Deal Advisory

Each deal you make may tremendously affect your business. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable partner who can provide you with reliable deal advisory services whenever you find it necessary.

N R Doshi and Partners can analyze each deal for you and deliver you efficient deal advice. We explain to you the immediate benefits or drawbacks of a deal and forecast the future impact of the deal on the company.

We utilize our knowledge about your business sector and combine it with a global mindset. The team also scrutinizes each deal to provide you with in-depth insights related to its pros and cons.

With the support of our deal advisory specialists, you will get an idea of the execution of the deal and its impact on your business. We have an unquestionable record of clients where we provided them deal advisory services that brought immense growth to their business.

Deal Strategy Services

Our deal strategy service is an exclusive offering where we research the best mergers and acquisitions for your business to drive faster growth. The deal advisory team guides a client to make correct decisions by providing operational, financial, and strategic insights.

We provide you with the knowledge of the best industries where you should invest in exploring new opportunities. Our deal advisory services will always be present to give you the necessary support: before, during, and after the deal is made.

Our deal strategy team will explain the role of acquisition and how it will be beneficial for you. Moreover, we will explain how well you will be able to accommodate the acquisition as per your risk appetite.

A detailed report on the growth, profitability forecast, challenges, and target’s resilience will be delivered to the client.

Deal Strategy Services

Our deal strategy process

  • First, we find out the businesses waiting to be acquired.
  • We research the target companies and shortlist the ones, which align with your business model.
  • After that, we conduct a detailed evaluation of the targets.
  • Post evaluation, we perform due diligence on the commercial side.
  • Lastly, we plan the integration and ensure its successful execution
Debt Advisory Services

Debt Advisory Services

When a business acts as a borrower, it must raise debt on favorable terms. It could be a tough call; however, it is possible when you have reliable debt advisors.

Debt advisory services are a part of N R Doshi’s deal advisory services as borrowing capital is similar to a deal. We examine your current borrowing terms and find alternatives to check if a better one is available. Moreover, we can prepare a capital management strategy for your business.

It will help you avoid poor profitability, gain better time management, and reduce the associated risks.

Nowadays, businesses need to have an unbiased and uninfluenced view on important deals and debt-related decisions. We examine the inputs and the final decision made by the board members of a business. After going through all the information available, we check the deal and provide our advice related to debt procurement and capital management.

How our debt advisory experts can help your business?

  • Capital Management Planning
  • Acquisition Funding and Strategy
  • Restructuring and Negotiation
  • Debt Raising and Refinancing Strategies
  • Funding Options and Alternatives
  • Benchmarking

Infrastructure Projects Deal Advisory Services

When you aim to procure major infrastructures projects, these are the following challenges that you may face:

  • Complex process
  • Competition
  • Highly-priced
  • Time-consuming

As your deal advisory service partners, we will provide you with the analyzed information related to targets and their bidding amount.

Our real estate and infrastructure projects’ specialists will take care of all the aspects of deal advisory. They will conduct the feasibility test to check whether the project is promising or not. They will also take care of financial structuring and arrangement. Besides that, you are not required to worry about tax calculation and structures, as we are qualified to do that too.

Infrastructure Projects Deal Advisory Services

A detailed report on the growth, profitability forecast, challenges, and target’s resilience will be delivered to the client.

Our deal strategy process

  • First, we find out the businesses waiting to be acquired.
  • We research the target companies and shortlist the ones, which align with your business model.
  • After that, we conduct a detailed evaluation of the targets.
  • Post evaluation, we perform due diligence on the commercial side.
  • Lastly, we plan the integration and ensure its successful execution

We Make Deals that Always Favors Your Business

We always conduct thorough research and conduct proficient business valuation to provide you with the right deal.

Integration Deal Advisory Services

Our team coordinates with clients at every stage of the integration. It is to ensure that the deal objectives are met as expected. Our integration approach is exclusive to each team, as it is personalized based on the client requirements.

Our integration advisory service takes care of the initiation step to the post-integration requirement. We identify and quantify the transaction value and manage its execution after the integration process is completed. We strive to assist businesses in streamlining their operations related to HR, finance, and supply chain.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, you also get the advantage of:

  • Synergy Evaluation
  • Synergy Due Diligence
  • Day one Readiness
Integration Deal Advisory Services
Separation Transaction Services

Separation Transaction Services

The primary concern of a business is to mitigate the risks associated with the separation. Strategizing separation could provide valuable protection to the entity experiencing separation. It would also help you to define post-separation planning.

