How to Claim VAT Refunds in the UAE? – For UAE Citizens who Build a New Residence

VAT Refunds procedure for UAE

(VAT Refunds procedure for UAE Nationals building new residences in the UAE) – UAE Nationals building new residences in the UAE and incurring VAT on the cost of the construction can claim VAT Refunds after producing the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of Family Book
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Document proving that the building is occupied (E.g., Water, and Electricity Delivery Bill)
  • Construction contract and certificate of completion from the municipality

The person applying for the VAT refund must be the property’s resident as well as incurred expenses. Furthermore, the refund form must be sent to FTA within six months from completing the newly built residence.

How to claim VAT Refunds in the UAE?  (VAT Refunds procedure for UAE Nationals)How to Claim VAT Refunds in the UAE? – For UAE Citizens who Build a New Residence

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