Business Setup Services in Dubai

Business Setup Services in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai

A business setup in Dubai or any of the Emirates is as easy as it sounds if you have reliable business setup consultants by your side. N R Doshi and Partners has supported many clients to start their businesses. Many of these businesses are top players in their field, with our business setup services in Dubai, UAE. We are proud to play a significant part in the company setup as well as its development in the UAE.

If you reach out to us, please be assured that we can help you get started with your own company in no time and assist you in its development.

Business Setup Services in Dubai

We are one of the prime business setup service providers in Dubai. Besides Dubai, we also serve clients from other Emirates. However, Dubai stands out because it offers a broad spectrum of opportunities that help businesses to grow by leaps and bounds. NR Doshi & Partners has extensive experience setting up all types of companies in Dubai.

Types of Business Setups in Dubai

Dubai offers the maximum number of varieties of company formation in comparison to any other Emirates. It gives the entrepreneurs the flexibility to select the best option as per their needs:

Offshore company formation: The company will be registered in Dubai, but you can operate it from anywhere in the world.
Mainland company formation: The company gets the opportunity to operate in and cater to the UAE market.
Free zone company formation: There are numerous free zones in the UAE. A free zone company is operated from one of the free zones as per the business activities allowed and benefits obtained from the business setup services package in Dubai.
Sole Trader: If you are a natural person who wishes to conduct activities in the UAE single-handedly, you may choose this option.

Branch Offices and Subsidiaries: When your headquarters is in a foreign country, and you wish to operate in the UAE, you can choose this option.

Business Setup Services in Dubai
Business Setup Services in Dubai

Process of Business Setup in Dubai

You need not worry about the entire process; we will handle everything for you. However, we would need insights related to your business goals, objectives, and how the decision-makers want to run the business. As per the information provided, we will conduct your business setup in Dubai.

  • Reach out to us for a free consultation, and we will discuss your business.
  • After that, you need to select the company type based on the rules and regulations of the mainland, free zone, or offshore that you select as your preferred option.
  • We will conduct a rapid licensing procedure to obtain approval for your business and business activities.
  • N R Doshi will proceed to get a bank account in one of the widely accepted banks in the UAE.
  • We shall find an office in Dubai that can cater to all your company needs.
  • Lastly, we will procure visas for your employees.

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai

There are several free zones in Dubai. Each free zone has its specialty while catering to a specific sector. Based on your business requirements, we can select the perfect free zone for you for your company setup.

Suppose you wish to set up a business while availing offshore operations; Dubai’s business rules can make it happen. Similarly, you can also operate a business in the UAE, even if you are not a UAE citizen.

Contrary to what most people think, company registration in Dubai is quite simple. However, it would help if you appointed a business set-up consultant who can guide you with the company registration process. Not only can you expect quick results, but you will also remain stress-free.

Suppose you open an LLC Company Formation in Dubai, Freezone Company Setup, free zone establishment, or Offshore Company Formation. In that case, there is no minimum capital requirement, and such a requirement arises only when you start a joint-stock company.

Whatever business activity you wish to conduct, there is a Trade license in Dubai for it. Under one license, you can also list multiple activities and conduct business accordingly.

Business Setup Services in Dubai

You choose the destination, and we will be your navigation

From the initial stage to reaching the aim, it’s a long journey loaded with hurdles. N R Doshi and Partners will be your best business setup consultant, ready to support you at the time of need.

Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

Free zones are certainly one of the major attractions for foreign investors. The UAE government indeed allows a Freezone Company Setup in Dubai to have 100 % ownership of the business. There is no need to depend on a local sponsor for the company’s establishment. There are numerous free zones in the UAE. Some of the famous ones are as follows:

  1. Dubai Internet City (DIC)
  2. Dubai Multi Commodities Center Dubai (DMCC Dubai)
  3. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Dubai (JAFZA)
  4. Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA)
  5. DAFZA: Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
  6. Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

We will assist you in free zone selection as per your business sector as well as specific requirements. Moving forward, we need to choose the business setup type from one of the following:

  1. Firstly, Free Zone Establishment
  2. Secondly, Free Zone Company
  3. Thirdly, Public Listed Company
  4. Fourthly, the Branch of a Company

After selecting the free zone and the business setup type, we will begin the licensing process. We will submit the application, assist you in finding the office and lease agreement, and prepare all the necessary documentation.

Business Setup Services in Dubai
Business Setup Services in Dubai

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai helps businesses to maintain complete privacy. With our approach and expertise, you can accomplish your business setup with minimal cost and high control.

There are a few specific offshore locations in the UAE. The list is as follows:

  1. Jebel Ali Offshore
  2. RAK Offshore
  3. Ajman Offshore

We have experience in setting up businesses for all three offshore locations. Hence, we will select the best-suited location for your offshore business setup and conduct the best-in-industry business setup in UAE.

The offshore business setup gets the following benefits:

  1. ) No corporate tax
  2. ) 100% foreign ownership
  3. ) No minimum capital requirement
  4. ) Easy transfer of ownership
  5. ) Low operational costs
  6. ) Limited liability
  7. ) Cost-effective registration process

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai is more challenging than the other two company formation types. The process is a bit longer and requires knowledge about UAE laws and regulations. Therefore, it is highly recommended to approach business setup consultants for mainland company formation.

