Dubai attracts professionals with its new remote work visa program

remote work visa

Dubai attracts professionals

The year 2020 saw the emergence of a new trend, a new way of working, a new development that is here to stay – Remote Working. All thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, that made working from office redundant, unless necessary, like in the frontline jobs. It disregarded the need for employees to always be physically present in the office for accomplishing professional duties and tasks. However, it also bored and exhausted the employees by working from the same home setup.

This trend also brought the power of digital technologies to the forefront, as it has the power to make the connection, communication, and coordination between the employees, employers, and clients possible. This global pandemic also resulted in huge setbacks for many industries, including the travel industry. However, the emirates of Dubai in the UAE turned this setback into an opportunity for long-term travellers. The Dubai government is planning to offer a new visa program to people, under which they can live in the UAE and work remotely for their overseas employers.  

It is one of the best chances to enjoy in Dubai without taking a break from work commitments for working people. You can enjoy the sunrise in the morning at the beach, come back and finish your work for the day, followed by a visit to architectural places, shopping, nightlife, and other worthy places. Therefore, it is a good option for people to consider since you can access a dynamic lifestyle, a safe and hygienic environment, and a positive work-life balance.  

About the program 

It is a kind of a new residency program valid for one year, and after every year, it can be renewed for the same duration for any number of times. The remote workers will benefit from this program, as it will give them accessibility to utilities similar to what residents get. They will enjoy the schooling options for children, the possibility of opening a bank account, and local utilities and telecom services. The cost of this program is US$287 per person, plus the additional cost of medical insurance for a coverage in the UAE and the processing fees.

about the program

Eligible individuals 

Individuals must satisfy the following conditions to become eligible for this program: 

  • A passport with a minimum of six months of validity 
  • Health insurance with UAE coverage 
  • Proof of employment of at least one year of validity and minimum US$5,000 as the monthly salary from the current employer; they must provide the bank statements for the last three months and previous month’s payslip as proof to the authorities 
  • In case the individual is a company owner, he/she must provide the proof of ownership of the company for at least the last one year, evidence of average monthly income of USE5,000 along with the last three months’ bank statements 

Application process 

Individuals eligible for this program are requested to apply online for it on the link:

Therefore, this visa program is an opportunity for remote workers to relocate to Dubai for a year, along with their families. They can continue to work virtually for their companies in any corner of the world while carrying on with their travelling plans. 

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