FTA and Dubai Customs introduce a new export mechanism in Dubai

fta and dubai customs introduce

The Dubai Customs along with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) introduced a new service for VAT refunds on March 26, 2021. The new service is ‘Export Verification Report’. It will be used for VAT refunds against the ‘Cleared Export Declaration’, which is valid only for a period of not more than three months. The FTA and the Dubai Customs released a notification on the new development on March 17, 2021.

FTA users, Customs Bureau Officers, Importers, Traders, and Authorized Customs Brokers can generate this report by providing the relevant details. It is also possible to generate a consolidated ‘Export Verification Report’ of multiple importers under a single TRN linked with multiple business codes. This process will ensure a refund of VAT to the original importers, which was not possible until now even after an export declaration.

This is because until now, the export declaration did not require mentioning of all the original importers’ details. The absence of all the importers’ names and import declaration leads to the non-approval of the VAT refund claims.

This new development will bring changes to the current export process because of the involvement of applicable VAT. Earlier, the process involved the following steps, which led to problems due to VAT:

  • Traders pay VAT on the goods, which they have sold in the local market
  • Agent of the overseas buyer or the overseas buyer collects goods from several traders
  • The overseas buyer prepares and submits a single ‘Export Declaration Form’. It consists of the name of a single exporter name and business code
  • The original importer submits the Export Declaration form and ‘Exit Certificate upon Export’
  • Since the form contains only one importer’s details, it will not approve the VAT refund claims

Due to the new export mechanism, from March 26, 2021, there is a new process of generating the ‘Export Verification Report’. It includes the following steps:

  • The trader who will export its goods or the authorized customs broker logs into the Dubai Trade Portal
  • They generate the request for ‘VAT Export Verification Report’
  • Exporter’s valid M2 Import Declaration number and importer’s Tax Registration Number (TRN) must be available to generate ‘Export Verification Report’
  • The person generating the report enters the TRN, report period range, importer’s code, and importer’s name
  • The system validates and retrieves all the information related to the linked export and import declarations
  • Finally, the Export Verification Report’ is generated
  • The trader or authorized customs broker can search and download the report from the portal
  • The report is then submitted to the FTA as proof for VAT refund claims

Thus, the new export mechanism will make the process of VAT refunds easier and clearer for all the stakeholders involved. Therefore, it ensures a lesser number of cases of non-violation of VAT payments. If you still have doubts about this or are looking for expert, professional help to understand the implications of this mechanism or other VAT provisions for your business, you can let us know.

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