How to choose the best business consultants in UAE

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Changes in the business landscape are an everyday thing. A minor change in regulation, shift in the industry trends, movements in the macroeconomic indicators of the country, alterations in world-specific guidelines, the emergence of new competitors, and many similar factors alter the working environment of a business. It gets difficult for business owners to respond to these changes while continue focussing on the growth of their business operations to remain competitive and to improve productivity. When it becomes difficult for businesses to develop a strategic solution to deal with the ruthless world out there, business consultants can come to aid. 

How to choose the best business consultants in UAE

For every organization, the resolution is different based on their industry of operations, customer segmentation, stage of growth they are in, and their short-term and long-term goals and objectives. Business consultants provide the necessary advice and recommendations to identify the problems in your business, suggest the improvement solutions, and handhold you through the entire process of implementation. Organizations need to select the business consultant who can understand your business and provide the much-required consulting for your processes.

Many categories of business consulting companies exist in the UAE, which can help you with the myriad challenges that your organization faces. We provide below the checklist to consider while selecting the best business consultants in the UAE: 

Criteria to look for the best business consultants in UAE 

Wide-ranging knowledge and expertise 

 business consultant in UAE

They must have the required knowledge and expertise of handling different types of business complications and glitches. These challenges may pertain to any business function; however, some proven expertise in the related field gives the organization greater confidence in the consultant. The consultant must have the creativity and innovativeness to look at the issue from all angles and contemplate possible solutions that can be studied further for viability. They must have the understanding that the one-size-fits-all approach does not pertain to all organizations and hence, a deeper understanding is required for a fitting solution for the client.  

Entrepreneurship experience 

Entrepreneurship is a great skill that speaks for itself. It gives the experience that no other job can provide. A business consultant, who has started a business of his/her own, has the required skill to respond to the issues in the business. They are aware of the nuances of running an organization, starting from the initiation of the idea to its growth phase. They will have a broad range of skills in most of the functions of the organization, be it finances, human resources, strategy, procurement, operations, administration, and others. Such an experience would enable them to develop an all-round view of the problem and to go deep into it to understand the origins so that solving it becomes possible. 

Worthy business network 

The business consultants must have a good network of contacts, including people from all types of businesses and different walks of life. Even the clientele base of the consultant can give a clear picture of their business network. Such a worthy network will prove their capability and expertise in different sectors. The network consisting of only big clients does not prove their competence; however, the right mix of small firms, mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and other types of business types and structures gives a better picture of their know-how.  

Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills 

The business consultants must have exceptional communication skills in oral and writing to communicate their viewpoints of the client’s business clearly and quickly to avoid any confusion. It is necessary for the consultant to comprehend the problems faced by the client and communicate the same to them so that they are aware of the situation. Transparency and clear communication between the consultant and client bring them on the same page.  

The business consultant must have the interpersonal skills to improve the working between them and the client. Specifically, listening to each other,  

How to choose the best business consultants in UAE

teamwork to handle the different tasks allocated to the consultant and client’s teams, patience to handle each other, and the flexibility to try different solutions before agreeing on one can work wonders.

Familiarity with the UAE market 

A business consultant in the UAE must have an understanding of the legal formalities, licensing requirements, business regulations, and other policies required to be followed for business operations in the country. They must have contacts in the government departments and associations that will make the legal and regulatory procedures smoother. They must have the awareness of the economic situation, trends and challenges of different industry sectors, global best practices in business, and other local requirements that can suffice to help in addressing the problems of clients.  

Contacting and connecting with a single business consultant will not give you the best feasible solution. Organizations must look into various business consultants and compare them in terms of the above-mentioned factors to find the best business consultants in the country.  

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