Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

There are several free zones in the UAE. However, those opting for a Free zone company set-up are spoilt for choice, which brings us to the million-dollar question. Which is the best free zone for your company?

Dubai is a famous city in the UAE. One of the reasons is that it is the country’s economic center due to the vast number of Free Zones. Therefore, the Freezone Company Setup in Dubai is the commonly chosen business structure in most cases.

We are familiar with setting up several types of companies in all the Freezone Company Setup in Dubai. Moreover, entities in other Emirates have also benefitted from our services, like Offshore company formation in Dubai and Mainland company formation in Dubai.

Every free zone is managed by its free zone authority, which decides the cost of licensing, renewal, office space, etc. The free zone authorities have created their respective frameworks to manage, maintain, and govern the free zones.

Further, it may be hard for you to start your UAE Freezone company without professional advice. Worse, it can lead to horrible decisions and wastage of resources. Therefore, you must consult trusted & experienced UAE free zone company formation service providers in the UAE, such as N R Doshi and Partners.

Choose the Best Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

We will provide you with the complete process of business setup services in Dubai. Before embarking on offshore company formation in Dubai (for any company), we understand the organization’s goals and objectives. We suggest free zone company formation if the decision is in line with the proprietor’s strengths, weaknesses, vision, and business objectives.

Most importantly, offshore company formation in Dubai only accommodates specific business sectors. Therefore, you will only be able to establish your business in that free zone if your business activities match what is allowed in that free zone.

Some of the popular free zones that our clients have benefitted from are mentioned below:

Formation of Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

After choosing the best UAE Freezone company setup for your company, we move forward with choosing the ideal company structure for your company. Our experts make the decision based on your company’s services and objectives. The company structure has its advantages related to tax, licensing, costing, ownership, etc. Let us familiarize you with the different company structures that a Freezone Company Setup in Dubai offers:

A free zone company set up in Dubai establishment is a limited liability company. Such a structure is suitable for only those businesses who want to extend the liability of their shareholders to the number of shares they hold in the company. We also suggest opening free zone establishments to businesses that wish to own 100% ownership. However, in that case, it cannot be publicly listed.

NR Doshi & Partners specializes in free zone company set up in Dubai. Our biggest strengths are quick and efficient business incorporation. Communicate your requirements clearly and provide the relevant documents, and we will handle the rest.

Therefore, Free zone company set up in Dubai is best suited when you want multiple stakeholders to invest in your business. The primary requirement is to have two directors and a company secretary to start your company. A significant benefit of the free zone company setup is that it allows you to conduct cross-border import and export activities. However, please note that this structure forbids the selling of your products in the UAE market.

This company setup is perfect for already incorporated companies who want to set up a branch in the UAE. Over time, businesses may want to open new branches for several reasons. The terms & conditions and benefits change with each scenario. There are three such cases when you need to start a branch of your company.

We offer this option to our clients when they want the investors’ liability to be limited to the share amount in the company. You can start such a company within no time. One significant advantage we provide here is that we facilitate the listing of your shares on the stock exchange. That way, you can generate the necessary capital.

One must note that there is a minimum capital threshold, meaning you must have a minimum capital to commence business. Depending on the free zone, the threshold changes.

Considering your capital and other factors, we conduct a detailed analysis before finalizing the best free zone selection for your company.

This business structure is best for companies that have their headquarters in another country & wish to enhance their market presence in the UAE. Along with establishing a robust presence in the UAE, you will get 100% ownership. You can carry out all your business dealings through the branch office.

NR Doshi & Partners’ company branch services in the UAE will open countless opportunities for your business. As soon as you incorporate a mainland company in the UAE, you can conduct imports & exports quickly & effectively using a free zone trading license. Most importantly, you will enjoy the best of both worlds – the benefits of a free zone branch plus the advantages of a mainland company.

A Free Zone Company Branch is ideal for parties who already own a company in any of UAE’s free zones. By incorporating a company in one of UAE’s free zones, you can only avail yourself of the benefits of that particular free zone. However, opening a free zone company branch allows you to tap the benefits of the other branch too. Selecting the correct free zone is critical. NR Doshi & Partners can provide you with professional guidance for the same, leading to extended business coverage.

