The Story Behind Our Logo

story behind our logo

We are inspired by the unerring attributes of professionalism.

Our determination to enhance ourselves has made us reach the summit where we position now. It took us thirty-five years of continuous endeavor to earn the goodwill we are proud of.

Unity, commitment, infinite growth, authority, power, boldness, serenity, wholeheartedness, creativity, joy, and curiosity are the constituents of our efforts.

The circle symbolizes unity, commitment, and infinite growth; how we unite ourselves to serve the clients in the best way. The satisfaction of our clients is the path for us that leads to our development.

With each satisfied client, we get motivated to be better and serve them with the utmost level of dexterity.

As auditors, boldness and authority are our necessary traits symbolized as BLACK. Our findings define the planning of many individuals. We know the seriousness of the tasks we undertake and always aim to give unalterable, unbiased, unambiguous opinion.

Everything we perform is out of our passion. We never compromise with the quality of work as we always do it with complete serenity and wholeheartedness signified as WHITE.

At last, the ORANGE, conveying a blissful part of our journey. It indicates how creativity is ubiquitous in our work leading to joy and ecstasy. It brings us a ladder that we climb every moment to attain knowledge and become better than the previous moment.

N R Doshi and Partners delivers no loopholes to these traits. We keep moving forward, reflecting each element in its every step.

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