A Detailed Overview Of Healthcare Framework in the United Arab Emirates


In recent years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has undertaken essential legislative reform in the healthcare sector, introducing a few transformative changes and potent federal laws. Federal Law no 6 of 2023 and amendments to Federal Law no 4 of 2015 and Federal Law no 10 of 2022 have been instrumental in enhancing healthcare practice.

In addition, the legislation of the UAE fosters an improved patient care standard, bringing innovation in medical services by positioning the UAE as a central nation for accessing healthcare solutions.

With an evolving healthcare framework, the UAE represents its commitment to looking after the welfare of its population by fostering collaboration between the Federal Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and various health authorities. Furthermore, by enhancing healthcare facilities, the public and private sectors in the UAE have unparalleled qualitative healthcare services.

Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah have emerged to establish healthcare regulations to set standards for excellence in healthcare management and optimal patient results. This initiative caters to the diverse healthcare needs of UAE residents and visitors from worldwide and fosters a robust healthcare system.

An Overview of Regulation with Health Professions in UAE

The establishment of Federal Law No 6 of 2023 in UAE states an essential shift from previous Federal Law No 5 of 1984, which has been abolished today. The new federal law prioritizes expanding the scope of the Health Profession by introducing a range of healthcare job roles instead of just Physicians and Pharmacists. With the new framework, the legislation aims to maintain a regulation focused on transparency, ethical practices, professionalism, and offering top-notch healthcare services.

Effective from 30 June 2023, Federal Law 6 of 2023 has implications across the UAE, even Free Zones. By implementing regulations for Health Professions, the recent framework emphasizes the significance of licensing conditions, conducting ethical medical practice, and making registration for healthcare professionals a mandatory process.

In addition, the purpose of the new framework is to regulate the healthcare system and prevent the chances of illegal practices. One of the critical factors in the framework includes:

  • License: Professionals must acquire a license from qualified Health Authorities to conduct healthcare practice in the UAE.
  • Ethical Rules: The framework has implied a few restrictions on health professionals in UAE, like the prohibition on misleading advertising, mandatory licenses, and maintaining confidentiality details of the patient.

In addition, UAE legislation has outlined varied penalties and violations if health professionals fail to meet the newly launched rules. For instance, if health professionals do not obtain an official license for their practice or practice unethically, they face consequences like license revocation, written reprimands, getting delisted from the official Healthcare Profession’s register, and, in some cases, imprisonment.

A Detailed Overview Of Healthcare Framework in the United Arab Emirates

Healthcare Facilities Compliance and Penalties

Decision 8 of 2023 in UAE has introduced specific changes, especially in the private healthcare sector. However, the amendment of this decision has implied strict penalties and regulations for the occurrence of violations, with fines of up to AED 500,000 for individual professionals and AED 1,000,000 for organizations.

Furthermore, the new framework also involves temporary and permanent employment bans and facility closures. These measures highlight the significance of the process by enabling individuals or organizations to submit proof against the acquisition to prevent the chances of facing strict fines. Additionally, the implication of these penalties is the commitment of the UAE to promote accountability and integrity in the healthcare industry.

Understanding the Ownership Regulation for Private Health Facilities

The framework further modifies Article 6 of Federal Law No. 4 of 2015 to introduce legal requirements for individuals seeking to own private health facilities. The amendment’s purpose is to simplify transferring ownership and transform corporate ownership under the Federal Decree Law no 32 of 2021.

These streamlined regulations encourage investments in the healthcare field and enhance legal clarity and other operational effectiveness. Moreover, by enabling corporate ownership, the regulatory framework paves the way toward business growth and development within the healthcare domain.

Enhanced Framework for the Veterinary Sector

The UAE’s framework isn’t restricted to only the medical sector. It has introduced changes for the Veterinary sector by establishing amendments to Federal Law No 10 of 2002. The amendment states the importance of professionalism and outlines standards within this field.

Additionally, one of the key aspects of these amendments is the mandatory process for individuals considering beginning practice in the Veterinary field. For instance, you must have a practice license and a bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University in Veterinary Medicine.

The updated law has introduced a registration system for professionals to boost accountability and maintain qualitative Veterinary services. However, the changes involve exemptions from registration fees for national veterinarians and even for professionals who work in public service. The purpose of outlining these exemption factors is to encourage local talent and foster excellence in the veterinary sector across the UAE.

Streamlining Compliance for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers and professionals in the UAE must follow Federal Law No. 6 of 2023 to meet legal requirements. The healthcare industry needs to adapt to these regulations to avoid facing severe penalties quickly. However, the Council of Ministers aims to streamline guidance on compliance for the healthcare industry, hence is aiming to release an Executive Regulation related to Federal Law No.6 of 2023 shortly.

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Final Thoughts

UAE is striving to enhance healthcare facilities by introducing amendments, an updated framework, and strict penalties. To ensure quality medical services, accountability, and integrity and widen the opportunity for business growth by attracting organizations from worldwide for potential investment, the government of UAE is constantly focusing on establishing improved implications in this industry.

If you are a healthcare professional practicing in the UAE, you must adhere to these newly implied regulations. If you want to learn more about the framework, contact our experts for detailed guidance +971 4 352 8001 enquiries@nrdoshi.ae

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