UAE freezone company setup

There are several free zones in the UAE. Therefore, you can conduct a free zone company setup in Dubai setup with lots of choices. However, the question is which one is the best for your company? Dubai is a celebrated city in the UAE. One of the reasons is it is the country’s economic center due to the huge number of Free Zones. Therefore, the UAE Freezone company setup is the most favourable one in many of the cases.

We are familiar with setting up different types of companies in almost all the UAE Freezone company setup. Moreover, we have also performed Offshore Company Formation service of other emirates as well.

Every free zone is managed by its free zone authority, which decides the cost of licensing, renewal, office space, etc. The free zone authorities have created their own respective frameworks to manage, maintain, as well as govern the free zones.

Further, it could be complicated for you to get started with your UAE Freezone company setup without expert advice. Moreover, it can lead to wrong decision-making and wastage of capital. Therefore, you must associate with the best UAE free zone company formation service providers in UAE such as N R Doshi and Partners.

UAE Freezone Company Setup: Free Zone Selection

We will guide you through the complete process of how to start a business in UAE free zone.

The first step we take into consideration while conducting offshore company formation in Dubai is to understand your goals and business sector.

Based on the business sector, we choose the free zone. There is offshore company formation in Dubai setup that only accommodates certain business sectors. Therefore, you will only be able to establish your business in that free zone if your business activities match what is allowed in that free zone.

Some of the popular free zones where we have provided our services are mentioned below:

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Dubai (JAFZA)
Dubai Multi Commodities Center Dubai (DMCC Dubai)
Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)
Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)
Dubai Internet City (DIC)
Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA)
Dubai South Free Zone

UAE Free zone Company Formation: Types of Company Structures

After selecting the best UAE Freezone company setup for your company, we go forward with choosing the type of company structure suitable for your company. The selection is made based on your business goals and the required benefits. The company structure has its own advantages related to tax, licensing, costing, ownership, etc. Let us make you familiar with the different company structures offered free zones company formation in UAE:

Free zone company setup in Dubai establishment is indeed a limited liability company suitable for businesses who want to keep the liability of shareholders only extended up to their shares in the company. We also suggest opening free zone establishments to businesses that wish to own 100% ownership. However, in that case, it can’t be publicly listed.

We provide significantly proficient Free zone company setup in Dubai establishment in a minimal period of time. You just need to provide us with your requirements as well as documents, and we handle everything for you. Therefore Free zone company setup in Dubai option is best suited when you require multiple stakeholders to invest in your business. The basic requirement is to have two directors as well as one company secretary to start your company. One major benefit you get with our free zone company service is you will be allowed to conduct import and export activities internationally. However, please note that it will not allow you to conduct the selling of your products in the UAE market.

When you already own a company as well as only require setting a branch in the UAE, this service can be useful. There are certainly multiple instances when such a requirement comes up. As per the instances, the benefits indeed differ. Primarily, there are three such cases when you need to start a branch of your company.

We offer this option to our clients when they want the investors’ liability to be limited to the share amount in the company. The company can be started within no time. One major advantage we provide here is to make arrangements for listing your shares in the stock exchange. That way, you can easily have the capital.

One must note that there is a minimum capital threshold. This means you must have a minimum amount of capital for getting started. This threshold changes according to the free zone. Therefore, we conduct a smart free zone selection in accordance with the capital you intend to invest in the company.

We offer this option to businesses that own their respective company headquarters in another country and wish to enhance their market presence in the UAE. The company will be owned 100% by you. Also, it will act as a place of business for you in the UAE. You can conduct all your dealings in the UAE through the branch office.

N R Doshi and Partners’ UAE company branch service will open your way to a wide range of activities. After you open a branch of your mainland company, you will be able to conduct import and export easily using a free zone trading license. It will allow you to take the benefits of a free zone branch in addition to the benefits of a mainland company.

We provide this service to the users who already own another company in any of the free zones in UAE. When you start a company in one free zone, you will only be able to utilize the benefits of that free zone. However, by opening a branch, you will be able to utilize the benefits of that branch too. Here, free zone selection is an important step. We will take care of recommending the UAE freezone company setup, which would help you the most in extending the business activities’ coverage.

