Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Mainland Company Formation

N R Doshi and Partners has provided many individuals and entities with its mainland company formation service in Dubai. We have the resources and the expertise to help you with business setup services in Dubai.

A mainland company is an onshore company licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the emirate concerned, which is permitted to do business in the local market and outside UAE without any restrictions.

There are mainly three types of company formations in Dubai- Mainland Company Formation, Offshore company formation in Dubai, and Free Zone Company Formation. Many entrepreneurs have gone for the LLC Company Formation in Dubai for their businesses as it has potential benefits and very few risks associated. LLC Company is the standard type of Mainland Company formation in the UAE. You can also form a Free Zone Company (FZC), which is a limited liability company.

There are various advantages of a mainland company formation, whether you talk about the business environment, facilities, resource availability, types of activities you can carry out, or taxes. The companies we have served belong to different sectors, for example, jewelry, energy, hospitality, retail, wholesale, etc.

Those companies began their respective journeys with us. Now, many of them have earned reputable names in the UAE as well as in the international market. We know well the law, consumers, and benefits of Dubai mainland company formation for different businesses. Therefore, we will provide you with the best advice for business setup in UAE.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Why Setup a Mainland Company

Whether you opt for mainland company formation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other Emirates, we will provide you with practical advice & sound guidance. There are several reasons why one should set up a company in mainland UAE.

Unlike free zone company formation, you do not have restrictions on the number of employment visas when you set up a mainland company. You can arrange visas for your employees after completing your mainland company registration.

Whether you incorporate a Dubai mainland company or a company anywhere in the mainland UAE, we will suggest the best location. The location we suggest will be according to your industry, business plan, and office requirements. You are not bound to start your office at a particular location. Feel free to choose one anywhere in the UAE, excluding the UAE-free zones.

When you opt for Dubai mainland company setup, there is no minimum or maximum office space requirement. N R Doshi and Partners will work to get the ideal place for your business.

As your company will be allowed to interact with the UAE market, you can reach local clients & create a positive impression. As we thoroughly know the UAE market, we will provide you with valuable tips so that you can get a good head-start. We will recommend the company structure as per the level of interaction you require.

Whether you opt for a business setup in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, there is no need to limit your approach in any of these emirates. Depending on your requirements, we can help you open branches in any of the seven Emirates or multiple ones. This strategy will expand your market reach in mainland UAE.

It is certainly possible to take all the capital and earnings back to your country. There could be a restriction on some of the activities. However, in most cases, 100% repatriation of capital and profit is possible.

You do not need to pay any corporate taxes for owning and running a company in the mainland UAE. Further, there is no need to pay personal income tax.

We ensure that your company’s legal structure allows you to pitch for government and private projects. Such an option is not available in free zone companies. It allows you to get engaged with a wide range of activities.

How to Setup Mainland Company

Based on your business goals & activities, NR Doshi & Partners will provide you with suitable recommendations.

Therefore, the first task we undertake is to discuss what you expect by setting up a company in the UAE. Further, as a part of this task, we go through your business activities and put them under a specific category: commercial, professional, or industrial.

We decide which would be the best legal structure for your business according to the company’s goals. You can choose from multiple business structures like the ones below:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC Company)
  •  Professional firms (Civil Companies)
  • Branch office of foreign companies
  • Branch office of the Free Zone Company

All mainland company formation types have distinctive features to achieve specific company objectives. As we have come across different businesses, we know how to fit your goals under one of the categories.

You must submit the company’s official name to the Department of Economic Development. It is required to provide three names with the preference. If the 1st preferred name is already used, the 2nd one is considered, and so on. However, there are specific strict guidelines and rules for trade name selection.

N R Doshi and Partners are aware of those guidelines and remain updated whenever there is an amendment. We will help you with the name selection. Often, guidance helps to get trade name approval in the first attempt itself.

Along with the trade name, you need to provide details of the business activities to the Department of Economic Development. The initial approval is to provide you with the assurance that you can conduct business in the UAE.

Moving further, it is necessary to have business premises and a tenancy contract. You can enter into a tenancy contract by leasing property. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any location in the UAE. We will help you in selecting the best cost-effective premises for your business. Our target would be to find a location that can serve all your needs with minimal expenditure.

After you get the tenancy contract, prepare a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). The company owner needs to sign a Local Sponsor Agreement with a local sponsor.

You can rely on NR Doshi & Partners to find a trustworthy local sponsor, as we have been a prominent name in the financial sector for over three decades. A local sponsor is usually required while setting up LLC in UAE. We need to submit both documents to DED Dubai for approval.

