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The tech world keeps changing, and organizations are becoming more and more reliant on IT, including IoT and AI. Technology indeed provides lots of benefits to companies and, at the same time, poses serious control and security-related risks. N R Doshi and Partners owns an indeed specialization in information technology (IT) audit services. Moreover, we check your IT infrastructure, software, mobile apps, database, IT policies, procedures, and operational procedures against the standards and evaluate if IT assets are adequately protected and aligned with the overall goals and objectives.

What is IT audit

What is IT Audit and What our IT Audit Services Include

Simply stated, the IT audit is significantly scrutinising information technology assets, methodologies, operations, policies, and approaches.

IT audit is completely different from the normal financial audit, as well as it is much more than a mere compliance audit. Moreover, information technology in itself is risk-prone, and without IT, that risk would not exist. Our job as an IT auditor is certainly to identify as well as assess the inherent risk existing in IT. The higher the inherent risk, the higher the controls one needs to implement to mitigate the risk.

As an IT Auditor, we certainly evaluate the level of inherent risk and residual risk to recommend suitable controls to mitigate them.

Objectives of the IT Audit

An information technology audit requires an IT audit or to go through all the major as well as minor constituents of IT. We don’t miss any of the elements, as even a minor compromise in IT may cause a huge loss. The entire process has indeed a certain aim which we seek to fulfill, following are the ways:

  • Align information technology with organizational goals as well as objectives
  • Ensure integrity, availability, as well as confidentiality of IT assets of the company
  • Assess critical IT assets of the company and ensure that they are working as intended and providing value to the organization
  • Do away with wasteful information technology resources, achieve cost reduction, as well as bring efficiency in the management of IT resources
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • To identify risks as well a weaknesses existing in the IT infrastructure and introduce suitable controls to mitigate them.
  • Ensure better enforcement and management of controls over IT assets
  • Ensure the reliability and also accuracy of the data generated by the IT assets of the company
  • Check that IT assets are adequately protected as well as security systems are working as intended.
Objectives of the IT Audit
Scope of information technology audit

Scope of information technology audit

Depending upon the industry, nature, and size of the business and complexity of the IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, communication channels, networking, etc., the overall scope of the IT audit is determined.

An IT audit involves testing of physical and logical security controls. It includes a thorough review of disaster recovery procedures and a business continuity plan.

In the course of the audit, the auditor assesses various controls related to data integrity, network, database, applications, as well as IT infrastructure. The organisation’s IT strategy, security policy, IT service processes, service management, and support related functions are reviewed in-depth.

IT Audit Process

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IT infrastructure and IT policy review

We carry out the IT infrastructure and IT Policy review to understand the level of complexities involved. We also understand its business processes and various checks and controls introduced to manage them. This helps us in the IT audit planning process.

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Audit planning

Based on our assessment of risks that exist in the IT infrastructure of the company, we define our audit plan detailing each step in the process of audit and areas requiring special attention.

IT Audit Process
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IT audit report preparation

The preparation of an IT audit report is the final step in the IT audit process. The IT audit report is prepared and discussed with the management. We describe our audit methods, procedures, and findings, highlighting shortcomings and recommendations for improvement.

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Collection and evaluation of evidence

There are several methods to collect and evaluate the evidence under our proprietary IT audit service. We select the ones which fit the scope and objective of our client. Therefore, each IT audit process is unique when conducted with different clients or with the same client at different times.

There are mainly three evidence types:

  1. ) Documented evidence
  2. ) Physical evidence
  3. ) Analyzed evidence

There are some general methods to which we have given exclusive touch to make them more effective:

  • Conducting interviews: It is one of the conventional methods that is still the most powerful. We conduct interviews of upper as well as lower-level management and employees. This gives us necessary information about the general issues that resources are facing, leading to inefficiency. Moreover, we get to know whether policies, procedures, and controls enforced by the management are working as intended.
  • Questionnaires- The questionnaires are prepared not only for your resources but even for the auditor. It acts as an IT audit checklist for the auditor, making him conscious to check all attributes.
  • Flowcharts- Flowcharts can be indeed used in all aspects of IT. With the help of flowcharts, an IT auditor can learn about the information flow, controls, storage structure, etc. It will certainly assist him in evaluating the network and data transfer inconsistencies.
  • Analytical procedures- With the help of IT audit software, therefore we detect patterns and unusual events. These detections were further cross-checked manually to check the risk associated with them.

Based on the evidence, our auditors evaluate all the defined objectives.

Maintain Optimum Data Security with Our IT Audit Services

We check all the data security standards are followed and reduce the risk of data breach

IT Audit Methodology

IT Audit Methodology

Why is IT audit important?

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Risk reduction

IT audit helps in identifying controls weaknesses in the IT infrastructure of the company and suggests ways to strengthen them. It also helps improve the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the company’s IT infrastructure.

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Improvement in data security

IT audit helps in strengthening controls related to data availability, integrity, and security. It highlights issues with the current security policy, database management, storage, transmission and provides suggestions for improvement.

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Leads to sound IT governance

IT audit ensures that relevant rules and regulations and internal policies and procedures as to the usage, management, and governance of IT resources are complied with. It helps in improving overall IT governance.

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Enables IT planning

IT audit provides complete documentation of IT assets of the company, including hardware, software, communication channels, networking, etc. It helps in planning for the future upgrade, improvement, and development of the IT assets.

We Ensure IT Compliance by Thoroughly Inspecting Each Aspect

We go through each aspect of information technology to ensure compliance with the government laws and regulations.

NR Doshi Icon Why N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. We have expert CISA certified IT auditors who have been in this field for a long. It has been more than three decades since we are keeping track of IT and continuously improving our own efficiency. Technology is the least constant element in the world. Therefore, we recommend our clients get their IT audit done to ensure control over data and other important IT assets.

Our Strength

Our Strength

  • Firstly, our expert IT auditors are having a thorough knowledge of software, hardware, and networks.
  • Secondly, we have the proprietary methodology, software tools, and techniques that give us the power to detect shortcomings in the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Thirdly, we conduct an IT audit causing minimal disturbance to your regular tasks. Therefore, you will never need to stop your business for the sake of an IT audit.


You won’t believe the security risks present in my systems. I never had any knowledge about it. Thanks to N R Doshi, they conducted an IT audit and detected and worked to remove those issues. It would have caused my business so much trouble. Thank you, N R Doshi and Partners.
IT Audit 1
I never knew that someone from the internal team was conducting data theft. NRD guys found him out, and I am thankful that they did it. Now, I know that I should regularly conduct IT audits. I mean, it is really important to keep my data safe.
IT Audit 2
Ok! It was extremely excellent. IT auditors from N R Doshi have helped us meet the compliance issues and ensured secured systems, fast data transfer, proper configuration of firewalls, and everything.
IT Audit 3


What is a risk assessment checklist?

The risk assessment checklist certainly contains a list of questions related to IT systems to detect the level of risks associated with the systems.

What is the role of the questionnaire in an IT audit?

The primary aim is to gather specific information from a targeted person.

What are the various types of IT audits?

We usually conduct the IT audit keeping the whole IT aspect into consideration. However, the clients may have the flexibility to choose any of the categories targeting specific elements of IT:

  1. ) System and Software
  2. ) Information Processing Facilities
  3. ) System Development
  4. ) The ecosystem and management of information technology
  5. ) The intranet, servers, and other aspects of the network
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Choose us for IT audit and ensure the availability, integrity, and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

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