, as well as the license, are signed and collected.  

4. Freelance Permit at Dubai Media City 

A freelance permit recognizes you as an individual practitioner, which allows you to set up your business in your birth name as well as not as a brand name. The business setup process of a freelancer is divided into the following three steps: 

Step 1: Submission of the application form for the license, valid passport copy of the applicant, business plan, personal reference letters (a minimum of 3), as well as portfolio or sample of work of the applicant. 

Step 2: Submission of the documents, selecting suitable commercial space, and paying the necessary fees. Following are the documents:

Business Setup in Dubai Media City
  • Firstly, Application for Registration
  • Secondly, the CV of the Freelancer
  • Thirdly, Bank Reference Letter for Freelancer
  • Fourthly, the RIC form of Freelancer

Step 3: Signing the occupant agreement as well as a collection of the Freelance Permit.

These are the same steps involved in the different company formation setup – Mainland Company formation in Dubai, Freezone Company Setup in Dubai, Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, LLC Company Formation in Dubai, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are accommodation facilities available in Dubai Media City? 

Yes, accommodation facilities are available and are in close proximity to DMC. 

2. What are the rules related to minimum capital requirements at DMC? 

There are certain minimum capital requirements for FZ-LLC, but on the other hand, branch establishments have no minimum capital requirements. 

3. What is the minimum shareholder requirement for a Dubai Media City company registration? 

The minimum number of shareholders is one. 

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