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Free Zone License Service in Dubai

The free zone authorities have made it extremely simpler for businesses to complete the licensing procedure. However, requirements and procedures may vary a bit with free zones. Also, there is a need for an accurate understanding of the licensing procedure to avoid any errors. For that reason, we suggest taking the professional help of reliable firms.

After getting done with the selection of your business activities, free zone, and legal structure, we conduct this step. Under this step, we suggest you select three trade names for your company along with the preference.

There are certain guidelines required to be followed when choosing the trade name. We make sure that your trade name follows each guideline. After that, we provide the details of your business activities and trade name to the Department of Economic Development.

There are a lot of facilities and office options available in every free zone. There are warehouses, shared desks, executive offices, accommodation, land, etc. With our experience, we shortlist the premises for you, which are cost-effective and caters to all your essential needs.

After the selection of premises, you need to prepare and submit a tenancy agreement and memorandum of association (MOA) and articles of association (AOA). We handle the documentation for you and further submit it to the free zone authority.

After the submission, the only task left is making the payment as per the license. After the processing and approval of your documents, you will get your license allowing you to conduct business in UAE free zones.

UAE freezone company setup
UAE freezone company setup

Benefits of UAE Freezone Company Setup

There are several benefits of free zones company formation in UAE. N R Doshi and Partners works to provide you with the most out of the benefits. Check out the general advantages of setting up a company in free zones.

Companies don’t need to pay any corporate tax.
We can easily get employee visas as well as investor visas for your employees and investors, respectively.
We can offer you the best legal structure of the company that will allow you to have 100% ownership.
We provide assistance that helps businesses to get a general trading license. With that, you will easily be able to conduct import and export activities.
There will no need for the company as well as employees to pay the income tax.
What more can you expect than 100% repatriation on profit and capital?
Each free zone caters to the need of particular sectors. As per the sectors, there are all the required facilities available.

NR Doshi Icon Why N R Doshi and Partners?

N R Doshi and Partners has been working in the UAE for more than thirty years. We have significantly made efforts to build our reputation by providing optimum services to all our clients.

In the field of company formation services, we have helped a lot of companies to get started. Many of them have indeed earned a global presence. Those companies are located in different free zones of the UAE. It must be noted that the selection of free zone as well as legal structure has benefitted them in making lesser investments and gaining higher profit.

Besides free zones, there are noteworthy businesses in the UAE mainland, too, for which we had conducted UAE free zone company formation.

Therefore, we have also provided our complete support to these free zone company setup in Dubai during the initial period of time. As they moved forward, we even provided them with accounting, auditing, as well as VAT-related service.

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UAE freezone company setup

Our Strength

  • The most valuable strength of N R Doshi and Partners is our knowledge. Our in-depth knowledge about the free zones, their regulations, and the work environment have helped us to provide the best to our clients.
  • There are many talented company formation agents working at N R Doshi and Partners who have found the best possible solutions to the requirements of our clients. The 100% satisfaction of our clients is a reflection of their expertise.
  • Your business could be unique. However, as we have catered to almost all the major sectors, we assure you that no one other than us would be able to conduct company formation service in a better way.


My primary requirement was to show my presence in the UAE with minimal investment. As the parent company was in another country, NRD suggested me to open a company branch with shared desk space. The investment was less than what I expected. Within a short time, I was able to showcase my business through the Dubai office because of N R Doshi.
free zone 1
They helped a lot to clear my confusion regarding free zones. I was confused about which one would be the best for me. N R Doshi and Partners explained to me that the business sector matches JAFZA. I took their advice and help and started my company in the UAE, which is the best decision of my life.
Free zone 2
Starting a company is a big step. It’s like adopting and raising a child for me. As my emotions are connected to my company, I was not sure to rely on any firm as I did not wish to fail. N R Doshi and Partners had convinced me with logical points and their benefits, and now it’s going great for me.
free zone 3


Do you provide bank account opening assistance and visa service along with company formation service in UAE?

Yes, we provide bank account opening assistance and visa assistance along with company formation service in UAE. However, the number of employee visas depends upon the license you own.

How much time will it take for you to complete the whole company formation service?

The period of company formation service significantly varies according to the chosen free zone. Also, it depends upon the free zone authority that provides the license. The business activities which require taking approval in particular from external authorities take more time.

UAE freezone company setup

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