VAT Number Check in UAE

vat number check UAE

What is a VAT number check UAE?

A VAT number check in UAE is a process of examining your business compliance with VAT regulations. Taxpayers should certainly do this exercise before a VAT audit. If not done properly, it leads to penalties as well as fines. An accounting firm conducts a VAT number check in UAE to find as well as remove any VAT-related discrepancies. It is primarily to comply with businesses ready within the UAE VAT law.

Different businesses of different sizes as well as operations have different types of complexities involved in the taxation of business transactions. Since VAT is a new concept in UAE, businesses are taking time to adjust to it. To be compliant with VAT laws in UAE without any fines or penalties, businesses must conduct frequent VAT number check UAE. It ensures that businesses remain in line with FTA’s expectations regarding VAT laws in UAE.

Our VAT compliance services in UAE

NR Doshi & Partners is a leading accounting and auditing firm in Dubai, UAE. We provide services. For example accounting and finance, auditing, VAT number check, company setup, and business advisory services to clients regardless of industry. Also provide full guidance to businesses with the UAE VAT law. Our tax experts identify gaps and inaccuracies, devise actionable solutions, and implement corrective measures.

We, as VAT compliance specialists in UAE, provide the following VAT services to our clients:

  • Our accounting professionals conduct a full review. Review of your accounting records, supporting documents, business transactions, evidence for each, VAT calculations, as well as records.
  • Our tax advisors study your business, products, and services, and industry of operations to design as well as formulate a strong VAT plan.
  • Our VAT compliance experts certainly conduct a review of your VAT returns filed and submit to FTA to identify any possible discrepancies or non-alignment with your internal records.
  • Our business analysts identify areas of opportunities, risks, as well as threats in your VAT planning
  • Our legal professionals significantly check your VAT-related legal documents, specifically registration to examine their compliance with government requirements within the given time frame.
  • Our accountants assess your accounting records, invoice format, and the relevant process of bookkeeping to spot any errors as well as correct them.
  • Our VAT professionals investigate your VAT refund Dubai, VAT Return Filing, and credits for proper compliance with VAT requirements as well as identify any areas of concern.
  • Our accounting experts help in the preparation of VAT voluntary disclosure forms and VAT audit files with an accurate as well as complete audit trail.
  • Our VAT consultants also determine the best method of VAT accounting for you based on your business type and size so that you always remain compliant.
vat number check UAE
vat number check UAE

Our strengths

  • Firstly, we provide a complete 360-degree VAT health check of your business transactions. It makes your internal accounting and tax model credible with respect to the UAE VAT law.
  • Secondly, with us, you get access to a team full of tax advisors, VAT consultants, business analysts, legal professionals, and regulatory professionals who are committed to making your business’s VAT compliance check successful.
  • Thirdly, we are the VAT compliance specialists in UAE that conduct regular VAT health checks of your business to highlight any adverse tax positions and VAT compliance gaps that are holding back your business on the path of growth.
  • Fourthly, we conduct VAT health checks with our experienced VAT advisors to ensure that the risks and costs of your VAT models and internal taxation process are reduced.
  • Fifthly, our VAT professionals study your VAT workflows related to sales and purchase transactions, record keeping, accounting. Reporting and make changes as per the international best practices to bring business effectiveness.
  • Sixthly, with our frequent compliance services within the UAE VAT laws, we make you ready and fully prepared for a VAT audit. Such FTA may conduct any time of the year.

We offer solid VAT compliance services to safeguard your business.

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If you are looking for high-quality VAT compliance services in Dubai, we would recommend you to hire NR Doshi & Partners. They provide a complete package of VAT compliance and consultancy services. Their frequent VAT health checks, support in accounting and computation, assistance in VAT audits, and handling legal cases are praiseworthy. Their tax experts thoroughly know the UAE vat laws, the best internal VAT policies, systems, and procedures for complying with VAT requirements. We could not have asked for better VAT partners.
VAT Health Check 1

Manager, Manufacturing firm

I was looking for a professional services firm that can handle all the VAT-specific requirements of my business with no stress to me. And, I got the right one – NR Doshi & Partners. Their tax experts have handled all the VAT accounting, calculations, submissions, documentation, health checks, audit files, and planning for my business. I am thankful to them for their constant support in accomplishing VAT compliance in all aspects of the business. Highly recommended.
VAT Health Check 2

Owner, Supermarket store


Will you guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of our VAT records?

Certainly, privacy and confidentiality are the ethics that we imbibe in our work daily. We safeguard all critical data, information, accounts, reports, records etc. We also make sure that it is not shared with anyone and keep it confidential.

What are your costs for conducting VAT Number Check in UAE?

There is no fixed price that we can quote here. The price significantly depends on your business size, type, volumes of data, and accounts to check the complexities involved in business transactions. It may also include any other factor that affects the efforts and time regarding the UAE VAT laws.

Will you share your findings of a VAT health check in a report?

Yes, we will indeed study your internal processes, accounting models, taxation policies, business transactions, and all the necessary and relevant information. Moreover, based on this study, we shall identify the inaccuracies, gaps, and discrepancies in VAT compliance. Suggestions of the relevant corrective measures for them. All of this will be provided in a report format to you, including findings as well as recommendations. We also provide implementation guidance and support to successfully carry out the corrective measures. Such implementation can help in for achieving VAT compliance.

UAE freezone company setup

If VAT compliance in UAE is your problem, we are the solution.

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