Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park Free Zone (SRTIP): The Complete Guide

Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park Free Zone (SRTIP): The Complete Guide

Sharjah is one of the most prominent industrial hubs in the world. The reason could be its holistic approach, where the emirate focuses on human-centric experience. For that reason, Sharjah Research, technology, and Innovation Park Free Zone (SRTIP) was established in the year 2016. 

SRTIP provides an opportunity for enterprises to research, develop, and manage innovation in the best possible way. With SRTIP, the government, industry, and academics get a shared platform for collaboration. 

Some Facts About SRTI Park: 

  • The annual investment in education is $1.5 Billion. 
  • There are 18 educational institutions where 47,000 students from more than 100 nationalities come to study. 
  • SRTIP offers a test bed for pilot projects- University City 

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Research Areas on Which Sharjah RTI Park Focuses 

A wide number of fields require research. Out of all the field, Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park has selected six fields which hold the utmost importance to the present world. 

Renewable Energy 

Due to the continuous use of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, the environment is facing challenges. For that reason, Sharjah RTI Park has stepped up to solve the energy requirements. 

The free zone focuses on developing technology with which a high amount of solar energy can be absorbed and distributed.  

Further, SRTIP concentrates on the decrement of energy dissipation to provide the maximum output. The free zone is also working on smart grids and efficient energy storage devices. 

Lastly, the research on biofuels also holds an important role in creating sustainable development. Industries related to this field can get started in SRTIP free zone in no time. 

Water Management 

Water management is the need of the hour as the resources are depleting, especially in the Middle East region. Taking that into consideration, SRTIP has focused on various aspects of water management. 

Starting with purification and desalination, the free zone even promotes the works related to recycling and wastewater treatment. In addition to that, water conversation is also a primary aspect.  

Environmental Technology 

The environment technology area allows the SRTIP to put an emphasis on sustainable growth in all the fields. It works to develop the construction and manufacturing techniques and equipment that support the least environmental degradation.  

Transport and Logistics 

The way how transportation and logistics work is developing rapidly. Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation wish to lead the world to the future. Therefore, the free zone covers each aspect of building and working of different transport and logistics elements. 

Industries can focus on the high performance and material advancement, the sensor capabilities, mobility system, and the way how vehicles function. 

It goes beyond ground transportation and logistics. SRTIP lets businesses conduct development related to marine and air freight technologies too.  

Product Design and Architecture 

Product Design and architecture have a wide scope to make lives better than ever. A field such as robotics and artificial intelligence are considered prominent in SRTIP. 

Besides that, various kinds of product development technologies related to different sectors are encouraged. A prime focus is also delivered to contemporary Arabic architecture. 

Digitalization Solution 

Another major sector on which SRTIP focuses is digitization solutions. These solutions are positively changing the world. The constituents such as big data, the internet of things, and quantum computing are significant elements to focus on. 

What are the packages offered by SRTIP? 

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park offers a number of packages for each business. There are various factors you can take into consideration before selecting the package. 

If you need professional advice, you can choose NR Doshi and Partners’ proficient Company Formation Services.  We offer exclusive services if you wish to start a free zone company.  

Talking about the packages, we have added an entire list with its significant features: 

Maktabi Co-working Space  

When you do not need an entirely private space for your business, you can choose this cost-effective method. It only requires you to pay the license fee, lease charge, and general services fee. A registration fee is not required for the co-working space. 

You get a designated desk in a furnished area. You even get a shared meeting room, 24 hours of security, on-site parking, and free wi-fi. Per desk, up to three visas are allowed. 

Start-up Office 

In addition to the license fee, lease charge, and general services fee, you need to pay a one-time registration fee as well. However, there won’t be a need to make a payment for the lease deposit.  

In this package, you get three desks and six visas per office. All other basic facilities, such as free wi-fi, receptionist, security, and meeting rooms, are included in the package. 

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Office 

SME Office is located in the main building of the SRTIP free zone.  

You get four to six desks in each SRTIP SME office, where up to eight visas are allowed. For an additional visa, you would require paying AED 1,000. The working space is private with all the basic facilities one requires. 

Ecosystem Office  

If you choose the ecosystem office plan, you will get a 50-80 sqm, full furnished, well-facilitated office. The fee structure is the same as the SME office. However, the total amount may vary as the area is larger, allowing a greater number of visas. 

Innovation Office 

The innovation office gives flexibility to the clients to select the space and number of visas as per the need. The Lease change and general service depend on the size of the space a client has selected. The open area is in the SRTIP headquarter.  

Innovation Plot  

If you are looking for a long-term project in SRTIP, you can lease land at competitive rates. You get the plot at the prime locations along with the security services.  

However, other services are not provided as the client needs to build the infrastructure on his own when he takes a plot on lease. The client gets the complete flexibility to select the number of visas. 

First Step Hi-Tech Office 

The first step hi-tech office is ideal for businesses that are just getting started. SRTIP offers a pocket-friendly package where the businesses get unlimited access to SRTIP’s Innovation lounge. 

Whatever professional networking events take place in Sharjah RTI Park, you will have access to it. Moreover, you can connect with local as well as international markets. You can even communicate with university students and researchers. Therefore, this place is efficient when you are looking for the learning and growth of your business. 

Women in Innovation Hi-Tech Office  

Sharjah focuses a lot on women’s rights. The emirate had started promoting women’s education in the 1940s.  

The package offers all the benefits of the First Step Hi-Tech Office at subsidized rates. 

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Benefits of Setting Up Your Business in SRTIP 

SRTI Park focuses on business establishment, stability, and growth with the utmost level of seriousness. They provide a high-level of support to let the business drive forward at a fast yet safe pace. 

  • You can have complete ownership of your company. 
  • There is no need to pay any corporate and personal income taxes. 
  • No import and export tariffs. 
  • You can repatriate your capital and profits earned. 
  • Great assess to networking, students, and researchers. 

In addition to the above benefits, there is the one which no other free zone offers- the opportunity to extend the business in the UAE mainland 

You can use the dual licensing facility that allows the businesses to conduct business in the UAE mainland by setting up an additional office in the mainland. You won’t even require acquiring a local sponsor for this.  

It widens the market reach without demanding additional expenses. Such an option is not available with any of the free zones. 

What more SRTIP offers that other free zones don’t is the SoiLAB. The SoiLAB is an advanced platform that owns a prototyping center along with a collaborative workspace. It helps SRTIP to promote innovative ideas in front of the world markets.  

From SoiLAB, you can take machines on rental, get technical training, storage rentals, and be a part of world-level innovation events. 

Choose N R Doshi and Partners SRTIP Free Zone Company Formation Service 

We have helped businesses to get started in almost all the free zones in the UAE. SRTIP one such free zone where we provided support to setup research and innovation related companies. 

We take care of each requirement of our client and provide advice accordingly. Based on the client requirements, we help him select a suitable package. We guide them through the entire licensing procedure or even handle the complete company formation process. 

You just need to reach us out. We will study your requirements and get back to you as soon as possible with the best options for you. 

FAQs: STRIP Business Setup Service 

How much time will it take to setup business in STRIP?

It depends upon the business requirements. Usually, the service is fast and there is not much requirement of taking permission from external authorities.

Which package should I choose when getting started?

We would suggest taking a free consultation from our executives. It depends upon the features you need. We could consult and find out a cost-effective approach to selecting the package.

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