The efforts required to set up a mainland company are all worth it. There are numerous advantages when you start a mainland company. One of the most significant advantages of a mainland company formation is that it opens the door to the local market. The concerned emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED) licenses a mainland company.

When you start a mainland company, there is no limitation on the number of visas. Moreover, you can choose the office at one of the prime locations. If you want to flourish in your business, you can create multiple branches. All of this comes with 0% corporate tax and 100% repatriation of the capital and profit. Therefore, it is one of the best options for businesses that want to have a significant presence in the UAE.

Be it an LLC company formation, company registration for a professional firm, or forming a representative office of foreign companies on the mainland, we will assist you during each step of mainland business setup in UAE.

If you choose to set up a business in the UAE mainland, these are the following steps you would need to follow:

  • Choose all your business activities
  • Choose the legal form according to which you want to start your business
  • Select the trade name, which will act as the legal name for your business
  • Send an application to DED for initial approval
  • Select an appropriate office location
  • Prepare all the necessary documents
  • Complete all the approvals and permits
  • Obtain the business license
  • Make registration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Sponsorship Services

For a company established in the mainland UAE, appointing a local sponsor is a mandatory requirement. Furthermore, free zone companies intending to work in the local UAE market or bid for government contracts must appoint a local agent with a controlling stake in the company.

In both these conditions, we are there to help you find a credible as well as reliable local sponsor for your business setup. Our years of presence in UAE have led to a great business network, and therefore, we are capable of suggesting the best local sponsor for you. Consult our company formation team for more information on our sponsorship services.

Business Setup Services in Dubai

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Business Setup Services in Dubai

Office Space Services

Getting ideal office space in Dubai is one of the important tasks that only a knowledgeable business setup agent can perform. If you try to find an office on your own, you may not be able to explore better options. As we are working in the UAE for more than thirty years, we know about each commercial project in the city.

Before office setup in Dubai, we only want you to let us know the following three factors:

  1. Budget
  2. Requirements
  3. Preferred locations

According to these three factors, we aim to find the best possible solution for you. We also provide services related to Flexi desks and warehouses in Dubai.

Bank Account Opening Services

As your consultants for business setup in UAE, we can also help you in opening a bank account for you as well as your employees. It is indeed necessary to own a bank account in any of the recognized banks of the UAE. It is one of the key activities of company formation in the UAE.

Business Setup Services in Dubai
Business Setup Services in Dubai

Visa Services

Arranging visas can be a hassle if you try to do that on your own. You would wish to arrange multiple visas such as visas for employees, visas for partners, visas for investors, visas for managers, etc. You cannot be involved in the visa arrangement process as it will occupy a lot of time of yours. Instead, you can utilize your precious time to get started with your business and let us arrange the visas.

NR Doshi Icon Why Choose N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners has experience in all three major types of company formations: mainland company formation in UAE, free zone company formation in UAE, and offshore company formation in UAE. For each company formation type, we have set up businesses with different legal structures in different sectors. Therefore, our portfolio comprises a wide range of clients having unique businesses and business requirements.

Moreover, as we are renowned as one-stop business solutions, you won’t need to visit any other consulting firm for other services. After your business setup, we can take care of visas and bank account opening for your employees. We can even perform recruitment and training for you.

We will be your long-term partners aiming for your business growth and development.

Our Strength

  • Experience is one of the biggest requirements to become a reliable consultant. As we have dealt with numerous clients from different industries, we know how to serve the varied requirements of clients and face the challenges.
  • Our reputation and connections make it easy for new businesses to connect with the market and get the best facilities.
  • Our team is efficiently conducting business setup at a rapid pace for years. They know the exact steps necessary to perform a step for proceeding further and getting started with a business.
Business Setup Services in Dubai


There were so many business types. I wasn’t sure what’s the best option. My friend, who owns a business in Dubai, recommended N R Doshi. I called them, and we scheduled a meeting. Just after one meeting, I got clarity in my thoughts. I decided to let N R Doshi do the business setup for me. Things got easy and quick at the same time.
Business Setup Service 1
I already had two businesses in the UAE. I had a complete idea of starting a new one, but things were different this time. Whatever legal structure I selected, I was not getting the benefit I wanted. Thought to consult with N R Doshi, and their solution was a worthy one. I let them do the company registration for me as I knew that they would be doing it in the best way.
Business Setup Service 3
Even after multiple attempts to get a trade license in UAE, I failed miserably. Then I consulted N R Doshi and Partners; they checked what is wrong and found several errors. I would have never realized that. Believe me, doing it yourself could be tough. So, these guys asked me if I want them to do the entire business setup. I readily agreed. It’s worth it. Few bucks in exchange for no stress and assurance.
Business Setup Service 2
N R Doshi

FAQs: Business Setup Services in Dubai

How much time does it take for business setup in Dubai?

The process is usually fast. However, the exact time may vary as per the company formation type you select.

How else can you help our business in addition to the business setup?

After business setup, you can take the benefit of the following services:

  • Bank account opening
  • Accounting
  • Internal and external auditing
  • VAT services
  • Management consultancy services
  • Visa arrangement
  • AML compliance

What does the business setup cost?

The total business setup cost depends upon following factors:

  • The business type
  • Cost of the office
  • Locality
  • Activities
  • Areas of operation

What are the taxes applied to companies operated in the UAE?

The companies need to pay the annual license renewal and lease renewal cost. Besides that, 5% VAT is imposed on goods and services that a business provides. Apart from that, no other tax is applied in most of the cases.

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