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Risk management is an essential pillar to deliver company stability. In this, all the company members play their respective important roles. When each individual works to mitigate risk associated with its working, risk reduction is definite. N R Doshi and Partners provides risk advisory services and helps companies develop risk management strategies. We also organize periodic checks to keep the environment accountable, transparent, and associated with minimum possible risks. Many of our UAE and international clients have benefited from our risk consulting services and achieved their business goals and objectives.

Why Your Business Requires Risk Consulting Services

Why Your Business Requires Risk Consulting Services?

There are multiple endpoints associated with risks. With time, the risks have become more acute. Therefore, the company must deliver better governance, compliance, and discipline.

To ensure financial risk reduction, it is essential to regularly scrutinize credit profiles, capital, debt profiles, credit terms, etc. To keep it unbiased and avoid any internal interference, it is recommended to take the help of a reliable firm for risk consulting.

The risk depends not only on the company itself but also on the counterparties. Therefore, it is also necessary to mitigate risks associated with suppliers.

We also conduct due diligence of your employees and check your risks associated with your network, storage, and other aspects of IT.

Overall, for thorough and unbiased learning of each business aspect’s functioning in terms of risks they own, businesses require risk consulting services. In addition to learning, the risk advisory services are also responsible for decreasing the risks and implementing methods to appropriately manage the risk.

Based on our consultation with you, we come up with:

  • Risk management strategy
  • Risk governance methodology
  • Performance alignment
  • Risk profile, risk appetite, risk tolerance
  • Risk culture and risk behavior
  • Risk response program

Financial Risk Management Service

N R Doshi and Partners has worked with clients of the banking sector, insurance, and large corporates to identify, report, and limit the risks.

Our financial risk management framework is robust enough to fulfill the compliance requirements, improves the company’s decision making, and even contribute to performance.

N R Doshi and Partners aims to cover a wide range of matters under financial risk management service such as:

  • Credit risk management
  • Operational risk management

In addition to financial risk consulting services, we offer services such as financial management accounting, quantitative evaluation service, and finance engineering services.

You can also benefit from our risk advisory services such as asset management advisory, investment advisory, and debt advisory.


Our financial risk management services will surely help your business to experience growth with minimal risk. According to a company’s sector, customer base, and geographical location, we personalize our financial risk management service. There are many more factors that aid us in aligning the service as per your business needs strategically.

Forensic Risk Consulting

Forensic Risk Management Service

With the increment in the number of white-collar crimes, we have advanced our forensic risk management services matching the present requirement.

Our forensic risk consulting services support our clients in each of the business aspects to ensure forensic risk management. We scrutinize the present work environment of the business to identify the shortcomings and non-compliance.

We keep ourselves updated with the regularly changing trends in each sector and familiar with the advancements.

N R Doshi and Partners provides a full-fledged anti-money laundering service where it covers all the aspects of anti-money laundering, including AML compliance, KYC, due diligence, customer risk assessment services, transaction monitoring,

Any business needs to remain AML compliant. It significantly reduces the risk of money laundering and terrorist funding. Businesses must note that if they are not compliant with the AML laws, they can experience hefty penalties.

The regulations keep on changing. Therefore, it is recommended to let a reliable AML consulting firm handle it for you.

When your business is at the initial stage or functioning on a large scale, you will always deal with other businesses. Whether they are your distributors or suppliers, it is necessary to have a secure relationship with each one of them. Our risk consulting services help you carry out proper due diligence before you enter into a transaction with third parties.

Our third-party due diligence supports businesses to choose vendors that do not impact the reputation and business continuity.

Why is Counterparty due diligence necessary?

  1. ) It gives you information about the financial standing and financial stress the company is experiencing and how safe it is to do business with it.
  2. ) The service provides you with a history of legal violations done by the company.
  3. ) It gives details about the quality issues faced by other clients and what is the associated liability risk.
  4. ) It provides you with an idea of fraud risks your company may face by dealing with the counterparty. Such information is provided based on a history of unethical practices conducted by the company.
  5. ) We also work to learn about the company’s reputation in the market by knowing about the experience of authorities, customers, and other vendors.
  6. ) It will help you to know about the counterfeiting and piracy-related activities of a counterparty.

Overall, our risk consulting practice highly relies on counterparty due diligence, which is the best option to identify trustworthy vendors and avoid high-risk situations.

In case you are experiencing any commercial disputes, your reputation is at one stake. Not only reputation, but also cost, time, and your mental health. Therefore, you need a reliable risk advisory firm that can work with you against such risks.

Our financial advisors will work with your legal team to guide you out of the tough situation and minimize the risk.

We help businesses resolve disputes by calculating the losses, which act as a key point, letting both the parties know about the liability due to dispute.

We act as independent adjusters in various disputes between two or more parties. We can also prepare a compelling case in mediation wherever necessary.

Frauds are not business liabilities. Frauds can be mitigated through strategic planning and continuous check on the environment.

