Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD): New Circular

Sharjah Economic Development Department

Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) issued a new circular restricting the movement of workers to other emirates

Amidst the Corona Outbreak, all the emirates are taking necessary steps to safeguard their people, continuing the necessary services. In the series of events and taking the current situation into consideration, SEDD has issued a circular on 15th April 2020. The circular announces a list of preventive and precautionary measures for employees and workers. These measures aim to protect their health and keep the workers safe from COVID-19.

Sharjah Economic Development Department has completely restricted the labor transfer outside Sharjah with a few exceptions. Sultan Abdullah Bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, pointed out that the activities which are related to food, cleaning, and private security establishments are exempted from this circular. However, it is suggested that the people associated with these activities also follow precautionary measures.  

The Chairman also affirmed that SEDD’s decision to prevent workers’ transfer in economic establishments in other emirates aims to preserve public health as per the guidelines issued by the nation’s competent authorities.

Even within Sharjah, the movement is restricted, and safety measures and social distancing are mandatory. It must be noted that the non-resident workers will not be allowed into the Sharjah emirate. In case, if a person is found not following the precautionary measures as per the circular, a penalty will be levied against the violator.

It is stated that the number of workers which will be transferred within Sharjah’s economic establishments should be half of the total accommodation capacity. They must wear masks all the time and keep a distance of two meters while getting on and off of the Vehicle. The SEDD’s Chairman also highlighted the importance of companies’ cooperation with SEDD in fighting against the Corona outbreak by implementing the decision. Also, companies are asked to take measures such as maintaining a high level of hygiene, social distancing, and visiting relevant authorities in case any doubt arises about a worker being infected.

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