Under these transactions services, we can provide you additional aid with:

  1. Determining the stand-alone value of the separating entity.
  2. Conducting deal value enhancement through an operation separation process.
  3. Evaluating and defining the present relationship between the vendor’s business and the target business. We shortlist the processes that the subject business is required to continue even after the separation completes.

Business Restructuring Advisory Services

We are thorough experts in handling all kinds of restructuring plans of businesses. We conduct an independent business review to understand the current position of the company, future strategies, and the challenges expected on the journey. If you are financially distressed or are under-performing, we come to your assistance with our extensive expertise and professional advice. We can help you to identify the problems in your business that require a complete business turnaround – be it market downturn, change in customer behavior, downgrade in credit rating, misalignment of subsidiaries’ operations with the group strategy, or any other operational situation. We provide detailed, robust, and appropriate solutions for your business’ success in the future.

Business Restructuring Advisory Services
Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Advisory Services

Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Advisory Services

We are experts in carrying out all types of acquisitions, whether it’s a share purchase, statutory merger, or auction purchase. We always aim to provide the best deals to our clients by comparing all the targets. In addition to that, we also conduct due diligence. We also prepare documentation and assist you in creating agreements. Please be assured that our transaction service experts are competent to render you a favorable deal on favorable terms. You can read more about our mergers and acquisitions services.

Real Estate Deal Advisory

The investment landscape of property dramatically transforms every day. The change in landscape changes the seller’s requirement, compliance, pricing, and a lot more.

Before investing in properties, you must know all the factors and how they affect the market during the present state. Our expert, real estate advisors will cover all aspects to make the deal fruitful for you.

  • Real Estate Compliance
  • Operationality
  • Financial Viability
  • Asset Management

Our global resources will consider all your requirements and strive to deliver the best by creating a strategy, monitoring transactions, precise valuation, and taking care of environmental sustainability.

Real Estate Deal Advisory
Full fledged Transaction Services

Full-fledged Transaction Services

Major transactions are a means of revolutionizing your business. However, it is recommended to conduct them under the supervision of experts to avoid losses. Along with a clear-eyed analysis, profound planning, and milestone-based execution, we enrich you with top-notch transaction services.

We will plan and execute the due diligence, manage the entire acquisition, and strategize divestments and equity offerings (if required).

Our complete transaction service covers:

We learn about the basic information regarding the acquisition or deal using the public domain data.

We conduct financial due diligence to gather information regarding the primary issues of the current and past. We use investigative analytics to obtain in-depth knowledge of the financial aspects during the entire business journey.

We help the vendors conduct the pre and post-sales actions for a sound transaction.

We compile all the objective information and conduct an in-depth analysis to help businesses make sound decisions.

We analyze the gathered data and make relevant interpretations.

Proprietary Due Diligence Process for Ensure the Right Deal

We conduct business’s due diligence and also make sure that KYC and AML laws are followed perfectly.

NR Doshi Icon Why Choose N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners have experts who can guide you through all kinds of deals related to any sector. You have our assurance that we will conduct full-fledged research regarding the deal before its execution. We will make sure that the deal will be in your favor and provide you with benefits. Our experts will be there with you during the entire transaction, and they will even manage the impact of the deal on your behalf.

N R Doshi and Partners is serving clients for more than thirty years. If you need support for other business aspects such as accounting, taxation, AML, risk consulting, etc. then, you can take our support for that as well.

Our Strengths

  • We have experience in assisting several deals with a high success rate.
  • We have excellent resources and specialists to provide you with thorough due diligence.
  • Our team members know multiple methodologies and always conduct premium-level cross-checking for each aspect of the deal.

Testimonials: Deal Advisory

We were getting a very good deal, and we were pretty sure about the acquisition. However, we thought of asking N R Doshi and Partners for due diligence. They identified several issues, and we are thankful that N R Doshi for their deal advisory service and for saving us from a potential loss.
Deal Advisory 1
It’s been a long association with NRD. We always consult them before every single deal. Why take the unnecessary risk when you have someone who can give you the right advice at the right time?
Deal Advisory 2

FAQs: Deal Advisory

Which are the sectors for which you provide deal advisory and transaction advisory services?

We have experience in providing deal advisory services and transaction advisory services in almost all industry sectors.

Is there any minimum deal value for which you provide the services?

No, there is no minimum deal value to receive our services. We provide deal advisory services, whatever the value of the deal is.

Do you assist with international deals?

Yes, we provide assistance with deals taking place in any of the countries in the world.

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