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Account Outsourcing

Unbeatable Account Outsourcing Services

Accounting consumes a lot of human resources as well as requires a lot of effort to be appropriately maintained. Therefore, in case you wish to eliminate this effort, you can take advantage of our account outsourcing companies in dubai and lessen down your burden.

When you provide the power to someone for maintaining your accounts, the agency must be trustworthy. As N R Doshi & Partners is the members of DFK International, which is the 8th largest organisation of independent accounting and also auditing firms, we own reputation, work experience, and contacts all over the world.

We, as one of the top accounting services in Dubai, have served numerous outsourcing companies in dubai situated in free zones in UAE; we are the best experts of the local market. These markets are composed of several industries (Retail, Hospitality, Jewelry, Real estate, and infrastructure, etc.), as well as we have worked with all of them. Therefore, if your company is located in UAE, you won’t get a better accounting firm than N R Doshi & Partners.

We have a keen knowledge of international accounting standards, and we follow them without compromise. For all your accounting and also bookkeeping services and outsourcing companies in dubai and other emirates, we own solutions.

The Benefits you will get if you choose us for account outsourcing

The data generated with the help of accounting as well as bookkeeping can be readily used for analytics. The analytics conducted can be used for forecasting and predicting the changes in the various aspects associated with the business for outsourcing companies in dubai.

As per the instructions by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE, it is mandatory to maintain a book of accounts. We fulfil this requirement, so when an audit check occurs, legal entities won’t raise any questions about the tax payment as well as compliance.

When an employee tries to conduct a fraudulent act, it can be identified on a timely basis if accounts are properly maintained. We also find out where the mismatch as well as errors occur and let you know. After that, you can take further actions, and also we will work on eliminating the errors.

When all accounts are arranged in a uniform format, it can be predicted where more investment is required and also where it should be planned. Further conclusions, as well as budget planning, can be done accordingly.

Benefits of account outsourcing
Outsourcing services to NRD

Where Customized Service meets Optimized Performance

Outsourcing services to NRD has boosted margins for many clientele and led to innovative ways of doing business.

All our account outsourcing services for your company:

Our accounting services are indeed divided in such a way that they can easily cover all your requirements. As per the volume of transactions and also the size of your outsourcing companies in dubai, quotations are prepared, and we ensure that you only pay for the requirements you want. This makes the services cost-effective, and also easily affordable even by small-scale companies.

As a company requires to deal with different transactions from various sections of the business, maintaining a proper record is necessary.

Our bookkeeping service aids in:

  • Handling purchase and sales transactions, recording receipts and payments
  • Handling all the credit and debit notes and perform bank reconciliation.
  • Maintaining Journals for adjustments to be made for depreciation, bad debt etc.
  • We create reports as per the data generated.
  • We provide data that can be used for further forecasting purposes.

Our bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will help you out in tracking the cashflow so that you can plan out investment and expenditure requiring cash outlay.

Cash flow and forecasting supports:

  • Finding out the working capital needs of the company.
  • Ascertaining cash required towards investing and financing activities.
  • Deciding on the method of borrowing and its timing.
  • Finding out which investments are paying off good returns.
  • Conduct forecasting for various business aspects to make budget-related decisions.
  • Finding out if any errors are made during the transactions.

Our service helps you to conduct valuation for different assets that you own or wish to own. Based on valuation, restructuring of the business can be done.

These are the attributes on which we are going to focus the most:

  • Correct valuation of the asset you are buying so that you acquire the asset at a fair price.
  • Correct valuation of the asset you are selling so that you sell it at the best price.
  • Restructure your business according to the addition or subtraction of an asset.

The reconciliation process helps to make sure no errors take place while the transactions occur. It is also helpful when you need to notice if there is any suspicious activity occurs.

Our different reconciliation services and their respective implementation:

  • Bank statement reconciliation: Thought this service, we will go through each of your transactions to check if all of them match with the bank statements.
  • Customer ledger reconciliation: This service helps to make sure that the balance as per books of accounts matches with the account statement received from the customer.
  • Vendor payment reconciliation: At the time of payment, if you make any faulty payment or wrong amount gets debited from your account, we will let you know about it through the reconciliation process.
  • Intercompany reconciliation: This is required to determine the intercompany assets and liabilities. It helps in drawing the consolidated financial statement.

To comply with various rules and regulations, it is necessary to keep accounts updated. In case, if you find it difficult, we will be at your service for preparing the accounts and reports for the specific period.

As we are the top accounting firm in UAE, you can rely on us to get your backlog updated on time. However, we will need your support in providing us the relevant documents. The monthly, half-yearly, or annually backlogs can be updated.

