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Infrastructure is one of the most competitive sectors and artistic in its own way. Everyone is striving to create better than what is created. Therefore, your business requires the support of a trustworthy firm that provides real estate consulting services covering all the business aspects.

For that reason, in the year 2017, the Global Infrastructure market reached US$3.1 trillion and looking at the current trend, one can surely state that there are no chances that the industry will ever go down.

One of the prime locations in all over the world where the infrastructure owns the top priority is the UAE. In its competition, there are many more countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Singapore.

real estate consulting service

As you can see, the countries which we have mentioned are from different locations. Therefore, this industry is not region-specific which adds up as a reason why its growth is exponentially increasing.

The requirement of getting support from an external party depends upon the need, size & number of the projects. Many of the real estate builders own their in-house teams, but then it adds responsibilities and makes the management tougher.

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However, trusting a third-party has its own concerns. What if they leak the financial data? What if the skills are not up to the mark? What if reports are not received before the scheduled time?

These three or any other concerns will not appear in your mind while working with N R Doshi & Partners. As we have years of experience in the industry, the level of skills we own is unquestionable. The reputation we have built by working with various industries, including infrastructure and real estate itself, proves that we are determined to provide work to our clients time-efficiently without compromising with the quality of the work.

The data you share with us remains secure. Our employees are bound not to share the provided data with any third party. Our systems have optimum security, loaded with the best antivirus in the industry. A separate department keeps track of activities to make sure no breach occurs by any insider.

Apart from accounting and preparing financial reports, there is a lot more we have to offer your real estate industry. Our team is efficient enough to handle your complete human resource and administration. We even provide a recruitment facility for any post for any required posts. For those recruits, we organize development training programs to prepare them for the tasks they are going to perform in the industry.

Our resource optimization team track all investments your business has made and find out how productive they are. According to the productivity of different investments, we provide suggestions which may provide you with an increment in profit.

Suggestions are also provided for improvising management and faster completion of projects. We deliver you with the knowledge of the latest trends and technology that can help you to get quality output in lesser investment and lesser time.

There is another essential service we provide- Compliance Check, which no business can avoid. If you are a real estate owner, this service will help you to circumvent the heavy penalties which government issues when companies do not proficiently follow the rules and regulations.

In the case of real estate, we make sure every infrastructure follows the specifications decided by the government. Our compliance check not only works for domestic requirements but also for international laws.

Compliance check service is especially required when you are forming a new company. We can merge two services in one- compliance check and company formation. This will lessen down your initial burden by making it easier for you to cross hurdles that new companies face.

Furthermore, you can have us as your legal partner for contract negotiation service. All these services are useful in the long run when you need to find out the correct pricing, learn about standard terms and conditions for every deal, and make the right decision.

N R Doshi & Partners is a full-fledged service provider which directly and indirectly helps your business to grow, eradicating the hinderances, and supporting your financial growth.

How can we help your business grow?

Implementation of our services

Our diverse services are beneficial for most of the industries. However, we have high-grade experience when it comes to businesses related to jewelry, gold, and precious stones. Out of all the services, the client can choose the ones as per their requirements.

Accounting and Finance

Larger the number of assets you own, more the resources required for accounting and bookkeeping. Instead of holding the human resources of your own, you can have us as your accounting partner. That will save the expenditure on accounting as our services are determined to serve our clients cost-efficiently.

Financial reports depict overall financial picture of the company showing profits and losses and assets and liabilities. We prepare financial reports considering international accounting standards and they provide a great degree of insight into the financial position of the company. We also make consolidated reports in case you have subsidiary companies.

Accounting and Finance Services for Real Estate Industry
Taxation Services for Real Estate Industry


After the introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax), every industry is facing a transition between the no-tax regime to tax regime in the UAE. We make sure that the transition remains smooth for your company by the accurate implementation of VAT on all the financial transactions of your construction company.

