How N R Doshi & Partners is navigating COVID-19 pandemic

Covid - 19 pandemic

COVID-19 has already impacted the way the world works. In these unprecedented times, N R Doshi has kept the safety of its employees and their families at the topmost priority. Where there is a fight against time is going on to find a cure for coronavirus, the economy is also trying its best to survive the worst.

To keep the world working, it is highly important for us that the chain of serving each other never gets break down. Even when the times are troubled and tough, we have pledged to maintain the same level of commitment and allegiance towards client satisfaction.

As of now, motivation, guidance, and leadership are more important than ever. With the support of our dedicated workforce, we are performing the best work with the same efficiency in this new reality. We are continuously regulating work from home conducted by all our members using efficient tools. Our team members have been provided with all the necessary tools and hardware requirements so that we can continue to serve our clients.

The network through which all the NRD systems are connected is protected with the advanced-level encryption technology making sure that clients get optimum data security. For better sharing control, data accessibility, and task performance, we have well-defined policies.

The tools which we use for remote functioning build an environment that delivers top-notch communication, bringing the team members together from across the globe.

As we can’t compromise with the safety of a single individual, we have kept our offices lean. We have followed the guidelines provided by respective authorities and working accordingly. We have also advised our employees to avoid traveling overseas and going out only when it’s highly essential.

Our Business Continuity Program:

N R Doshi and Partners has designed a business continuity plan which is reviewed periodically. It is created, keeping the nature of different sections of our business into consideration. The plan has a critical role in minimizing the impact of any obstacle. Our response plan is based upon the workforce, nature of their work, technology, and the necessity of interdependencies. We have made sure that the core business processes and client support face no disruption.

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