Account outsourcing services

Proficient HR Outsourcing Services

Human Resources Outsourcing

The human resource department plays a vital role in delivering stability to the company. As it manages all your employees, the productivity of your business highly depends on the Human resources department.

The department deals with the benefits and compensation management of the employees. Through the payroll process, the department makes sure your human resources get the exact payment according to the leave, bonuses, etc.

We form employee policies for the companies according to which the human resource function. The primary advantage of having a fixed policy provided for both parties is; employee and employer functions according to the written policies and procedures and amount of guesswork is kept at a minimum.

Furthermore, we conduct human resources recruitment for your business irrespective of its sector. Our vast network makes us one of the top recruitment agencies in the UAE. We make sure that the profile of the proposed candidate matches precisely with your requirements. In case you need to conduct training for your current employees or hired employees, we provide industry-specific training programs.

You can check the detailed description in their respective sections and come to know how N R Doshi & Partners’ HR outsourcing services are helpful for your growth.

Design and sourcing programs

This service is beneficial if you are focusing on starting a new venture or going to make a significant addition to the present one. We design the hierarchy level for the employees you are going to hire. The system is structured to make sure that when the newly hired department starts working, the flow remains smooth.

We also define the number of employees required while we design the structure. The experience of the necessary employee and the job profiles are also discussed to define the kind of human resources company would want to achieve its goals.

Design and sourcing programs
Compensation and benefits management

Compensation & benefits management

Compensation is one of the prime motivations of the employees, and therefore, the company must take care of it with priority. We define the compensation of various employees that you are going to hire based upon the budget you have. The market standard is taken into consideration for a fair judgment on the compensation.

Based upon the market standard, alternation in the budget or job profile is done. Our manpower solutions aim to design the employment structure, which remains economical for the employer, along with satisfying the profile requirement.

We also manage the benefits for the company, such as bonuses, encashment, etc. provided to the employees. However, if the company requires to create a policy, they need to check the policy development and implementation in detail.

Workforce development

After the recruitment or at the time of providing further responsibilities of the employees, maybe employee training is required. During the employee training and development programs, it is necessary to provide the focus on all the employees.

Based on the training, the employees will perform and then judged further. N R Doshi & Partners even own an elite team having CA, CPA, and accountant, to implement a performance management system in your company. This system will keep track of the quality and quantity of the work which the employee provides. Apart from industry-specific training programs, employee development can also be conducted for professional ethics. This training program is introduced to improve the productivity of freshers and make them familiar with the workplace environment.

Workforce development
Payroll administration

Payroll administration

Payroll outsourcing services helps a company focus on its core activities. This service is provided for all companies in different sectors. No matter whether you are small, medium or large, our payroll outsourcing services can be used by all as it frees up some inhouse talent in doing the core business activities.

Payroll services which we offer are designed based upon the number of employees you own, payroll cycle, kind of additions and deductions required to arrive at the net pay.

There are several payroll outsourcing benefits, and a major one is reducing the chance of payroll fraud. As there will be no internal member involved, it will make sure that no additional amount gets accounted as salary or another error occurs.

Policy development and implementation

Policy development involves the creation of rules and regulations, which will oblige both employer and employees to perform the work and regulate behavior according to the policy.

When we create a policy for your company, we first understand the business model, company culture and go through the nature of the work your company conducts. Based on it, we create the points which the employer mandatory wishes to include in the policy. The notes of the rules which he compulsorily wants employees to follow are also added.

Moreover, we find out how employees can be benefitted without causing any harm to productivity and output. After the addition of those rules, we make amendments as per the employer’s suggestion. After the client finalize the policy, we make sure it gets implemented in the required departments for which policy is generated. We can even provide proposals for creating various policies for different departments if the nature of work differs.

Policy development and implementation
Staffing and recruitment

Staffing and recruitment

N R Doshi & Partners is a recruitment consultant agency that indeed renders promising candidates for all sindustries. We have contributed a lot with our expertise in various sectors, and therefore, we know what precisely the industry requires.

To own the title of a top job recruitment company, our job consultancy has introduced a well-designed recruitment process. We first go through the necessity the company has, as well as then we prepare the job profile description. The profile is circulated through our extensive network. We go through the various applications and also examine them all to select eligible candidates.

Going forward with them, we judge them on their behavioural aspects. We also ensure that we only select the candidates who agree with the company policies. Next, the knowledge as well as experience of all the candidates are compared through an interview process. In case you need options to finalize the candidate yourself, we will send you details of multiple candidates and also information about their interview performances.

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