IT Audit Services in UAE

The tech world is evolving fast, and organizations’ dependence on IT is increasing steadily, including IoT and AI. While technology has benefitted companies immensely, it also poses scary control and security-related risks.

N R Doshi and Partners specialize in IT Audit services in UAE. Additionally, we can examine your IT infrastructure, software, mobile apps, database, policies, and operational procedures and ensure that they are under the prevailing industry standards.

Further, we implement measures to protect your IT assets while aligning them with your organization’s long-term goals and objectives.

IT Audit Services in UAE

What is IT Audit and What our IT Audit Services in UAE Include

The Audit Services in Dubai significantly scrutinize information technology assets, methodologies, operations, policies, and approaches.

IT Audit Services in UAE is entirely different from the regular financial audit and is much more than a mere compliance audit. Moreover, information technology is risk-prone; without IT, that risk would not exist. Our job as IT auditor is to identify and assess the inherent risk in IT. The higher the inherent risk, the higher the controls one needs to implement to mitigate the risk.

As IT auditors, we evaluate inherent and residual risk levels to recommend appropriate controls for mitigation.

Objectives of the IT Audit Services in UAE

An information technology audit, aka an IT audit, must examine all the major & minor aspects of IT. We do not neglect any element because even the slightest compromise may cause heavy losses. The process has specific objectives. Our modus operandi is as follows:

  • Align information technology with organizational goals & objectives.
  • Ensure integrity, availability, and confidentiality of IT assets of the company
  • Assess the company’s critical IT assets and ensure that they work as intended while providing value to the organization
  • Do away with futile IT resources, achieve cost reduction, and facilitate efficient management of IT resources.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Identify risks and weaknesses in the IT infrastructure and introduce appropriate controls for mitigation.
  • Ensure better enforcement and management of controls over IT assets.
  • Ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data generated by the company’s IT assets.
  • Check that IT assets are adequately protected and that security systems work as intended.
IT Audit Services in UAE
IT Audit Services in UAE

Scope of IT Audit Services in UAE

Depending upon the industry, nature, and size of the business and complexity of the IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, communication channels, networking, etc., the overall scope of the IT audit is determined.

An IT audit involves testing physical and logical security controls. Furthermore, it also includes a thorough review of disaster recovery procedures and a business continuity plan.

During the audit, the auditor assesses various controls related to data integrity, network, database, applications, and IT infrastructure. Other aspects that the auditor assesses in detail:

  • IT Strategy
  • Security policy
  • IT service processes
  • Service management
  • Support related functions

Our Process of IT Audit Services in UAE

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IT Infrastructure and IT Policy Review

We conduct an IT infrastructure and Policy review to understand the complexities involved. Alongside this, we also understand its business processes and the various checks and controls that the management introduced. Ultimately, this exercise helps us with the IT audit planning process.

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Audit Planning

After assessing the company’s IT infrastructure risks, we will develop a bespoke audit plan. Keeping in mind the critical business areas, we conduct a detailed audit while paying attention to every step.

IT Audit Services in UAE
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IT Audit Report Preparation

Preparing an IT audit report is the final step in the IT audit process. Before preparing the report, we discuss everything in detail with the company’s management. What are the critical focal points in these meetings? They are as follows:

  • Audit methods and procedures
  • Findings from the audit
  • Highlighting the shortcomings
  • Suggested areas of improvement
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Collection and Evaluation of Evidence

Before conducting a proprietary IT audit, NR Doshi and Partners analyzes the client’s company and its objectives. Accordingly, we choose the appropriate method (from the various options available) to collect and evaluate the evidence. We never adopt a cookie-cutter approach because we understand that every client is unique. Even if the client is the same, scenarios may differ, and we adapt accordingly.

