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VAT Services in UAE

VAT compliance in UAE pauses challenges before many businesses as they have limited resources to carry out their day-to-day work and comply with regulatory requirements. Further, they lack the knowledge of VAT Laws to fulfill the statutory requirements. Our VAT Consultants provide VAT Services in UAE to let businesses have complete peace of mind as far as VAT compliance is concerned. We are a registered Tax Agent with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in UAE.

In the ever-changing indirect tax regime, it is challenging to keep up with the regulatory changes and apply the correct VAT provisions to various business transactions. Our VAT Consultants have required skills and experience to provide you the best in class VAT services in UAE.

VAT Services

VAT Registration

VAT ServicesUAE VAT Laws provide for voluntary and mandatory VAT registration. Businesses need to identify their taxable supplies and check if they need to go for VAT Registration. A timely registration helps one comply with the regulatory requirements and avoid penalties for late registration. Our VAT Services ensure that the VAT Registration Form is correctly filed with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), and all the required documents are submitted. Our VAT Consultants have a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements, and they ensure a quick and hassle-free tax registration.

Our VAT Registration service focuses on:

  • Preparation and submission of relevant application forms
  • Translating documents relevant to the Tax registration process
  • Advice on the information that needs to be provided to the FTA
  • Advice on the start date which should apply to the VAT registration
  • Liaison with FTA until the Tax registration number (TRN) is issued.

VAT De-registration

We do provide VAT De-registration service and carry out the following activities:

  • Identifying the right reason for VAT de-registration and filling up the form
  • Deciding the effective date of de-registration
  • Advice on the information that needs to be provided to the FTA for VAT de-registration
  • Liaison with the FTA until the TAX de-registration application is approved.

VAT-compliant Bookkeeping

We undertake bookkeeping and accounting assignments and ensure that you remain VAT compliant. Our accounting professionals update your books of accounts on time, and our VAT Consultants ensure that invoices and credit notes comply with formats suggested by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

They also ensure that the correct amount of VAT is charged and claimed as the input tax credit to avoid penalties as per the VAT Laws of UAE.

Our VAT-compliant Bookkeeping service helps in making a data-driven business decision as your books of accounts are always updated on a timely basis.

Vat Returns Filing

As per UAE VAT Laws, a taxable person is required to file a monthly or quarterly Tax Return. To file Tax Return, one has to be ready with calculations, including standard-rated supplies, zero-rated suppliers, exempt supplies, reverse charge transactions, and imports.

Our VAT Services in UAE includes verification of VAT transactions to make sure the output tax has been correctly charged, and input tax has been rightly claimed.

There are penalties for late or incorrect filing of tax returns. Businesses can bank upon us to have complete peace of mind as our VAT Consultants not only do the timely accounting but also file VAT returns as per the regulatory requirements.

To summarize, our VAT Return Filing service focuses on the following areas:

  • Review of quarterly/monthly VAT returns based on information and explanations supplied to us
  • Verification of Output Tax paid on local sales along with classification and reporting of sales emirates wise
  • Verification of reporting of Import of Goods and Import of services transactions
  • Review of adjustment to goods imported into the UAE if any
  • Verification of Zero-rated supplies and exempt supplies
  • Verification of input tax credit claimed on local purchase and expenses
  • Feedback and suggestion on the errors found during the review of VAT return
  • Reviewing the tax reports before submitting them to the Federal Tax Authority
  • Ensuring timely filing of VAT return with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Ensuring timely payment of VAT to the Federal Tax Authority

VAT Implementation

Our VAT implementation service is one of the most important VAT Services in UAE. It focuses on:

  • Phase 1: VAT Impact Assessment & Awareness Training
    • A complete review and mapping of the ‘as is’ position
    • Identification of VAT touchpoints and risk assessment
    • Designing a VAT implementation roadmap
    • Assessment of system capabilities
  • Phase 2: VAT Implementation, Training & Transition Support
    • Planning and designing process, accounting and IT requirements
    • Identifying additional software needs
    • Implementing system and process changes
    • Testing and dry-run
    • Running training programs
    • Communicating with clients and suppliers
  • Phase 3: Post Implementation Support
    • Assistance for VAT return submission
    • Review of the first tax return and system outputs
    • On-going VAT compliance
    • Systems support

Voluntary Disclosure Filing

If an organization wants to file a voluntary disclosure with the FTA, then we provide the following services:

  • Review of the facts of the case, underlying circumstances and documents
  • Preparation of draft letter to be submitted along with voluntary disclosure application
  • Submission of the voluntary disclosure on the FTA portal
  • Assistance in providing replies to the queries raised by the FTA concerning the voluntary disclosure application

VAT Audit

We provide VAT Audit services in UAE and carry out due diligence of the company’s VAT compliance. Our VAT Consultants perform several health checks and review the overall VAT readiness and compliance of the company.

