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The Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi, also called KIZAD, is a house to a plethora of business solutions that fit various business activities like manufacturing, logistics, trade, and distribution. From small start-ups to huge businesses, KIZAD, Abu Dhabi offers business facilities for all. It is one of the largest industrial free zones in the region.

KIZAD Free Zone works on upholding the 2030 Economic Vision of the Emirates Economy. It aims at sustainable development in particular and reinforcing the competitive advantage in general.

With the increasing demand for free zone spaces, KIZAD built the new Khalifa Port Trade Zone. It has made doing business much easier through competitive operating costs and multiple business setup services. Investors choosing the port are provided with a series of business setup services. It consists of numerous investment sectors such as aluminum, automotive, engineered metals, port logistics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, polymer converting, among others.


Unique Benefits offered by KIZAD, Abu Dhabi

Strategic location with outstanding access to regional and international markets


Khalifa Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi offers world-class transportation facilities with multimodal connectivity, by all means, road, rail, ports, and air network. 


KIZAD is linked to Khalifa Port, and it can house huge ships to ease out imports and exports. KIZAD has 20 major shipping lines connected with 60 destination ports. They facilitate shipment to and from Abu Dhabi to absolutely anywhere in the world. 


With four-lane dual highways, it also has a network of three-lane dual arterial roads. They offer smooth movement within the port, across the UAE, and the overall region. 


Offering 14 million tonnes of air freight capacity, it provides access to four international airports – Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, and Al Ain International Airport. They are all well-equipped to manage air cargo and are located in close proximity. 


A shipment capacity of 20 tonnes is facilitated by twenty-three dedicated rail links. They are facilitated by Etihad Rail, which is designed to connect UAE with the rest of the GCC. 

World-class infrastructure

  • Internal Transportation Network

It has a vast network of roads internally with primary and secondary networks that provide direct access to and from Khalifa Port along with connectivity to the main highway. There are utility corridors designed which provide power, water, telecom, sewerage services, and other special utilities.

  • Integrated Clustering

The industrial clusters of KIZAD facilitate land allocation with respect to industries and related service providers. It basically helps in collecting expertise in one place and fosters research and growth.

  • Industry Innovations

It aims to offer solutions that work in the advantage of businesses.  A hot metal road, modular path, and a seawater cooling system are some of them.

  • Operative Staff Accommodation

It is being designed to provide housing facilities close to the area.

Free zone and non-free zone Solutions

KIZAD provides land leasing, pre-built warehouses, free zone offices, pre-built light industrial solutions, and business district centers. 

Dedicated investor support

Expert Advice 

A dedicated relationship manager is present in every zone at the services of a business. He/she also ensures the processing of paperwork. Enjazat Services provides other value-added services under KIZAD Customer Service. It aims to provide end-to-end services related to licensing, residency permits, labour visas, free zone employment visas, family visas, legal translation, legal consultancy, and additional third-party specialized services for companies and investors, along with integrated outsourced solutions and services for corporations on a retainer basis. 

Tax-Free Environment 

It provides an environment that is devoid of income tax, tax on capital gains, and sales. Your business can also benefit from exemptions of custom on transactions with joint venture companies, import of raw materials, import of machinery and equipment for production processes, and Goods manufactured in the UAE later exported to most GCC countries. 

Competitive Operating Costs 

Utilities being one of the major operating costs for industries are taken care of by the investor support programme. It helps businesses take advantage of competitive water and power prices. 

Khalifa Port FTZ

How to apply?

Entrepreneurs wanting to form a company in Khalifa Port FTZ need to secure a confirmation of the lease agreement. It’s a pre-requisite based on which the company can be registered.  

The Land Leasing Process:  

The applications are referred to the plot allocation committee, which assigns the plot for the business of the applicant. The applicant and KIZAD have a talk before finalizing the agreement of establishment in the industrial zone. The applicant can either sign the final agreement or opt for a preliminary agreement for completing the precedent conditions.

Types of Company licenses

  • Industrial License 

It gives permission to import raw material, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging, and export of intermediate and/or finished products and such other industrial activities as published in the Industrial License (Category List). 

