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Who is a Tax Consultant in UAE?

A tax agent in Dubai is a firm/individual who represents the taxpayer and thoroughly understands taxation in the UAE. Their responsibilities include doing tax calculations, filing tax returns, and handling tax disputes with the relevant authorities. Additionally, they also advise taxpayers on tax-related aspects. Tax consultants in the UAE are registered with the FTA. Most importantly, tax consultants must ensure that your organization complies with the VAT regulations in the UAE.

Why do you Require a Dedicated Tax Consultant in UAE?

A dedicated Tax agent for your business is essential to guide you in every VAT compliance requirement of the FTA. Our VAT consultants in Dubai sign a contractual agreement with taxpayers, notifying the FTA about all their activities.

Implemented in 2018, VAT is relatively new in the UAE.

Businesses may find it challenging to understand all the VAT laws and provisions along with their implications. Tax consultants in the UAE examine & understand your business, the industry in general, your products & services, and your transactions. This exercise will help them identify the various VAT implications with respect to taxation in the UAE. In this way, it becomes easier for you to obtain insight into every transaction to avoid VAT non-compliance.

Our tax consultants in UAE provide the following services

We are one of the leading FTA-registered VAT consultants in the UAE. Our Tax agents in UAE bring in years of experience with their domain expertise. Some of our key VAT accounting services in UAE include:

  • Assistance in VAT Registration Services in Dubai, implementation, and deregistration.
  • Support in preparing and filing accurate VAT returns filing before the deadline.
  • Help in VAT assessment and answering FTA’s queries regarding any VAT calculation.
  • Assistance in filing VAT refund Dubai applications and submitting VAT dispute applications.
  • Preparing all VAT-related accounts and documents, ensuring accurate record keeping, and furnishing them to the relevant authorities when requested, specifically during tax audits.
  • Providing advice and consultancy services in all aspects of VAT to ensure VAT compliance per UAE laws.
  • Support during a tax audit.
  • Advice on the VAT treatment of a specific business case or different transactions of your business for accurate calculation of tax liability.
  • Conducting VAT health checks to identify the pain points of your business.
  • Representing taxpayers before the FTA, TDRC, Court, or any other relevant authority for VAT matters.
tax consultant

The Core Strength of our Tax Consultant UAE

  • Ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of the information and data of taxpayers. For example, financial records, clients, and business transactions.
  • Assuring you successful VAT compliance to save your time and money.
  • Proven track record of serving 2500+ clientele for over 35 years in the UAE market.
  • Fully updated with the latest VAT laws in every industry to avoid non-compliance.
  • Implementing best-in-class business practices for optimum business performance.
  • Handling complex VAT issues with our industry prowess.

We take the VAT compliance burden off your shoulders to keep you stress-free.

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Testimonials: Tax Consultant in UAE

We applaud our association with NR Doshi & Partners for their commitment to high-quality, and efficient services. It facilitated error-free tax compliance of our business with no legal ramifications. What more could we have asked for? If you are looking for professional Tax consultants in UAE, I recommend N.R. Doshi & Partners without hesitation.
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CEO, Beverages company

We are associated with N.R. Doshi & Partners for years now.. When the VAT introduction in 2018, we had nothing to worry about, since we trust their quality, timely, and consistent services. Their tax consultants are thorough with every provision of VAT with an equal understanding of its impact on any business. We believe in their work and are thankful for ensuring our success by handling all the tax-related matters efficiently.
Tax Consultant Services 2

COO, Business consulting services provider


1) Is it compulsory to hire only an FTA-registered tax agent in the UAE?

Yes, Tax agents must be registered by FTA. Businesses must check this aspect while hiring a tax agent/VAT consultant.

2) Will a tax agent handle the legal repercussions of tax violations & penalties?

Yes, tax consultants in UAE can handle the legal issues associated with VAT non-compliance. We have legal professionals in our team of VAT consultants who help you with penalties, representation before the relevant authorities, and preparing a response to them in the cases of tax violations.

3) How much do your tax consultants in the UAE charge?

We provide customized services for each client, hence there is no fixed price. If you are interested in hiring us, please contact our team for an initial free consultation. After discussing your business, requirements, and budget, we will finalize the services and pricing for our association with your business.

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