There are mainly three types of evidence:

1) Documented evidence

2) Physical evidence

3) Analyzed evidence

There are some general methods to which we have given exclusive touch to make them more effective:

  • Conducting Interviews: Interviews are conventional, but it is still the most effective method. We conduct interviews with employees at all management levels, giving us the required information related to their pain points & flaws. Moreover, this exercise also tells us whether the policies, procedures and controls enforced by the management are working as intended.
  • Flowcharts: Flowcharts are a vital tool for studying all IT aspects. With the help of flowcharts, an IT auditor can learn about the information flow, controls, storage structure, and much more. Additionally, flowcharts will also enable IT auditors to evaluate the network and data transfer inconsistencies.
  • Analytical Procedures: We detect patterns and unusual events with IT audit software’s help. Later, we manually cross-check these detections to study their risks.

Based on the evidence, our auditors evaluate all the defined objectives.

Maintain Optimum Data Security with Our IT Audit Services

We check all the data security standards are followed and reduce the risk of data breach

Methodology of IT Audit Services in UAE

IT Audit Services in UAE

Why is IT Audit Important?

NR Doshi and Partners are known for the following:

1) External audit services in the UAE

2) Internal audit services in the UAE

3) Forensic audit services in the UAE

However, we always tell our clients to be proactive about their IT audits. What is the importance of these IT audits? Let us find out.

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Risk Reduction

IT audit helps identify control weaknesses in the company’s IT infrastructure and suggests ways to strengthen them. It also helps improve the company’s IT infrastructure’s reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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Improvement in Data Security

An IT audit helps strengthen data availability, integrity, and security controls. It highlights issues with the current security policy, database management, storage, and transmission and provides suggestions for improvement.

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Leads to Sound IT Governance

The IT audit ensures that the company complies with the following:

  • Relevant rules and regulations
  • Internal policies and procedures regarding the usage, management, and governance of IT resources.

Compliance with the above aspects helps improve overall IT governance.

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Enables IT Planning

IT audit provides complete documentation of IT assets of the company, including hardware, software, communication channels, networking, etc. Moreover, it helps in planning for the future upgrade, improvements, and development of IT assets.

We Ensure IT Compliance by Thoroughly Inspecting Each Aspect

We go through each aspect of information technology to ensure compliance with the government laws and regulations.

NR Doshi Icon Why N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. We have expert CISA-certified IT auditors who have been in this field for so long. Over three decades, we have witnessed the growth of IT. Along with adapting and incorporating IT into our services, we have also used it to boost efficiency.

IT Audit in UAE

Our Strength

  • Firstly, our expert IT auditors thoroughly understand the software, hardware, and networks.
  • Then we detect the flaws in the company’s IT infrastructure with our proprietary methodology, software tools, and many innovative techniques.
  • Lastly, we conduct an IT audit causing minimal disturbance to your regular tasks. Hence, your business will never come to a standstill due to/the lack of an IT audit.


You won’t believe the security risks present in my systems. I never had any knowledge about it. Thanks to N R Doshi, they conducted an IT audit and detected and worked to remove those issues. It would have caused my business so much trouble. Thank you, N R Doshi and Partners.
IT Audit 1
I never knew that someone from the internal team was conducting data theft. NRD guys found him out, and I am thankful that they did it. Now, I know that I should regularly conduct IT audits. I mean, it is really important to keep my data safe.
IT Audit 2
Ok! It was extremely excellent. IT auditors from N R Doshi have helped us meet the compliance issues and ensured secured systems, fast data transfer, proper configuration of firewalls, and everything.
IT Audit 3


1) What is a Risk Assessment Checklist?

The risk assessment checklist contains a list of questions related to IT systems to detect the risks associated with them.

2) What is the Role of the Questionnaire in an IT Audit?

The primary aim is to gather specific information from a targeted person.

3) What are the Various Types of IT Audits?

We conduct IT audits while considering all aspects of IT. However, the clients may get the flexibility to choose any category that targets specific IT elements.

  1. System and Software
  2. Information Processing Facilities
  3. System Development
  4. The ecosystem and management of information technology
  5. The intranet, servers, and other aspects of the network
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Choose us for IT audit and ensure the availability, integrity, and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

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