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The human resources (HR) department plays a crucial role in managing the company and employees. Without the HR department, there will be no one to take care of recruitment, payroll management, training, or any aspects related to employees. If you divert yourself towards these business attributes, you may not be able to take the proper care of other business operations. One excellent solution to this is HR Outsourcing. You just need to hire a reliable HR consultancy who can handle all these aspects on your behalf. This will lessen down your stress and leave you with an ample amount of time.

HR Outsourcing Service In UAE

Finding a reliable HR outsourcing service provider may not be as easy as it sounds. You won’t need to reach out to all the consultancies now as you have found us.

N R Doshi and Partners is one such firm that caters to all your Human resources needs. There are various services and packages that we offer to our clients. You can flexibly choose what you require and what not. Depending on that, we draw a personalized, cost-effective package for you.

HR Outsourcing Service In UAE
HR Outsourcing Service In UAE

Remote Working Solutions in UAE

Hiring efficient remote workers as well as setting up a remote work environment is the need of the hour. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become essential for businesses to have an efficient work from home environment.

We have experimented with multiple software applications, communication methodologies, work tracking options, etc. with our employees. According to that, we have updated our business environment. With the use ofAI and also IoT, our HR outsourcing services are ready to face the situation without losing work productivity.

In our HR outsourcing service, we prepare our clients with such a work environment that they face no issues if they require continuing as well as switching to remote working.

We also recruit remote workers on a contract basis as per the client’s needs. Finding a remote worker frees a client from any workplace as well as hardware obligations.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is one of the best HR solutions when a company is looking for resources. You can always come to us whenever you require on-demand resources. We have many candidates who work on a contract basis. As their skills and ethical values are already tried and tested, you won’t need to worry about their performance. Let us know the skills you require, the period of the contract, and the tasks you want the resource to perform. If you take the benefit of our HR outsourcing service, we will find out the best possible candidates who will add value to your business.

HR Outsourcing Service In UAE
Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

As we have dealt with multiple sectors, we know what various industries require. With our expertise, we will find out the precisely matching talent for the job.

We take the recruitment of each resource very seriously. Therefore, every candidate needs to go through a hardcore scrutinization process. Our HR outsourcing executives and recruitment experts first check whether the candidate fulfills all your necessary requirements or not.

Then we work to learn about his ethics and work values. If we find him suitable for your business environment, then only take the candidate forward.

For different job roles, we have specialists who can judge the candidates for their knowledge ad experience. Only the qualified ones are forwarded to you, along with the records of their respective performances. Therefore, in the end, you will have the final judgment call.

We Act as Companies’ Respective HR Departments, Managing All HR Aspects

N R Doshi and Partners’ HR executives will handle recruitment, policymaking, payroll, and all your HR-related requirements.

Payroll Management

Whether you are a small-sized, medium, or a large business, payroll outsourcing can help you. Payroll may consume a lot of time. Therefore, outsourcing frees up the business to put their focus on other business aspects.

We learn about your payroll policy and HR policy before getting started with our service. You can be sure of the fact that our service will perfectly align with your payroll policy. We also consult with your HR management department about it.

Under the payroll services, these are the following HR outsourcing solutions that we offer:

  • Complete payroll accounting and processing and management along with payslip generation.
  • Taking care of the employee benefits
  • Managing bonus amount, incentive earned by an employee, and overtime earnings
  • Accurate and timely reimbursement processing
  • Leave calculation and management
  • Passport and visa expiry tracking
Payroll Management
Promotion Management and Appraisal

Promotion Management and Appraisal

Promotion and appraisal are how you can keep your employees motivated to provide you with the best work. However, the promotion and appraisal must be justified and should only be provided to the right candidate. Also, it must not affect the company’s profit and growth.

N R Doshi and Partners has efficient work tracking methodologies without implementing micro-management. We scrutinize the quantity and quality of work done by various employees to deliver top-notch performance management. On that basis, we find out who is the best performer and who is a liability for the company.

As per your internal company policy, we decide the appraisal amount. As a part of our HR outsourcing services, the details of the appraisal for various candidates are delivered to you. After the final approval, we start creating the appraisal letter for all your employees. Similarly, the promotion is provided only after your approval. If you wish to make any changes, we can readily do it after your inputs.

HR Policy Creation

There are several elements of a human resources policy. One needs to create a balanced policy that provides the employees with the maximum benefit without affecting the company’s profitability. Besides that, the company’s rules and regulations should be conveyed clearly through the HR policy for better HR management.