Human Resource

The real estate and infrastructure industry require various kinds of workforces, from construction workers to senior engineers. Also, the number of employees needed can be huge, and therefore it would be tough to recruit each one by yourself. By reaching us out, recruitment will be time-efficient. It will also deliver you with knowledgeable and experienced employees.

Our employee grading systems and feedback process let you know the efficiency of your employees. We mark their working standards based on different attributes and generate a final report based on your year-end. This ensures fair appraisals for your employees.

We manage compensation for recruits as well as for long term employees. Our payroll service will collect the employee information from you through an automated system. It will calculate the payment and also perform employment tax filing.

Our HR administration service will generate human resources policies for your real estate company, making the functioning of the smooth. We will make the policies compliant with the government laws without fail.

Training and development of employees depend upon their job profile. According to the profile, we will provide the sessions, making them perfectly fit for the tasks your company is going to offer them.

Human Resource Services for Real Estate Industry
IT Services for Real Estate Industry

Information Technology

Till now, you may be relying on another third-party for your total real estate evaluation. However, you won’t find one more trustworthy than N R Doshi & Partners. We will conduct the re-checking of all your accounts and financial data, detect the errors (if any), and provide you with the perfect balance sheet.

The systems you own may contain sensitive data, including your financial reports. We will conduct a scan and examine each system to make sure every threat gets detected and removed.

Every new day, further advancement takes place in the field of infrastructure building. We will design specific techniques and strategies for business development. This will ensure a higher profit in less amount of time.


Your competitors always have an eye on your company’s information, and therefore, they will find different ways to get it. One way by which they can succeed in getting it is through implementing malware to your systems. We provide full-fledged scanning of systems to make sure no data gets breached, lost, or deleted. To be on a safe side, we also create backup copies placed systematically. We identify, classify and prioritize the risks so that they can be appropriately managed.

From the initial stage, a company keeps investing its resources in different projects. However, with time, some investments get lost. To provide you with the return of these investments, we first find them. Then, we suggest how return can be earned from them. We also develop approaches for the utilization of the current resources you own.

Compliance Check is an essential part of each aspect of a business. Whether you talk about the formation of a new company or every project you take, everything should be under law. Our service (according to the country in which the company is registered) go through all the laws that you need to follow. Only a compliance partner such as N R Doshi & Partners can be credible enough to save you from penalties you may face if your business is not compliant.

Operations for Real Estate Industry
Legal Services for Real Estate Industry


Company formation in Dubai requires the help of a local agency to make the complicated process straightforward. N R Doshi and Partners offer three types of company formations, which are the mainland, free zone, and offshore.

We have elite teams for all three types of company formations. We support you in the selection of location, licensing procedure, getting permits, finding the workspace, and arranging the visas. We are a one-stop solution for the businesses which are just getting started in Dubai.

Our deal advisory team handles the contract negotiation. We manage to provide you the perfect price for the deal by giving the correct valuation. We find out there are no controversial issues related to the agreement and the asset for which the deal is taking place. In case the contract may not be beneficial based on the local market research, we will let you have suggestions and possible alternative options.


In case your company needs services or suggestions for any aspect, our advisory services must be having a solution for it. For your real estate business, we can find out sponsors if we find your idea worthy.

If not sponsors, you can at least check the feasibly of your business through our “Feasibility Study” service. After this service, we can even help you to implement systems and custom applications to automate the working of your business.

Advisory Services for Real Estate Industry
Auditing Services for Real Estate Industry


The statutory audit helps a company to build its reputation. Its reputation not only depends on the audit report, but even the auditing firm matters. As N R Doshi and Partners appears as a renowned auditing firm, auditing conducted by us will make you appear credible in front of your shareholders and potential investors. Read more about our external audit services in Dubai, UAE.

Internal audit lets the company know where the company lacks. It shows the areas where work is required, and things can be improved. We go through your business model and decide the audit cycles which will be implemented. Even the time-efficiency is taken into consideration by providing minimal disturbance to any of the departments. Read more about our internal audit services in Dubai.

Your infrastructure will reach unrivalled heights when you have us at your service

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