Some business activities require approval from different authorities. We assist you in preparing documents for those approvals. Further, we submit on your behalf and keep track of approval.

After the submission, you will need to make the payment for your mainland company formation license. After making the required payment per the number of your business activities, you will receive your business license in a week, ending your company registration process.

The good news is that you have completed the most crucial company formation steps, but you need to clear the final hurdle. It is time to register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, after which the government will issue a Certificate of Registration.

Mainland Company Formation

Form your dream company now!

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Essential Documents to Complete Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Depending on your business’s legal structure, there are different document requirements for a mainland company formation.

  • One needs to submit passport copies of expatriate directors, managers, and shareholders.
  • The employer must provide the employee with no objection certification if he is on an employment visa in the UAE.
  • During the mainland company formation, you need to submit a copy of the national ID card of the local sponsor.
  • Furnish a replica of the MOA, legitimized by the UAE embassy.
  • Board resolution for setting up a power of attorney, notarized and legalized by the UAE embassy.

For professional firms owing professional license, one needs to provide these documents additionally during the mainland company formation:

  • Notarized CV and educational qualification degree.
  • The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must also legalize the documents mentioned above.

Types of Mainland Company Formation in UAE

Mainland Company Formation

Form your dream company now!

NR Doshi Icon Why N R Doshi and Partners?

NR Doshi & Partners has played an instrumental role in setting up businesses in different sectors for over 30 years.

This experience has made us proficient in providing mainland company formation services. We know precisely how a company will benefit from a particular legal structure.

We take care of every company formation step with high priority for delivering the best to our clients when they get started. We have seen the nature of amendments in the mainland company formation rules and regulations. We stay updated with the latest industry developments & share the same with our clients so that it helps them with their operations. Whenever the industry/administration introduces the latest updates/regulations, we strive to align our clients as per the same.

In addition to the mainland company formation service, we also provide offshore & free zone company formation service. You can also benefit from our services post company setup. We can help you with your accounting, auditing, and VAT-related requirements.

Our Strength

  • NR Doshi & Partners has a formidable team of professional company formation specialists who have completed countless company formation tasks over the years.
  • We are aware of the laws and regulations. Therefore, you will have no compliance-related issues while we set up your company.
  • Being a reputable firm in the UAE, we will provide you with trustworthy & reliable services.
Mainland Company Formation in Dubai


I wanted to get started with my firm but wasn’t sure whether I should start in the free zone or mainland. In the mainland also, there were multiple business structures. It was all confusing for me. I contacted N R Doshi and Partners, who explained to me the best mainland company formation option for me. I understood it with ease, and their opinion was convincing. I do not regret it. It has been wonderful to choose the path selected by them. My business is showing huge growth in the UAE now.
I was looking for consultants who provide LLC business formation services. There were many, but forming your own LLC is a task that needs experience and expertise. I came across NRD firm that provided me information of their past LLC clients. They do have a great portfolio. I readily agreed for their mainland company formation consultation and chose to go forward with them.
One thing I would like to mention is they help me to find a cost-effective way while starting my business. I was on a strict budget, and taking their mainland company formation consultation helped me to complete the whole company formation process under the marked amount.
N R Doshi

FAQs : Mainland Company Formation

What are the benefits of forming a mainland company in UAE?

A mainland company set up in UAE is advantageous to businesses as they can do business globally and enjoy maximum freedom in how they want to do their business. Further, you can acquire office space anywhere on the mainland as you are not geographically limited. A free zone company has a compulsion to do business inside the free zone and has limited flexibility.

What is the corporate tax rate applicable to mainland companies in UAE?

There is no corporate tax applicable to mainland companies in UAE. However, branches of foreign banks, gas, and petrochemical companies are supposed to pay tax.

Can a UAE mainland company buy commercial property?

Yes, a UAE mainland company can buy both residential as well as commercial property in the UAE.

Can my local partner have a say in my business decisions?

No, if you have drafted documents as well as structured the company in the right way. Our professionals ensure that your business interests stay protected. Also, we offer you the right advice on structuring your company so that you do not get into trouble.

Is it possible to get 100% company ownership?

Yes, specific business structures in the UAE will allow you to have complete ownership.

Can N R Doshi help me to get a residency visa in the UAE?

Yes, we can help you get a three-year residency visa through the company formation, which will also have a renewal option.

Mainland Company Formation Services

Set up an LLC Company, Professional firm, or Representative office with our world-class support.

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