They check a sample of transactions and see if they comply with VAT Laws in UAE. All the discrepancies are identified and recorded, and accounting records are verified to ensure that accurate financial information is available and reported in the Tax Return.

VAT Audit helps in not only knowing major lapses on the part of the company to comply with the VAT Laws in UAE but also pinpoint areas requiring improvement to reduce the overall risk of non-compliance.

Our VAT Audit report contains all the necessary information and recommendations for the organization to strengthen the compliance of VAT Laws.

Take advantage of our VAT Services in Dubai as we provide a comprehensive audit covering the following activities:

  • Verification of correctness of the tax return
  • Verification of output tax paid on local sales along with classification and reporting of sales emirate wise
  • Verification of reporting of Import of goods and Import of services transactions
  • Review of Adjustments to goods imported into the UAE if any
  • Verification of Zero-rated supplies and exempt supplies
  • Verification of input tax credit claimed on purchases and expenses
  • Verification of books of account and other related records and registers maintained for correctness and completeness of the returns
  • Based on the verification of above, we advise for submission of Voluntary disclosure if required

Tax Agent Services

We are a registered tax agent in UAE, and we act as a connecting link between the FTA and VAT-registered businesses. We represent our clients before the FTA to take care of their tax obligations and perform several activities as per the UAE VAT Laws.

Take advantage of our VAT services in UAE as our Tax Agents keep themselves abreast of the latest changes in UAE VAT Laws and see that you remain compliant all the time. They solve your day-to-day queries and provide expert opinion on matters concerning taxability or non-taxability of a particular transaction.

Our Tax Agent helps in the following areas:

  1. Implementing VAT
  2. Answering day-to-day queries on VAT
  3. Maintaining records as per the UAE VAT Laws
  4. Bookkeeping and Accounting as per the UAE VAT Laws
  5. Complying with the UAE VAT Laws
  6. Filing VAT Returns
  7. Representing our clients before the FTA

VAT Consultants

VAT Consultancy

Our VAT Services in UAE include VAT Consulting service, where we help our clients remain compliant with the UAE VAT Laws. We start by understanding their nature of business, types of business transactions, item structure, sales turnover, invoice formats, and accounting records.

We then go on to assess how VAT provisions apply to their business and whether their internal business processes, accounting, and IT infrastructure are geared to handle the VAT requirements. Accordingly, our VAT Consultants suggest changes to their business processes, accounting records management, and invoice formats so that they comply with regulatory requirements.

We do offer VAT Transaction Advisory services where we guide companies on complex aspects of their business. Companies with multiple branches, multiple products, international presence, and complex organizational structure require an expert opinion on how they should make their business transactions to remain VAT compliant. Our VAT Consultants in UAE have helped many such companies in structuring their operations as per the UAE VAT Law requirements.

We provide verbal and written advice on all routine/procedural VAT compliance issues upon specific request from the company. We also provide advice on the new amendment/development in VAT law

VAT Services in UAE : FAQs

1. Is the VAT return filing and payment date the same?

Yes, the due date for VAT return submission and VAT payment is the same. It is the 28th day after the tax period.

2. Can a non-registered business claim the input tax credit?

As per UAE VAT Laws, only a tax-registered business can claim the input tax credit.

3. I am a tax-registered person. My nature of business has changed due to the change in market conditions. Do I have to inform the tax authorities as to the change?

Yes, as a tax-registered person, you are obliged to inform the FTA within 20 days of such change.

4. What is a reverse charge mechanism?

When a business imports goods or services, it is very likely that the supplier of the same is not registered in the UAE, and hence he can not charge VAT on supplies. In such cases, the importer of the goods or services is made liable to account and pay for VAT. Since the liability for VAT is imposed on the importer of the goods or services, it is called the reverse charge mechanism.

5. Can an importer claim the input tax credit for the VAT paid under reverse charge mechanism?

Yes, an importer can claim the input tax credit for the VAT paid as a reverse charge.

If the goods or services are imported into the UAE, what will be the place of supply?

For the imported goods or services, the place of supply will be within the UAE.

VAT Consultants in UAE

N R Doshi & Partners provides VAT Services in UAE to help companies meet compliance requirements. You may use our Online VAT Calculator to arrive at your VAT obligations. Our consultants provide auditing, accounting, advisory, and Tax consulting services.

Complying with VAT regulations is important from a business’s point of view as it builds a positive image and reputation of the company. UAE VAT Laws provide for penalties for lapses on the part of a business to fulfill VAT related obligations.

Contact us today and keep your compliance worries at bay. We are registered Tax Agents with the FTA, and we can help you in all aspects concerning VAT in Dubai. Our VAT Consultants work closely with clients to fully understand their VAT related concerns and needs. We maintain a client-centric approach and transparency to provide VAT Services in Dubai in a timely and straightforward manner.

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