TRN Verification in UAE: Steps to check TRN Validity

TRN Verification

TRN Verification or VAT Verification has become very important, considering the potential frauds involved with Value Added Tax (VAT). Miscreants can charge VAT using a fake TRN while pocketing the rest of the money which results in revenue loss for the government.

In this article, we will have a look at the steps to verify TRN in UAE.


What is TRN?

TRN and its full form

As per UAE VAT Laws, the word TRN stands for Tax Registration Number. TRN is a unique number issued by the Federal Tax Authority to a VAT-registered business.

The Significance of TRN


The importance of a valid Tax Registration Number

As per UAE VAT Laws, businesses registered for Value Added Tax and having a valid Tax Registration Number must mention their TRN on all the invoices that they issue. The TRN is a 15-digit number that differentiates one registered business from the other. Further, the taxable person having TRN can only charge on tax invoices and tax credit notes..

VAT Laws in UAE also require businesses to mention TRN in all tax-related documents such as:

          1. Tax Invoice
          2. Tax Credit Note and

VAT Number

TRN Verification: Why is it necessary?


The harms of a fake TRN Number

TRN Verification is essential to make sure that the person charging VAT is a registered business with a valid TRN. The process of TRN Verification helps one to be sure of one’s TRN before making a transaction with him or issuing an invoice to him. If one pays VAT to someone without VAT verification then, the VAT so paid will not be available to him as the input tax credit. One can be sure of the genuineness of the person claiming to be a VAT-registered business if he performs an FTA TRN Check.

FTA TRN Verification ensures compliance with the provisions of UAE VAT Laws and saves one from the potential loss of input tax credit. Also, check 11 things to know about VAT in UAE to have a complete understanding of VAT Compliance requirements in UAE.

TRN Verification Steps

Carry out a TRN Check

Below are the detailed steps for TRN Verification, which can also be done by person in UAE-

  • Visit and click on TRN in the right side corner.
  • Enter the TRN of the supplier in the space provided.
  • Enter the Security Code as displayed on the screen in the space provided.
  • Hit the ‘Submit’ button.

The portal displays the Legal Name of the Entity in the preferred language (English and Arabic)

TRN Verification in UAE: Steps to check TRN Validity

VAT Verification in UAE


FAQs on TRN Verification in UAE

1. What is TRN Number?

The word TRN stands for Tax Registration Number, a 15-digit unique number assigned to a business on VAT Registration. All documents including Tax Invoices, Tax Credit Notes, VAT Returns, etc., should always carry a TRN Number.

2) How do I check out TRN Verification in UAE?

 1.Enter the TRN number of the supplier
2. Enter the CAPTCHA code displayed on the screen and hit the button
3. The portal will come up with a pop-up displaying the Supplier Name

3. How many digits is a TRN Number issued by the FTA?

TRN Number is a 15-digit number issued by the Federal Tax Authority, UAE.

4. My supplier has quoted the wrong TRN on his Invoice. How can I do TRN Verification ?

The FTA issues a 15-digit unique Text Registration Number (TRN) to its registrants. If your supplier has quoted the wrong TRN, ask your supplier to make changes in the invoice and mention the correct TRN. You may perform a TRN Check on and satisfy yourself as to its validity.

5. Is it possible to link with UAE Customs Authority?

Yes, linking the TRN with UAE customs authority allows a taxable person to clear the imported goods without paying VAT at customs. Additionally, he can pay for VAT at the time of filing his VAT Return. Also, o

6.What could be the consequences of forgetting to verify the TRN number while paying for an Invoice?

If TRN Verification is not verified while paying for an invoice, there is a hefty fine levied on the taxable person. Hence, it is always advisable to do TRN Verification

7. What could be the consequences of forgetting to verify the TAN number while paying for an Invoice?

If TAN Verification is not performed while paying for an invoice, then the input tax paid can go to the wrong hands, and you may not get an Input Tax Credit for the purchases made. Hence, it is always advisable to do VAT Verification.

8. How do I get a Tax Clearance Certificate in UAE, and how can a business with a valid TRN Number use it?

The Federal Tax Authority has begun a new service for issuing a Tax Clearance Certificate. It issues Tax Clearance Certificates to tax registrants with valid TRN Numbers. One needs to log in to the FTA Portal in order to apply for a tax clearance certificate. Additionally, businesses with a valid TRN number can use the Tax Clearance Certificate for the following purposes:
– Change Ownership
– Business Closing
– Below Voluntary Threshold
– Below Mandatory ThresholdTax Clearance Certificate

VAT Consulting Services

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You may also use our VAT Calculator to arrive at your VAT obligations as per the VAT Laws in UAE. Our VAT Consultants in UAE assist you in obtaining Tax Registration Number / TRN as per the VAT Laws in UAE. We also help you in Tax return filing, and allied VAT Consulting services such as VAT Implementation and VAT advisory all across the UAE.

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