Business Setup in Dubai Internet City/DIC

business setup in Dubai internet city

Dubai Internet City (DIC)is a huge techno-hub established in 2000. With over 24,000+ professionals, it is home to 160+ nationalities. Also, there are 12 innovation centres. It offers a perfect business environment for business setup services in Dubai for more than 1600 companies. It is an excellent choice for setting-up business for all Information, Communication, and Technology Companies. DIC provides a cost-effective base for all ICT companies so that they can explore all business opportunities.

Types of Licenses Available at Dubai Internet City 

Choose the right legal structure at Dubai Internet City

These types run for all types of company formation setups such as Offshore company formation in Dubai, Mainland Company Formation in Dubai, LLC Company formation in Dubai, Freezone company setup in Dubai, etc.

Following is the right legal structure at Dubai Internet City:

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company:

It is an independent legal entity.

2. Branch office of a UAE Company:

It’s a branch office of an existing UAE company, and it does not have a separate legal entity.

3. Branch office of a Foreign Company:

The branch office of a foreign company can be formed with no minimum share capital prerequisites.

4. Freelance Permit:

It gives an individual the liberty to operate as a freelance professional.

Benefits of Business Set-up in Dubai Internet City :

  • 0% personal income tax
  • 0% corporate tax
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 24*7 visa service
  • 24*7 security service
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • IT infrastructure is highly advanced
  • Straightforward registration process
  • No customs duty for goods and services
  • The legal framework is simple
  • Strategic Location
  • Fantastic road and metro connectivity

Offerings of Dubai Internet City

DIC Advantage

1. Commercial Spaces:

The office spaces are strategically located and are adaptable to the needs of every business. Some features offered are:

  • Prototyping labs
  • Retail and event venues
  • Innovation Centres

2. Retail:

With over 24,000+ professionals working together, it is just the right place if you wish to grow your retail business.

3. In5 Centres:

It is an innovation platform for all start-ups and entrepreneurs.

4. Co-working Spaces:

They minimize the investment by offering Flexi desks and private offices. Both executive offices and executive desks are available.

5. GoFreelance:

The Freelance facilities are provided in three industries- Tech, Media, and Education. It is a simple process of applying and then signing and paying and then finally obtaining the freelance permit. The documents required for securing the permit:

  • Application Form
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • NOC of the sponsor (if a GoFreelance permit is being applied for without a visa)
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • CV
  • Portfolio or Sample of Work (this is for the Media sector only)
  • Credentials and Certificates for the Education sector only

6. Light Industrial Units:

They are strategically located and multi-purpose.

7. Warehouses:

It offers multi-purpose warehouses at strategic locations, which aid in logistics. It has excellent infrastructure and grade-a-build standards. Some other features of the warehouses are:

  • Internal Light Fitting
  • 24*7 security
  • Amazing fire protection systems
  • On-site parking and loading area
  • 5000-11000 sq. ft.

Other Facilities that can be Availed for Business Setup in Dubai Internet City:

1) Innovation Centres

2) Venues

3) Retail and Dining

4) Fitness

5) Healthcare

6) Hotels

The Various Business Activities Permitted in Dubai Internet City Freezone

DIC Business Activities

1) Internet and Multimedia

2) Software, Development, Modification, and Installation

3) Telecommunications and Network

4) IT Services

Process of Company Formation and Registration in Dubai Internet City

DIC Business Setup step-by-step procedures

1) Submission of application and all the required documents.

2) Sending all the legal documents for checking.

3) Signature and return of Customer Confirmation Letter and making the concerning payments.

4) In the case of FZ-LLC, signing of Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, collection of Bank Introduction Letter, and attested resolution.

5) In the case of FZ-LLC, a bank account needs to be opened, and share capital needs to be deposited.

6) The signing of the Lease Agreement and Personal Sponsorship Agreement and then collection of the license.

Documents Required for Business Setup in Dubai Internet City

Documentation at DIC

Individual ShareholderCorporate ShareholderSome Licensing Regulations
Application for RegistrationApplication for RegistrationAll the business activities being undertaken must be in compliance with Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Licensing Regulations.
Personal KYCCorporate KYC which should be duly attested from the UAE EmbassyLicenses are only valid for the business activities that are undertaken within DIC.
A Board Resolution which calls for the establishment of the companyBoard Resolution which calls for the establishment of the entityThe clients have to lease a DIC facility.
Letter from the bank which gives confirmation of the deposit of share capitalCorporate Documents of the Parent Company such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and Articles of Association The licenses and permits are valid for a year and are renewable annually. 
Other routine documentation such as application forms, specimen signatures, and othersOther routine documentation such as application forms, specimen signatures, and others

Frequently Asked Questions 

Dubai Internet City

1. What is the minimum paid-up capital requirement for starting a business in DIC? 

The minimum paid-up capital requirement for FZ-LLC is AED 10000, and there’s no minimum capital requirement if one is starting a branch of an existing UAE/foreign company. 

2. Is it possible to transfer my license to Dubai Internet City? 

Yes, subject to approval by Dubai Development Authority (DDA), a license from another free zone in UAE can be transferred to DIC. 

3. Is there any limit on the hiring of employees for DIC Company? 

Yes, one needs to maintain 80 sq. ft. of space per employee. 

4. How long does it take to get a license issued from DIC? 

On submission of all the required documents and payment of fees, the license is issued in 48 hours. Each license is valid for a year and renewable thereafter. 

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