English and Arabic – Official Languages in Mainland UAE Courts

Official Languages in Mainland UAE Courts

From 2nd January 2023, UAE mainland courts will have an additional official language. Yes, you heard it right. According to the Federal Decree-Law No. 42 of 2022 (The New Civil Procedures Law), English will serve as an official language (in addition to Arabic) in judicial courts. Whether it is trials, proceeding and issuing judgments, the UAE mainland courts will permit the use of English.

Introducing the English language as an official language for UAE mainland courts (for certain and specific courts) is an excellent initiative and advantageous for lawyers. Having said that, this decision may pose some hurdles because of the below factors:

  • A sizeable number of UAE nationals may not be able to communicate in English or possess the required proficiency because Arabic is their mother tongue.
  • Barring entrepreneurs, government employees, and some others, many Emiratis lack the social experience to interact with non-Emiratis.
  • People in the UAE judicial system face problems interpreting written material (case files, articles, books of accounts, memoranda, reports, notes, and material) in both languages which may result in unnecessary delays.

UAE courts will have to extensively address the challenges mentioned above and develop strategies to improve their performance.

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Official Languages in Mainland UAE Courts

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