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VAT consultants in UAE

What do VAT consultants in the UAE offer to your business?

The UAE introduced VAT – A new Framework of Indirect Tax on 1st Jan 2018. VAT matters at times can be tricky owing to their intrinsic nature. That’s where VAT consultants in the UAE come into play. VAT implementation is presumably done with a view to making the UAE economy more globally competitive. It is believed to reduce the dependency on non-renewable resources and hydrocarbon gases in light of the oil crisis. The UAE government also aims at providing high-quality public services and having a sustainable ecosystem with VAT revenue.

VAT compliance is obligatory. Any irregularities will lead you to a hefty penalty or dire business consequences. It is crucial to keep tax issues at bay and ensure that your business is not negatively impacted by VAT matters.

VAT consultants in UAE play a pivotal role in strengthening your compliance with stipulated rules and regulations. Businesses with a certain turnover threshold in the UAE are obliged to register under VAT irrespective of industry. While some can opt for voluntary registration given their annual turnover. 

VAT consultants in the UAE assist you with VAT registration depending on your annual taxable supplies and imports.  

Businesses must maintain transparency throughout their financial transactions. If there are discrepancies, they cause you VAT penalties. VAT consultants in the UAE also ensure that you have immaculate financial records for regulatory compliance.  VAT is a tax imposed on goods and services (generally 5%) at each point of the sale paid by end customers. The duty of businesses is to collect the amount on behalf of the government.  VAT is a specialized domain that encompasses complex formulas and regulations, and it differs from case to case. Businesses must ensure their compliance with the federal laws. 

VAT consultants in the UAE help you with the following:

  • VAT compliance
  • Reducing VAT liabilities
  • VAT registration
  • Identifying and eliminating risks
  • Building a proper tax planning framework
  • VAT return filing
  • VAT impact on company profit
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • VAT impact on cashflow
  • Awareness of your rights and obligations
  • Following the correct mechanisms for VAT claims
  • Preparing the audit compliant tax returns file
  • Periodic amendments of regulations from FTA
  • VAT bookkeeping
  • Any clarification regarding regulations related to your business
  • Recorrect the past file returns
  • VAT credit refund
vat consultants in UAE

Let’s figure out what VAT consultants in the UAE bring to the table and how it gives you a competitive edge

Augmented financial process

VAT consulting helps you stay on top of things. They conduct a thorough financial assessment and deal with complex figures and calculations. VAT consultants in the UAE scour up your bank accounts to validate your transactions. They scrutinize your business activities meticulously to ensure there are no financial irregularities. 

Their supervision enables you to have the smooth running of your business. They also fix the critical loopholes in your accounting process and guide you to take the necessary steps for better profitability and sustainability. 

Moreover, VAT consultants in the UAE help you streamline accounting functions. With a proper process in place, your business will always remain within the boundaries of UAE VAT compliance.


vat consultants in UAE

VAT consultants in the UAE are domain experts. Therefore they carry out intrinsic tasks with Japanese precision to bring you accurate VAT solutions.

Accuracy matters most while dealing with numbers. VAT consultants in the UAE also scrutinize everything from documents to transactions to financial operations with sound attention to detail. 

Such meticulousness is directly proportional to flawless accounting records. It means that there is no chance of your business incurring penalties that add to your business reputation a great deal. 

VAT consultants in the UAE also help you in each of the complicated VAT processes for better compliance. Businesses can have a good standing in front of authorities if their records are immaculate. It eventually leads to higher business growth and profitability.

Industry experience

VAT consultants in the UAE bring their years of experience in what they do. Experience counts a lot when it comes to taxation. They have worked in various industries and understand the nuances of VAT laws in the UAE. 

Based on your industry, VAT consultants in the UAE provide personalized VAT solutions. They also make sure your VAT registration, filing, and other relevant processes are up to date for absolute compliance.  

VAT experts enable you with a proper accounting process in place. Therefore you will be able to function your business without friction. 


Time is money. Isn’t it? Maybe more than that if you’re a seasoned businessman. Having experts to do the job does not just make it right but saves your priceless time too. 

You can also focus better on your core domain to double up your productivity. All things collectively help you stay more efficient and relevant in your business. VAT matters are complex and if not dealt with care and attention, it can cost you both – money and time. 

VAT consultants in the UAE know the taxation framework and federal laws inside out. They can easily square away with complex VAT issues and get things done for you. 

vat consultants in UAE


VAT consultants in the UAE represent your business in front of FTA (Federal Tax Authority) for better compliance. Your business reputation relies significantly on how your business is perceived by the government. 

Your company’s representation before FTA is also a decisive factor in your long-term success. If you want to stay relevant and profitable, you must have creditability in the eyes of the authorities. Furthermore, VAT consultants in the UAE speak their language. Hence, it bolsters your business reputation.

It enthralls trust among your stakeholders, which is a bedrock of corporate success. Your customers feel confident about your services and products when you maintain transparency in your transactions. 

They very well understand their expectations and live up to them. Thus VAT consultants in the UAE are exhaustively acquainted with the VAT process that serves your business purpose. 

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VAT Consulting service

N R Doshi & Partners

Our CPAs and accountants extraordinarily carry their unique brand of expertise and experience. For every project, we have a practical and insightful approach keeping in mind your business objectives. 

We have been serving domestic and international clients in the UAE since 1986 irrespective of industry. Therefore we understand the nitty-gritty of the VAT laws and precisely know how to take care of VAT-related matters. 

Our VAT consultants in the UAE comprehend the exclusivity of your domain and apply their acumen to sort out your industry-specific challenges. With our accounting prowess over 3 decades, we have successfully helped thousands of companies with VAT registration, VAT filing, and other tax-related activities. 

We closely monitor your financial activities to solidify your VAT compliance. Moreover, our VAT consultants in the UAE track down every possible scope of financial irregularities and penalties and eradicate them. Additionally, we work as a bridge between your business and UAE regulatory compliance. 

Our VAT consultants in the UAE also bring lucidity to your business accounts to produce immaculate financial records. We also help you build a positive public image that eventually results in more growth and profitability. 

If you are looking for authorized VAT consultants in the UAE, look no further than us. Our expert accountants and CPAs will guide you throughout the VAT process to foster your compliance and business reputation. Call us on [number] or just email us on [email ID], one of our VAT experts will get back to you shortly. 

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