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N R Doshi & Partners is one of the leading accounting firms in Dubai It is driving growth through expertise for its client’s business for more than 35 years. Headquartered in Dubai, N R Doshi & Partners has seven offices in the UAE, employing over 100 professionals. The firm consistently ranks among the top accounting firms in UAE and continues to have a dominant presence in the industry, driven by results and set on the bedrock of trust. N R Doshi offers wide gamut of services- audit and assurance, VAT consulting, accounting, advisory, company incorporations, and outsourcing services which translates into:

Years in UAE

Years in UAE



Team of Professionals

Team of Professionals




More productivity through the rich experience

N R Doshi, a professional accounting firm in Dubai leverages its in-depth knowledge across a wide range of industries and services complemented with rich experience in various industries.

More knowledge through specialized talent pool

As a result-driven accounting firm, we, at N R Doshi, believe in exceeding your expectations by offering timely and reliable solutions. This is achieved through a team of motivated and skilled personnel. We believe the success of our people lies in their continuous development and aligning their skill-sets with your requirements and sharing their insights with you so that we learn together– bringing in more knowledge.

More innovation through industrial expertise

Our services are a product for all the industries built from the expertise of our people combined with delivery through the latest technologies– retail and hospitality, gems and jewelry, energy, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure and contracting industries. Our industrial expertise empowers your business with new technologies and minds – that brings forth innovation.

More profits through specialized services

As we offer multiple services including, accounting services in Dubai, we can efficiently handle all the fundamental aspects of your business. This provides you time to focus on your business growth and find ways to have more profitability.

Where Wisdom meets expertise

Aspirations grow when dreams are nurtured. Horizons expand when borders are traversed. Opportunities multiply when potentials are tapped. Businesses thrive when transactions are recorded. Business delights take place when trust is renewed.

NR Doshi Wisdom

Our People

N R Doshi & Partners is lead by a team of multifaceted professionals enthused with an assets of domestics and international experience in the domains of audit, accountancy, VAT, human resource management, company formation, software development and deployment, banking, and financial services. Our employees’ credentials include highly efficient Charted Accountants (CA), Certified Information System Auditors(CISA), Certified Public Accountants(CPAs), and masterminded administration specialist with extensive, hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries. We pride ourselves on being “Working Consultants” and not just the “accountants.” This makes us one of the leading accounting firms in UAE.

NR Doshi Dedicated Teams
Dedicated Teams

Teams are accustomed to working together to solve problems. Individuals complement one another’s skills to provide one integrated service experience.

Dependable and Business Friendly
Dependable and Business Friendly

Our Services are delivered by dedicated teams of specialists with experience in the relevant sector. Each team is led by a partner who understands the complexity of running a business.

A Positive Culture
Positive Culture

The ethos of NRD is “working together.” We pursue a philosophy of shared responsibility and shared success. Our culture of mutual support creates a positive atmosphere and breeds a harmonious team.

Ongoing Relationships
Ongoing Relationships

Our people are excellent in building and developing relationships which include getting to know client organizations and understanding their long term needs. This is combined with our in-depth experience in the relevant sector, which gives our clients a competitive edge.

Driving growth through expertise

Our Clients

Over the past 30 years, we have established a reputation of one of the best accounting firms in Dubai. We have the privilege of assisting some of the most well-known companies, and we don’t take this lightly. We help them solve business problems, increase revenue, and aid in cost-cutting. Our clients may be from different sectors, but have one thing in common: they all are benefited from our association.

Our Approach-Cooperative

We create a highly functional team of Chartered Accountants and collaborate with the in-house teams of our respective clients which helps in closely understanding the business requirements and assist them with a customized approach.

Our Promise-Quality

With close collaboration with our clients, we deliver quality solutions to them. Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of our expertise and benefits our clients with it.

Our Relationship-Concrete

We completely value each and every association irrespective of the business, and this is what differentiates us from the others and makes the association concrete. Our clientele includes more than 2500 clients, and many of them come in the Fortune 500 companies to which we have been delivering various professional services.


We are the Registered Tax Agent with The Federal Tax Authority

Tax Agency Number 30003586
Tax Agency Name N. R. Doshi & Partners-Public Accountants
Tax Agent Approval Number 20006508
Tax Agent Name Kinnari Rahul Gandhi Bakul Doshi


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