Our forensic professionals are highly skilled and own experience in conducting thorough investigations to mitigate risks. We conduct such an investigation in a timely and cost-effective way to favoring the clients significantly.

Our risk consulting experience ranges from simple frauds in small firms to complex ones in large-scaled ones. The investigation helped the business to avoid the loss of reputation and finances.

We conduct detailed inquires, interviews and review the business functioning. We support clients in learning about the quantum of fraud taken place and the individuals involved. As per the fraud details, we prepare a remedial action plan and update the business processes to avoid such frauds.

We even work on submitting the restatement and report all our findings to the authorities and the auditors.

We prepare the complete document as per our findings and highlight the red flags. It helps the business to gain legal standing against the fraudster.

We conduct the entire process keeping the sensitivity of information into consideration. Our risk consulting professionals are highly qualified to keep the information safe. Moreover, they own global exposure in multiple domains.

The risk associated with information technology structure is increasing as businesses’ reliance on it has increased.

When you go for cheaper and faster data flow solutions, it may give rise to loopholes that can cause security threats.

Our risk consulting experts help businesses to choose the right set of elements for their IT infrastructure. It helps them maintain a high-security level at minimal possible cost without affecting the data flow.

We have a dedicated forensic technology team and workstation where the team reviews the digital evidence in case of fraud and misconduct.

Our efficient techniques and tools help us to analyze the content saved in the electronic devices. Further, data analytics help us to identify the unnatural patterns in data flow and network usage.

Frauds are on the rise, and we can always investigate after it happens. However, N R Doshi and Partners, a premium risk consulting firm in Dubai, aims to minimize the risk to avoid it even before it takes place.

The reason being its devastating impact on the reputation, financial standing, and reputation. Our fraud risk management service is a proactive tactic to remove each possibility of fraud. We can help you to tackle the risk of fraud by our following services:

1) Fraud Awareness Training

Our training sessions will let your employees and management know about fraud indicators. Our training is tailored as per your business needs to provide you the maximum benefits.

2) Fraud Risk Assessment Exercise

We first scrutinize your control framework and find out security gaps that fraudsters can utilize to conduct frauds. On that basis, we, along with the management, prepare a control mechanism for your business. We generated analytical reports which are highly customized as per your business sector. These reports add up to the preparation of the fraud risk assessment exercises.

3) Organization Perception Survey

Your employees know the best about your business framework. They know their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we conduct surveys involving your employees, where we record their views on the company’s risk management. It’s a direct way to earn in-depth insight cost-effectively.

4) Predictive Data Modeling

Our predictive data modeling acts as an early warning system. It indicates if there is any potential of fraud using the fraud response modulus. It provides companies with the necessary time to avoid and combat the situation.

When you make efforts to grow your business through M&A, starting a joint venture, and equity investment, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of the business and its key decision-makers with whom you are going to deal.

There can be several risks such as fraud, litigation, incorrect impression of financial standing, and much more. In addition to that, it has become essential to conduct a full-fledged KYC and risk-based KYC. It is essential to comply with regulatory provisions.

Under the integrity due diligence service, our risk consulting professionals perform each important task to gather the necessary target information and report the findings.

It let us provide a wide range of information such as the organizational structure, litigations, what respect the company owns, history of non-compliance, etc.

When should you take this service:

  1. When you think there could be a potential risk associated with the business, you are going to invest.
  2. When you are acquiring customers
  3. Whenever there is an addition of a new supplier or dealer.
  4. Whenever you take the benefit of the service of another company
  5. When you appoint an employee to a senior managerial position

It is necessary to remain compliant with a contract, work according to the license procured, and know your limitations under a deal. Whenever a company breaches a contract, it can severely impact the counterparty’s revenue and reputation. Therefore, at that time, companies may face risks such as litigation and penalties.

Our risk consulting professionals keep a check on contract compliance by its efficient service, which assures minimal risks:

  • Royalty Compliance
  • Reseller Compliance
  • Media Reviews
  • Software asset management and usage compliance
  • Intellectual Property Advisory

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Governance Risk and Compliance Services

Governance risk arises when control measures are weak and have shortcomings. We detect them through our variety of services to provide you with optimum governance. Our risk consulting services also include full-fledged compliance service, ensuring that your business doesn’t miss any of the best practices to reduce risks.

It is essential to keep us with the rapidly changing regulations, technology, business requirements, user behavior, etc. With rapid changes, a business needs to divert its approach. If the approach is not shifted as expected, risks may arise.

Therefore, we provide our clients with continuous monitoring solutions. Under this process, we keep a check on the company’s transactions and alert them if any suspicious activity comes to notice. We also monitor the systems and controls globally

Control Self-Assessment or CSA is one of the best ways to drive positive assurance on the internal controls. The self-assessment lets you learn whether your employees are trained to identify the risks or not. It showcases the areas of improvement too.