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License Service for Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

The free zone authorities have made it significantly simpler for businesses to complete the licensing procedure. However, requirements and procedures may vary depending on the free zones. Also, there is a need for an accurate understanding of the licensing procedure to avoid any errors. For the same reason, we recommend seeking the professional guidance of an expert.

After completing the selection of your business activities, free zone, and legal structure, we conduct this step. Under this step, we suggest you select three trade names for your company while stating your preference.

There are specific guidelines to be followed when choosing the trade name. We make sure that your trade name follows each guideline. After that, we will provide the details of your business activities and trade name to the Department of Economic Development.

There are a lot of facilities and office options available in every free zone. There are warehouses, shared desks, executive offices, accommodation, land, etc. With our experience, we shortlist premises that meet your business requirements & fall within your budget.

After the selection of premises, you need to prepare and submit a tenancy agreement and memorandum of association (MOA), and articles of association (AOA). We will handle the documentation for you and further submit it to the free zone authority.

After the submission, the only pending task is to make the payment per the license. After the processing and approval of your documents, you will get your license allowing you to conduct business in UAE’s free zones.

Freezone Company Setup in Dubai
Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

Benefits of Freezone Company Setup in UAE

There are several benefits of Freezone Company Setup in UAE. N R Doshi and Partners works to provide you with the most out of the benefits. Check out the general advantages of setting up a company in free zones.

Companies don’t need to pay any corporate tax.
We can easily get employee visas as well as investor visas for your employees and investors, respectively.
We can offer you the best legal structure of the company that will allow you to have 100% ownership.
We help businesses to get a general trading license. With that, you will easily be able to conduct import and export activities
There will no need for the company as well as employees to pay the income tax.
What more can you expect than 100% profit and capital repatriation?
Each free zone aims to cater to a particular sector. Depending on the sector, there are all the required facilities available.

NR Doshi Icon Why N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners has been working in the UAE for over thirty years. We have significantly made efforts to build our reputation by providing optimum services to all our clients.

In the field of company formation services, we have helped many companies to get started. Many of them have indeed earned a global presence. Those companies are in different free zones of the UAE.

Note that these companies have benefitted immensely from choosing the correct free zone & appropriate legal structure, delivering higher profits with minimal investments.

Besides free zones, there are important businesses in the UAE mainland as well. We assisted them with company formation.

Therefore, we have also provided complete support to these free zone company setups in Dubai during the initial period. We also provided them with accounting, auditing, and VAT-related services as they moved forward.

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Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

Our Strength

  • The most valuable strength of N R Doshi and Partners is our knowledge. Our in-depth knowledge of the free zones, their regulations, and the work environment has helped us provide our clients with the best.
  • Many talented company formation agents work at N R Doshi and Partners. These agents have provided the best possible solutions to clients’ requirements. The 100% satisfaction of our clients bears testimony to their expertise.
  • Every business is unique, and we understand that. With over 35 years of experience in most financial sectors, we assure you that your company formation process will be smooth, quick & effective.


My primary requirement was to show my presence in the UAE with minimal investment. As the parent company was in another country, NRD suggested me to open a company branch with shared desk space. The investment was less than what I expected. Within a short time, I was able to showcase my business through the Dubai office because of N R Doshi.
free zone 1
They helped a lot to clear my confusion regarding free zones. I was confused about which one would be the best for me. N R Doshi and Partners explained to me that the business sector matches JAFZA. I took their advice and help and started my company in the UAE, which is the best decision of my life.
Free zone 2
Starting a company is a big step. It’s like adopting and raising a child for me. As my emotions are connected to my company, I was not sure to rely on any firm as I did not wish to fail. N R Doshi and Partners had convinced me with logical points and their benefits, and now it’s going great for me.
free zone 3


1. Do you Provide Bank Account Opening Assistance and Visa Service Along with Company Formation Service in UAE?

Yes, we provide bank account opening assistance, visa assistance, and company formation service in UAE. However, the number of employee visas depends upon the license you own.

2. How Much Time will it take for you to Complete the Company Formation Service?

The company formation duration varies from free zone to free zone. Another factor affecting the duration is the free zone authority that provides the license. The business activities requiring approval, particularly from external authorities, take more time.

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