Abu Dhabi Update- Forthcoming New Regulations for Holiday Homes


Abu Dhabi Tourism expects a boost after the introduction of new regulatory laws for holiday homes.

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It is well known to the world that the UAE wishes to appear as the top-class destination for tourists. With exotic beaches, and heaven touching skyscrapers, the UAE has uplifted its Tourism Index Rank from 40th position in the year 2008 to 24th position in the year 2015.

The UAE always strives to deliver better than before. As of now, the country is making a lot of effort to raise its tourism sector. One of the decisions made to improve tourism includes the introduction of new regulations for the holiday home in Abu Dhabi. The Airbnb type rental services will be now governed as per the new regulations.

These regulations are not yet implemented, but the plan is strong enough to improve the experience of the tourists. Besides that, it will also contribute to the nation’s income.

What are these new regulations for holiday homes that Abu Dhabi is about to introduce?

These regulations will be launched by the Department of Culture and Tourism as per the decision issued by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The rules are regarding the licensing, taxation, and standards required to be maintained by the holiday homes to give a better experience to the tourists. Abu Dhabi will develop a regulatory and policy framework dedicated to the holiday home. In addition, the efforts will be made to expand the offerings to match the various preferences of different tourists.

This will make sure that all the properties available to vacationers on international online platforms like Airbnb are licensed. The license will only be provided to the ones which meet the high-quality standards and services of Abu Dhabi. This is done to maintain the reputation which Abu Dhabi Emirate owns.

There are four key challenges which the regulations are intended to address:

  1. Units currently operating without a license
  2. The effect unlicensed units have on the price of hotel rooms
  3. The challenge of housing availability and
  4. Residential community concerns.

Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) will govern the supply of units. Each unit will require to pay a tourism fee of 6%. The executive council also ensures equal opportunities and fair competition between various tourism establishments in Abu Dhabi.

What if one doesn’t follow these new regulations for holiday homes?

The business activities at these holiday-homes are governed by DCT. The authority will keep a check on the licensing of holiday homes. The DCT will also check the quality standards as per the new regulations and service guidelines. Fines will be imposed if the property is not licensed or if it doesn’t meet the minimum quality standards required to run holiday home.

It is believed that it will attract tourists and save them from the unnecessary rise in the pricing of these holiday-homes. It will also motivate the owners to offer unique and attractive accommodations.

DCT Abu Dhabi has aimed to launch the licensing portal in the upcoming month!

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