  • Trading License OR General Trading License 

It allows trading activities that include export, import, distribution, stocking, warehousing of products, and such other trading activities as are specified in the Trading License (Category List). 

KIZAD will issue a general trading license if one needs to trade in more than 17 products or more than three groups.  

  • Service License 

A service license permits imparting various services like management consulting services, economic consulting services, marketing, cargo, and freight forwarding services, travel, catering, food outlets, and restaurants, etc. as published in the service license (category list).  

One needs to fulfill all the procedural requirements to run a business within Khalifa Port FTZ as per the provisions of Governing regulations.  

Legal Structure at KIZAD

Types of companies that can become a part of KIZAD Abu Dhabi

Limited Liability Company

The company should be a limited liability company with a minimum paid-up capital of AED 150,000 or higher as may be prescribed. An individual or corporate or corporate and individual can own this entity. 

Branch Company 

If a branch company is holding a valid registration and license outside Khalifa Port Free Zone, then it is possible for it to apply for KIZAD company formation. It can either be registered as a branch of UAE Company or the branch of a foreign company. 

Procedures for Registration and Licensing

Khalifa Port Free Zone provides for efficient registration and licensing process, ensuring the issue of license within a week of submission of the completed application, payment, and all required documentation. 

A single point of contact from KIZAD is appointed for the client to make sure the process turns out smooth. 

Also, to complete the registration and licensing process, COLA reference number is required to be entered. 

Offering of the Khalifa Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi

1. Flexible Ownership Rights

KIZAD allows you to choose your own legal structure as per your business needs. A company involved with industrial manufacturing activities may enter into a joint venture with a local company by holding up to 49% of shares and claim exemption from import duties on raw materials. Further, the finished products will be exempted from customs duties if exported to GCC countries.  

A 100% foreign-owned company can avoid duties for goods kept in bonded status in the Khalifa Industrial Zone and re-exported from UAE. Additionally, to the imported goods, you can also avoid duty on raw material if you’re running a manufacturing business. 

The land at KIZAD is designed to allow plots to be subdivided and merged as per the requirements of the business. The plots are allocated for the long term with mutually attractive terms. Together, there are substantial cost benefits that help a company be competitive and grow in the long term. 

2. Serviced Land Plots 

KIZAD offers a well-designed master plan and world-class infrastructure, and investors can take advantage of a primary and secondary road network of dual four-lane highways and dual three-lane arterial roads as well as utility corridors which also provide all power, water, telecom, sewerage services. 

3. Pre-built Warehouses and Offices 

Companies can set up their logistics operations. KIZAD provides equipment for easy loading docks for trucks, raised dock floor levels, and clear open spaces for leaves. Each unit has its own on-site parking. 15% of the units are equipped with enhanced power provision for cold storage. 

The free zone offices are located on the ground floor of KIZAD’s headquarters, and a dedicated team of experts helps in all processes of company formation and setup. 

4. Business District Centres 

They are currently being designed to support a population within a 4 km radius, and the proposed Business District Centres will provide a range of facilities and services to meet the daily requirements of people working and living around the zone. They will also be home to a mosque, bank, hotel, hospital, apartments, civil defense, retail, food and beverage outlets, and other community-related services. 

5. Free Zone Warehouses and Light Industrial Units  

The KIZAD Logistics City has made setting up and expansion of the businesses way more comfortable with the launch of its cost-effective Free Zone and Light Industrial Units. 

The Free Zone Warehouses and Light Industrial units come respectively with modular units ranging from 380 to 761 m2 and 320 to 1148 m2; 7 meters and 6 meters height to eaves; with an integrated fire alarm and sprinkle system, ample power for A/C, cold storage and light industrial activities; dedicated loading area for each unit and raised floor for ease of loading and unloading along with mainland facilities enabling ‘Made in UAE’ certification. 

Frequently Asked Questions

KIZAD, Abu Dhabi

1. How can one register for land, offices, or other services in KIZAD? 

One needs to log on to the official portal and fill up the necessary forms to avail of various services in KIZAD.  

2. What is the procedure for company name allocation at KIZAD? 

You may choose any name for your company as long as it is approved by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. 

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