It lets a business know whether the process’s weaknesses are reported and actioned as it should or not. Overall, what you receive would be a control conscious culture all across your business.

It is a full-fledged risk consulting service offered by N R Doshi and Partners, where we go through the entire organization’s structure where we detect, report, control, and inexpensively manage risk.

The entire service is divided into five steps:

  1. Risk Governance
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Understanding the risk impact
  4. Controlling and eliminating the risk
  5. Reporting and follow-up

N R Doshi provides an exclusive service when it comes to Internal Audit. However, under this service, we not only focus on risk removal but also work to make the business operations more effective and result oriented.

When we provide an internal audit service, we set up an end-to-end internal audit risk assessment and develop a risk-based assurance plan.

Companies are facing enormous issues relating to regulatory compliance. Therefore, businesses need to shift their focus on accountability and governance. We provide our risk consulting service and support in regulatory changes tracking, segregation of roles and responsibilities, reduce risk of non-compliance, and monitor compliance due dates.

We frame a matrix containing compliance standards and individuals’ respective responsibilities against it. We also create compliance functions as per the geographical locations and prepare the team and their roles in monitoring it.

In addition to that, you can take the benefit of our service for linking the key committees, compliance strategies, compliance testing framework, and compliance training.

Risk Consulting
IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management

Though information technology has provided the best path for a company to grow, it comes with many risks. However, an efficient and well-managed IT structure may help you to get rid of all associated risks.

If you are a business where automation plays a significant role, you need to benefit from this risk consulting service. With automation, though efficiency is achieved, it brings control related risks. We work to reduce the risks associated with:

  1. ERP solutions
  2. Banking interfaces
  3. Customer relationship management tools
  4. Other mission-critical applications
  • We evaluate if necessary controls are embedded in the ERP systems to protect the company from unwanted risks
  • We review the accesses and privileges and make suggestions to remove the unnecessary authorizations.
  • We ensure network security.
  • We ensure that the required IT security standards are followed.

Our financial data modeling service makes the financial models more reliable than ever. Our data modeling service will eventually improve investment-related decisions by preparing models to mitigate risks and reviewing the risks which are currently existing in the company. Our expertise lies in spreadsheet modeling.

To lead the model to perfection, we conduct an iterative process to learn about the best result and eliminate the errors.

Data privacy is an aspect with no company can compromise. Therefore, acting against the risk of data breach and compliance is one of the prime steps company should take. Our risk consulting team develops a complete data privacy policy and implement it on the various aspects of your business.

In addition to a policy, we can also implement a robust end-to-end management system to ensure data privacy. If you already own a data privacy management system, we can review it and provide suggestions to improve it as per our findings.

IT infrastructure requires continuous re-evaluation to keep it updated as per the advancements in technology. We review the existing IT infrastructure of a business in terms of its structure and provide advice based on requirements that require attention, such as security, performance, etc.

We can assist in establishing a data center, or if there is an existing one, we provide risk review, relocation risk mitigation, and transition service.

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NR Doshi Icon Why Choose N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners offers a wide range of risk consulting services. Therefore, for different requirements, you won’t need to visit multiple consulting firms.

We have experience of working in different sectors which is an added benefit. From whichever sector your business belongs to, we can serve you with highly personalized service.

Experts at N R Doshi and Partners know no boundaries of talent. They are well-trained and highly experienced in risk consulting, owning an unmatchable track record.

They have saved several businesses from risks that could have caused financial loss and harm to their reputation. Our clients are highly satisfied with the risk advisory service we have provided to them. Please be assured that you will receive the same level of service for each of your requirements.

Our Strength

Our Strength

  • Experience in working and successfully eliminating high-risk situations.
  • Risk consulting professionals with global experience.
  • Well versed with the laws and regulations of many countries.


N R Doshi and Partners helped me to find out a fraud that took place in my company. My reputation was at stake, and they saved it. They did not only know how it took place but also gave info that who did it. Also helped me to prepare documentation for my legal standing.
Risk Consulting 1
N R Doshi’s services are very useful to me- not just risk consulting but also internal auditing. Their support is constant with the company, and I wish them good luck to have prosperous growth ahead.
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Why your business requires risk consulting?

There are many loopholes of a business framework that an internal or external person can utilize to cause material harm to a business’s financial standing and reputation. Risk consulting is one recommended way to avoid such a situation as much as possible. You need to expend a minimum amount, and it may save you from huge losses.

Which are the business aspects we go through for risk consulting for a business?

We go through almost all the business aspects when it comes to risk consulting. The risk may arise due to weak corporate governance, non-compliance with rules and regulations, financial manipulation, inefficient IT structure, etc. Therefore, we have created a proprietary checklist that allows going through all aspects without fail.

What are the skills N R Doshi and Partners owns, which can ensure proficient risk consulting?

Our skills are developed along with the experience. Our team of professionals comprises CAs, CPAs, CISAs, IT experts, risk consultants, training experts, and many more. We can create a team keeping each business process into consideration.

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