Media Business Set up in Twofour54

Business Set up in Twofour54

With the name coined from the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi (24° North, 54° East), Twofour54, launched in 2008, aims to accelerate the media industry of Abu Dhabi. It is an amalgamation of 550+ media companies, 800+ freelancers, 80+ entrepreneurs, and 4000+ media professionals.

It acts as a destination where people are motivated to innovate, collaborate, and create. They aim to provide everything ranging from world-class production facilities, talent development initiatives, and training, to business support services.

It has the vision to be the capital for content creators. Twofour54’s mission is to build a creative ecosystem inspiring world-class content and fostering the success of the media industry of the region. They are built on the values of dedication, respect, collaboration, entrepreneurship, professional excellence, and creative thinking. It houses the biggest brands and media houses in the industry, such as CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Fox, the Financial Times, and others.

Benefits of Business Set up in Twofour54 Abu Dhabi

Business Setup Services in Dubai have various benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Centre of the world.
  • Makes up 65% of UAE’s economy.
  • The number has ranked it as the number one safest city in the world.
  • Connects to the world’s major cities by way of direct flights.
  • Home to 200 nationalities.

Additional Benefits Enjoyed at TwoFour54

  • 100% ownership.
  • 0% corporate tax.
  • 0% income tax.
  • No minimum share capital requirements.
  • Cost-effective office space solutions.
  • Easy and quick setup.
  • The technical staff is highly-skilled.
  • Free zone status.
  • Online Briefing Room.
  • Strong and dedicated Freelance Relations team.
  • Fully waived registration and license fee for the first two years.
  • Marketing and Sales support.
  • Chance to network with over 550 international and local companies.
  • Facilities of a dedicated business team.

If you set up your business at Twofour54, you can also apply for an onshore license from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, giving you more freedom and access to greater opportunities.

Visas are also available for all sizes of companies.  A person working individually can obtain a visa for himself/herself. While on the other hand, for bigger organizations, there is no upper limit on the number of visas, and the process is equally easy. There are caps on visas depending upon the size of the premises. It is also easy to sponsor visas for your dependents, and it can be done through a straightforward process.

Easy Three-step Business Set up in Twofour54:

1) Submit your business plan or form.
2) Sign the required commercial, regulatory and legal documents.
3) Provide any applicable payments, collect the license, and start.

Once the license has been accepted, the corporate bank account can be set up. It has a quick and simple application process. The free zone company setup in Dubai has a staff that can give advice on the bank which best suits your needs and then arrange a meeting in the branch for you. The same service can also be provided by a company formation specialist, or you can approach any local or international bank yourself.

Business Set up in Twofour54

Types of Business Setup Licenses in TwoFour54

1. Set up a New Company:

A brand new Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) can be set up whether your business consists of an individual or corporate shareholder or a mixture. Services in regard to LLC Company Formation in Dubai are easy and quick to explore.

Some Regulatory Requirements to Set up an FZ-LLC:

  • At least two directors are needed to be appointed
  • There is no minimum fixed share capital requirement, and it can be in any currency.
  • It needs to have one registered office in the media zone.

2. Set up a New Branch:

Under this, you can expand your current/existing business.

Some Regulatory Requirements for Setup:

  • A decision to set up a branch in the Media Zone must be indicated by the Principal Company.
  • A General Manager has to be appointed for the branch.
  • A registered office should be there in the media zone.

3. Get a Freelancing License:

Here, you can work independently or start freelancing through various opportunities with their regional and international partners and even government entities.

4. Startups:

The setup is made for companies that are based on digital content creation and audio-visual content production.

Business Setup Services at TwoFour54

1) Partners Intranet:

The Intranet Connect portal is basically an online platform for the Twofour54 community where the partners can engage with the collaborative ecosystem, access the resources, share news, register for events, search for any freelance talent, avail of exclusive offers, and such other things.

2) Networking Events:

Every quarter, a twofour54 connect is organized, and it provides an engaging opportunity for the partners to network with other partners, businesses, and government entities, and talk to potential customers along with find out about the latest developments.

3) Marketing Support:

Twofour54 provides the tools to promote the businesses such as in areas for Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, Mainland Company Formation in Dubai are all over the community and across the media. Be it promotion on social media, or sharing of success stories and brand placements, everything is done.

4) Government Liaison:

Twofour54 team can liaise with the government authorities across UAE for visas, registration, film permits, customs, driving licenses, and others.

5) In-house Travel Agency:

Be it booking flights, looking for the right hotel, to-and-fro airport services, and the in-house travel agency does it all.

6) Logistic and Office Support:

A range of relocation and tenant services are provided.

People and Community in TwoFour54 Free Zone

TwoFour54 has a pool of 530+ freelancers across 60 media specialties, be it a marketing strategist, graphic designer, photographer, or anyone else. It also fosters a pool of young talent, providing them internships, courses, and access to other skill-building facilities. These skills help young talents to explore their business setup services in Dubai skills for their all-round development and growth.

World-Class Campus Facilities in TwoFour54 Free Zone

1. Studios in Twofour54:

They have seven broadcast studio facilities with each having its own production gallery, green room, make-up room, and dressing room, and are supported by staff. The studios are also soundproofed.

2. Backlot:

The backlot is 300,000 sq. m. and offers a range of sets and facilities suitable for all types of production. There are costume rooms, make-up rooms, dressing rooms, a large canteen, and production offices, all of which make filmmaking seamless.

3. Edit Suites:

The Digital Studio Magazine has named Twofour54 “Post Production House of the Year” several times. It offers multi-use post-production suites that are dedicated to high-end finishing, composting and color grading.

4. Screening Room in Twofour54:

Twofour54 has a screening room that provides 16 superior quality raked seats that would ensure that you and all your guests have a perfect seat in the house. True 4k cinema projection and Dolby surround sound are a few of the features of the state-of-the-art screening room.

5. Meeting Rooms:

Twofour54 has a variety of meeting rooms and event venues, which are all in close proximity to the offices there. The capacity varies from 5 people to 200 people. These meeting rooms and event venues can conduct multiple functions, be it small business meetings or even press conferences.

6. Shop and Eat:

Restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, gyms, banks, ATMs, and public transport are other facilities available that make their community more than just a place of work.

7. The Lab:

It is a creative environment that gives the space to work, meet, connect, run workshops, or probably just hang out.

Some of the major projects that Twofour54 has been a part of are- 6 Underground, Ghost, Boxing Girls, Bharat, Saaho, Race 3, Mission Impossible, War Machine, Home Grown, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is leasing an office required for the business?

Yes, and Twofour54 has a variety of offices available for all business types.

2. Can a company be opened from Twofour54 from abroad?

Yes, it can be opened if one can provide all the required information.

3. Is there any minimum share capital requirement?

No, there is no minimum share capital requirement.

4. Is it necessary for the shareholders to reside in the UAE?

No, it is only necessary for the General Manager and the employees to reside in the UAE.

N R Doshi Loader
Company Formation Service

N R Doshi & Partners

Being one of the renowned business setup consultants in Dubai, N R Doshi & Partners helps businesses form a company in Abu Dhabi. Our Twofour54 Free Zone business setup services include:

  • Filing of application for a business registration certificate.
  • Immigration account opening.
  • An account opening from the ministry of labor.
  • Assistance in the bank account opening.
  • Handling complete procedures until you get a license and beyond.

We also provide accounting and assurance services, VAT consulting, and outsourcing services. 

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