The executive regulation of the federal decree law no.7 of 2017 on Excise Tax


In the federal decree law no. 7 of 2017 that will follow the decisions. Apart from the requirements the person should follow government.

The cabinet has decided the following things:

The executive regulation of the federal decree law no.7 of 2017 on Excise Tax
  • It is having reviewed in the constitution.
  • The federal law no.1 of 1972 for the competencies of the ministries and powers of the ministers and all the amendments.
  • The complete federal decree law 13 of 2016 for the establishment of federal tax authority.
  • The federal decree law that focuses on tax procedures
  • Federal law no. 7 of 2017 on all the tax items
  • Pursuant for the presentation of ministers of finance and having the approval for cabinet

 Person liable to pay tax

If the person that have performed as per the activity to clause the decree law that has met the tax payment for requirements. The person involved for the activities for clause 2 of decree law that is complete responsible for due tax.

A person in supply that should chain in the tax that still not paid to government. An investor or person with having financial interest for supply chain where tax is not paid. The owner that excise goods in other case where the producers, importer or stock piller.

The warehouse keeper that shall be liable for paying the due tax in case for release in excise goods from designated zone, the person is liable for person that fails for paying the due tax. The warehouse that has kept all the records as per Article 24.

The warehouse keeper that has failed for meeting the conditions for imposed by Authority under clause 5 of article 9 of the decisions. The warehouse keeper that has failed for getting benefited from failure for the person to pay tax.

A stockpiler shall for required to pay due tax in following conditions:

The stockpiler that owns for excise goods available for free circulation that for purposes for conducting business for state. Provided for the gods that has been paid, relieved, remitted or deferred.

The stockpile that excise goods that is not excess for goods pursuant for provisions.

Application for tax registration

For the purpose for the tax registration, the taxable person that meet following rules and conditions:
Submit the application for tax registration that comes with information and data that require by authority and submit through for specified.

  • For providing a finance security as per the authority
  • For comply that additional requirement in the local requirement for keeping records and report or resolution for the  authority and issues though.
  • The effective data shall respond to person application for tax registration for twenty business day asper clause 2 of Article of decree law.

The authority may revised  the value of all the financial security submitted by the taxable person. Any person that requires to apply for tax registration under the Article 5 of the law that apply as registered as a warehouse keeper subject for all the conditions present in the decision.

Exception from tax registration

The authority may except the person from complete tax registration where the authority will find that he will not going to regular import. Or release excise goods from designate zones and for their consumption.

For the purpose of clause 1 the regular shall means the important or release of excise goods from designate zone more than once in six month.

It doesn’t stands with with clause 2, where any person is completed import or it can release with excise goods from designate zone for four times.  They shall consider as to be regular importing or releasing for excise goods.

The person that shall be except from tax registration pursuant to clause 1 for notification to authority within 20 business days for any changes that requires tax registration. It makes him a taxable person pursuant for provision of decree law. This notification shall contains the information and data’s for the authority request and it can be submitted by means of specific authority. Get in touch with N R Doshi and Partners and take action today and ensure you’re compliant with the law +971 4 352 8001 or

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