TRN Check

TRN Check

What is TRN?

TRN certainly stands for Tax Registration Number in UAE. It is a unique 15-digit VAT identification number, and FTA issues it to businesses & individuals for tax compliance. TRN Verification UAE is essential for preparing tax invoices and other tax-related documents shared between suppliers and buyers to facilitate easy transactions.

Why is a TRN check crucial in the UAE?

The UAE government introduced VAT on January 1, 2018. In the beginning, it was hard for businesses to adapt to the new tax regime, owing to the complicated VAT laws & supporting regulations.

Some businesses may have considered exploiting potential loopholes to avoid paying taxes or reduce their tax liability.

However, with the introduction of TRN Verification UAE, the government can ensure that businesses comply with VAT requirements.

The TRN check enables the FTA to track taxpayers and their business transactions to determine the VAT liability. Every business has a unique TRN on its tax invoices. FTA’s TRN checks ensure that the applicable VAT rate is charged at every stage of the production and distribution process, and the final taxable amount is transferred to the government. With a valid TRN Verification UAE, a company can apply for tax refunds and recovery.

TRN check
TRN check

Our Tax registration Services

We conduct TRN Verification UAE for our clients to identify any cases of VAT fraud among their business associates. With TRN verification UAE, we can validate the VAT registration of your suppliers and customers while checking the registration validity. Accurate and timely TRN registration of business can enable you to conduct your sales and purchase transactions better. Therefore, we conduct the TRN check before you carry out transactions or prepare a tax invoice for the partnering company.

Besides the TRN number check, we can also help you with the TRN application, Vat registration in UAE, and deregistration. Briefly, NR Doshi’s VAT consultant services will help you achieve VAT compliance as per the UAE VAT standards.

A quick TRN check saves you from a bad transaction.

Get a quote soon.

FTA TRN check

FTA provides a TRN registration tool on its portal for TRN checks, making it a simple & straightforward process.

Please visit, then click on right corner image block and enter the TRN to Validate. The VAT registrant’s details will appear in English and Arabic if the TRN number is valid. When the TRN is invalid, the following message will appear on the screen – The entered TRN does not exist in our system.

TRN check
TRN check

Our Strength

  • We are a team of experienced professionals with more than 35 years in the UAE. We have undoubtedly helped thousands of businesses with TRN registration in UAE.
  • Thanks to 35+ years of experience in the UAE’s finance industry, NR Doshi & Partners have extensive knowledge of TRN check services & tax regulations, irrespective of industry. Hence, we have a competitive edge that can help you make smooth transactions & serve your clients effectively.
  • We ensure absolute VAT compliance through our experience & knowledge of UAE’s local market. Additionally, we understand the VAT implications on various products & services, allowing us to generate value for our clients.


Two years back when we started our business in UAE, we hired NR Doshi & Partners for many services. One of the key services was VAT consulting and advisory services. And, we can say, we are not at all disappointed with their quality, timely, and professional approach to solving our VAT-related problems. VAT registration, returns filing, accounting, computation, refunds, health checks, auditing, TRN check, and disputes – you name it, and they provide it all. Thanks to them, we have achieved VAT compliance.
TRN Verification 1

CFO, Manufacturing company

NR Doshi & Partners is synonymous with the best VAT consultant in UAE for me. They have a strong team of committed professionals with expertise in tax, accounting, and audit. I am always impressed with their dedication, commitment, and timely support in all matters related to VAT. Specifically, their expertise in TRN checks, VAT computation, and VAT dispute resolution are worth mentioning. I would like to recommend their name to all my business associates and friends for VAT consulting services.
TRN Verification 2

Owner, Beauty products company


What kind of business documents must mention TRN?

As per the VAT laws in UAE, businesses must mention the TRN number in all documents related to tax, including:

  • Invoices issued by the seller
  • VAT returns of the company
  • Tax credit notes
  • Any other documents wherein VAT laws require you to specify TRN

When does TRN termination occur in the UAE?

When a taxpayer applies for VAT deregistration, the FTA conducts an assessment for VAT cancellation. If a taxpayer does not clear FTA’s TRN verification UAE, TRN checks, their TRN number is terminated. Sometimes, the process is complicated, but we know the intricacies of VAT deregistration.

How do you identify a fake TRN in the TRN check process?

The following are the common signs of a fake TRN:

  • More/less than 15 digits
  • Improper format
  • Not starting with 100

However, with the increasing instances of fraud, businesses must be aware of fake TRN. Always be careful & conduct a TRN check before entering business transactions with customers/vendors.

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TRN verification made easy for your business to conduct authentic business transactions

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