Excise Tax Collection in eDirham


The collection of excise tax in the UAE started on 1st October 2017. The Federal Tax Authority announced that the tax should only be collected through eDirham. Excise tax collection in eDirham is introduced to deliver the safety and transparency of the financial transactions.

eDirham is a payment tool that is one of the best examples of FinTech. The UAE has emerged as one of the most advanced business hubs in the world. Therefore, excise tax collection through edirham provides a useful payment mechanism to the businesses.

After Saudi Arabia, the UAE became the second GCC nation to introduce such technology. The revenue collected through it goes to government services for the advancement of society. It covers products such as tobacco, energy drinks, and soft drinks. It will discourage the consumption of products which degrade the health of individuals

What is eDirham?

Get to know e-Dirham Card

eDirham is a FinTech technology. It was launched by the Ministry of Finance UAE in the year 2011 for the collection of revenue and service fees with ease. The payer needs a prepaid card for making the payment to the Federal Government. Later, the MOF increased its functionality by proving excise tax collection in eDirham.

Besides excise tax collection in eDirham, it connects over five thousand government services that belong to various ministries and other local and federal authorities.

The excise tax payment in eDirham can be effortlessly made as you can access this payment tool from anywhere. Collaboration between government and eDirham is done through the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD).

Various eDirham Cards

For Excise Tax Payment in eDirham

Blue Al Haslah Card

This card can be used all across the world for cash withdrawals and purchases where merchants accept the VISA brand. It is because this card is a VISA co-branded card.

Green Al Haslah Card

This card is similar to Blue Al Haslah Card, which can be used worldwide. It comes with a cardholder’s photo and name printed in English and Arabic. It is more secured as it comes with 3DS enrolment.

Red Al Haslah Card

This card doesn’t need any registration even when this eDirham card is a private label card. After you load the card with eDirham balance, it can be used for one year from that day at any eDirham G2 merchant.

Silver Al Haslah Card

This card is almost similar to Green Al HAslah Card with one additional feature. It has 3DS enrolment, which provides an additional security layer.

Gold Al Haslah Card

This card is similar to Red Al Haslah Card and, thus, a private label card. It has a validity of three years having the holder’s name printed on it in both Arabic and English language. It even has the holder’s photograph.

Get an eDirham Card

Quick and Easy way

Getting an eDirham Card is not a tough task. You just need to visit the website: www.edirhamg2.ae and complete the process.

  1. You need to submit photographs of the following documents of individual and institutions in JPEG format:
  2. Personal Photograph
  3. Passport copy
  4. Signature
  5. Company’s registration
  6. Submit the required personal details
  7. Make the payment
  8. The card will be sent within three days of payment by Aramex.

Excise Tax Payment in eDirham

How to top-up your eDirham Card?

You can top-up your eDirham Card using eDirect service. eDirect service allows you to add AED 50000 to your eDirham card by just charging a minimal fee of AED 7. Credit cards are not accepted for topping up eDirham cards.

You need to select the payment method, your bank, card number, input your passcode, add the top-up amount, give confirmation of your email id, and it’s done with just a click on the submit button.

Excise Tax Collection in eDirham

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any call center service for eDirham?

Yes, eDirham provides a 24/7 call center service in three different languages which are English, Arabic, and Urdu.

How to register an eDirham Card?

After getting eDirham Card, you can visit www.edirhamg2.ae where the registration option is available.

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