Boost the growth by boosting the Human Resources

Boost the growth by boosting the Human Resources

Human resources define a company and how efficient the growth will be. If the human resources are talented, then the company has no issues in facing any challenge. It makes it easier to overcome the obstacles.

The company with which we dealt in the current case study has a wide-spread presence in wholesale foodstuff in the UAE. The company imports foodstuffs from India, Thailand, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. In addition to the UAE market, they even export food items all across the globe.

There are two business models which the company follows. In the first business model, the company imports all the items to the UAE and then export it. The second business model allows the company to directly transport the food items from the purchase location to the selling location.

The company headquartered in the UAE has three offices and 10 other business locations across the globe in total. The annual turnover of the company is approximately 700 million AED. It took fifteen years for the company to achieve this peak. Still, optimization can be obtained by improving the human resources.


Out of all the hired employees, there were a few inefficient ones. As in the end, the team results were calculated, it was tough to identify the individual employee’s contribution to the profit. We had the challenge of finding the ones which were not performing up to the mark and hampering the work of other employees.

We needed to find out whether the performance issues were arising from the employee side only or the employer had also played a significant role in it. We were not sure that the roles and responsibilities were well-defined for various employees.

Challenge Accepted

Our first focus was to find out the work efficiency of the employees and their individual contribution to the company. As the company has a wholesale business, we required to decide specific key performance indicators (KPIs) related to this industry.

After obtaining the employee data, we created separate reports on work done by each employee. After that, we matched the work with the selected KPIs:

  • Revenue per employee
  • Profit per employee
  • Employee billable percentage
  • Average task completion rate
  • Overtime per employee

Apart from these KPIs, there were some factors which were designed by our professional team. We have even introduced specific KPIs according to the different departments. The grading was provided to the employees and based on that, efficiency was ranked. The company authorities made the final decision.

To avoid any wrong hiring, we had to develop an interview process. Creating exact job profiles and defining responsibilities was the task taken into consideration before the interviews were conducted. This was also done for the employees who were working in the company at that time.

First, we created a basic framework to check the various behavioural aspects of every candidate. They need to qualify it and then only they were taken to the technical round.

This had made sure that only suitable and knowledgeable gets hired. For keeping track of all the employees, we had assisted them in selecting the correct tracker.

Furthermore, we assisted their HR department in creating various human resources policies such as leave policy, timekeeping, and pay policy, safety and health policy, etc. These policies defined the working of different employees. It supported the company in decision making while hiring an employee, during the appraisal, deciding the pay scale, etc.


Overall, all the human resources related issues were solved. A highly efficient workforce was provided in the end and employee turnover ratio got reduced to minimal. The efficiency of the work-force was seen in the growth of the company. Another aspect that helped the company to grow is the definite policies which we framed, and they implemented.

The company has not only observed growth in revenue but also established a pleasant work environment as the behavioural aspects of employees were also checked. This itself acted as a factor that boosted the work efficiency of employees.

N R Doshi and Partners has actively kept track of their client to record the effects of the implementation. This has not only helped us to make the changes to the betterment of our service for the existing clients but also let us improve the approach for potential clients. This shows our zeal to enhance ourselves so that our clients can have the best match for their requirements.

N R Doshi’s HR Services

We form employee policies for the companies according to which the human resource function. The primary advantage of having a fixed policy provided for both parties is; employee and employer functions according to the written policies and procedures and the amount of guesswork is kept at a minimum.

Furthermore, we conduct human resources recruitment for your business irrespective of its sector. Our vast network makes us one of the top recruitment agencies in the UAE. We make sure that the profile of the proposed candidate matches precisely with your requirements. In case you need to conduct training for your current employees or hired employees, we provide industry-specific training programs.

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