N R Doshi and Partners has clients in multiple sectors. Therefore, we know what exactly businesses require to put in their HR policies. To provide you with a personalized HR policy, we go through the business processes, procedures, work environment, company culture, and work required from the employees.

Our HR outsourcing experts segment the HR policy into different sections and state each point comprehensively. We also provide inputs along with the rules you define. After we provide you with the first draft, we conduct a meeting regarding the inputs and changes. As per your suggestions, the final draft is provided to you.

HR Policy Creation

Get HR Policies Favoring Businesses without Compromising with Compliance

We deliver HR policies that are structured in such a way that they deliver the maximum benefit to the company.

End of Service Solutions

End of Service Solutions

Whenever an employee ends his tenure with a company, there are multiple formalities associated with it. We are experts in creating end-of-service agreements, full and final documents, gratuity, and leave encashment calculations, other benefits calculations, and experience letters. We can provide you with the end-to-end end of HR outsourcing solutions.

HR Compliance

In the UAE, the labor laws are strict, and one needs to remain compliant with them. Even a single fault in compliance can lead your business to severe penalties and even harm your reputation.

We are here to significantly assist organisations in achieving maximum compliance. We scrutinise the HR policy, payroll policy, leave policy, etc. and check if the company rules are based on government standards. If we find any issue, we immediately provide its information to your in-house HR department or management authorities.

One must note that there are multiple legal structures and free zones in the UAE. For each structure and free zone, the rules and regulations change. N R Doshi and Partners have experience working with almost all the free zones in UAE. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about our knowledge aspect. Our HR outsourcing specialists will conduct HR compliance with utmost seriousness as we know how important it could be for the company.

HR Compliance
Staff Training and Development

Staff Training and Development

Staff training, as well as development, is one of the essential tasks after hiring a candidate and one of our key HR outsourcing offerings. If a company avoids staff training and also development, the employee may not be able to provide the best output.

Staff training and also development makes the employee familiar with the work environment and office ethics. We personally train the new joiners in accordance with your office rules. We also render them sessions regarding the quality of work they are expected to perform.

The overall impact of employee training and also development will certainly be reflected in work provided by the employee. He will exactly be knowing what you require as well as what are the goals he needs to achieve.

Run Your Business using the
Best Talents We Recruit for You

Our thorough recruitment process with multiple filter points
support companies in finding out the talent they exactly require.

NR Doshi Icon Why Choose N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners has supported a lot many businesses in finding out talented as well as trustworthy resources. We have handled the training of those resources. In addition to these, we also managed payroll, compliance checks, and also policy development. Overall, N R Doshi and Partners is a one-stop solution for you for all your HR outsourcing needs. If you reach us out, you won’t need to visit any other consulting firm.

The umbrella of our services is wide enough to cater to all your needs. If you want us to manage your taxation, accounting, HR Outsourcing companies in Dubai, check your operations’ performance, or anything related to core business aspects, we are highly qualified to do that.

Our Strength

Our Strength

  • As HR outsourcing companies in Dubai and services providers, we always keep the client requirements into consideration and also only sell them the service they really require. We have certainly pledged to provide services with utmost faithfulness, as well as it acts as our strength to deliver them the best.
  • We indeed strive to provide the best recruitment for our clients. Thus, there is no room for compromise regarding our resources. The people who serve you are the best in their respective skillsets.
  • Recruitment as well as Payroll could be time-sensitive. We take care of the deadlines provided by the companies and also always aim to fulfil them without fail.

Testimonials: HR outsourcing service

NRD recruits many of my employees. They are fast in what they do, like in seconds. We explain to them the requirement, and they know where and how to find the right resource. I think it is one of the best decisions for my business to have them as my HR outsourcing partners.
HR outsourcing service 1
For all my ventures, N R Doshi is the one who has created the H R policies, appointment letters, and other workplace policies too. Different sectors have different requirements, but the solution remains the same- N R Doshi and Partners.
HR outsourcing service 2

FAQs: HR outsourcing service

What are the elements that we mention in the employee contract?

There are several employment contract elements such as joining date, type of contract, CTC, notice period, holidays, designation, as well as a lot more. Let us know your specific requirements, and also we will guide you on HR Outsourcing Companies in Dubai.

Do you create both limited and unlimited contracts?

Yes, we create both limited (for a specified period) as well as unlimited contracts (for a non-specified period) for HR outsourcing companies in dubai belonging to any of the sectors.

Does N R Doshi and Partners offer any separate policy development service for the probation period?

Usually, company policies remain the same. However, the employee’s benefits during the probation period are lesser than what they provide after they become permanent. We can therefore create a separate policy accordingly after the discussion on hr outsourcing companies in dubai.

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