HR Outsourcing – Would it be beneficial to your business?

HR Outsourcing Would it be beneficial to your business

Of the few support functions that companies generally outsource to professional firms, HR outsourcing is one of the common ones; however, it is incredibly important and should not be overlooked. Specifically, when you have mounting pressure of other core business processes that you are not able to find answers to:

  • From where do I get the best contractual staff for a specific project?
  • What are the points to be included in employee agreements?
  • What are the benefits and deductions in the full and final settlement?
  • Where can I obtain a professional company HR policy creator proposal?

This is when you feel the need for HR outsourcing services providers. HR outsourcing means employing a professional consulting firm to handle some or all your human resources activities. Outsourcing HR functions to a professional firm is a better idea to take care of your workforce-related requirements than dealing with all the issues of human resources that your HR team is not able to handle.

HR functions

The key activities of human resources are:

  • Human resource planning and management
  • Formulation of HR policies
  • Recruitment and hiring process
  • Maintaining employee personal file
  • Learning and development
  • Monitoring of HR processes
  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Performance management
  • Career planning or succession planning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Payroll management
  • Managing rewards and appraisals
  • Health and safety precautions
  • Administrative work
  • Employee communication

Of the above-mentioned HR functions, some firms outsource end-to-end services while some believe only in HR payroll outsourcing. Moreover, the most outsourced HR functions are recruitment, performance management, payroll management, time tracking, and insurance services. However, it all depends on how many activities do you intend to outsource while handling the others. Whatever the case be, you must understand why HR outsourcing is important to help you decide whether you should outsource or not.

Benefits of HR outsourcing

HR outsourcing results in an improvement in hiring

The professional firms offering HR outsourcing services have a good database of potential employees and therefore, they can find you the best employees based on the qualifications and skills you are looking for in a particular job profile. You simply need to explain the job description to them and the expectations of a candidate. The HR outsourcing firm will handle every stage of the hiring process until the negotiation of salary with the finalized candidates. They also assist with the employee on boarding process so that the employees feel welcomed, get coordinated with the company culture, and are better prepared to handle the work. Additionally, this will ensure a positive mind-set of the new employee and a relaxed process for you as an employer.

Outsourcing HR functions saves money.

If you choose to outsource your HR activities, you save your money from expending on the salaries of the HR team. Furthermore, you would not be required to make efforts in hiring and training the right HR specialists for your in-house HR department, saving your time. With the combined services of hiring and initial orientation of the employees that the HR outsourcing firms provide, you save your money from such expenses. One of the biggest expenses that you save is the non-compliance penalties that you may impose if you forget or make mistakes in compliance with the labor laws and regulations.

HR outsourcing services provider contribute to employees’ development.

One of the key expectations from employees in any firm is continuous skill development and updating the knowledge. An HR firm can also assist you in accomplishing this by organizing training workshops for skill development or business etiquettes and others depending on your employees’ requirements. They can also monitor your employees before and after training to keep a track of the change in performance and understand what is working and what improvements are required. Overall, it allows you to have skilful and motivated employees with no added stress of conducting training.

HR outsourcing improves your business efficiency.

Since a professional HR outsourcing services company will be working on all aspects related to your workforce, you would be relieved from any human resources’ stress. Therefore, you can focus better on your core business processes and the achievement of goals and objectives, thereby leading to higher efficiency. If you hire an in-house team and they are not performing up to the expectations, you will spend more time and effort in completing the HR activities, thereby reducing your concentration from the key business operations. This will lead to a reduction in business efficiency. Furthermore, if all the employees’ related functions are performed well and on time, employees remain happy and motivated and therefore, contribute in a better way to increase your business efficiency.

Outsourcing HR functions minimize business risks.

There are several employment policies and labor regulations nationally, state-wise, or locally. Therefore, every company is required to comply with these laws and regulations, which keep on being updated frequently. It is also beneficial for you to hire an expert HR outsourcing services provider who will track all these updated laws and will ensure to comply with each. Moreover, this will reduce your chances of non-compliance, which results in penalties or litigation cases in worse situations. With a professional HR firm, you will not have to worry about employees’ paperwork and documentation, a well-written HR policy, and compliance with labor laws, thereby enabling a risk-free business for you.

Final thoughts

As a result, if you want to reap the benefits mentioned above, you should consider HR outsourcing. There are numerous HR outsourcing companies in Dubai that offer a wide range of HR outsourcing services in UAE. If you are looking for HR outsourcing in Dubai, be very sure of the services you want to outsource and the customization that the HR outsourcing services provider can offer you.

NR Doshi & Partners – Your Best Solution for HR functions 


How much dos your HR outsourcing services cost?

There is no fixed cost set for our HR outsourcing services. It all depends on how many and what types of HR functions you plan to outsource. Moreover, we determine the budget based on the nature of your business, the number of employees, and the scope of work. You can also contact us for a preliminary discussion of your needs.

Do you also help in appraisal process?

Yes, we offer various HR outsourcing services, including the appraisal process. Moreover, we also develop the appraisal system, educate the employees on the appraisal process. We also prepare appraisal letters based on your feedback.

How do you assist with career planning ?

If you identify promising employees in your company, we assist with planning strategies for grooming them, developing their skills. We also assure them of a bright future within the company.

We are a leading provider of HR outsourcing services across UAE. We handle all the aspects of human resources outsourcing services including but not limited to recruitment. We also make business policies, payroll management, appraisals, and many more. We, N. R. Doshi & Partners, address all of your human resources need through a customized, effective solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

We also assist you identifying the right talent required for your business. For example, permanent employees, contractual employees, or remote workers. Furthermore, our expertise lies in compliance with labor laws, the creation of the employee agreements, handling full and final documents and computations. We also offer training and development for staff, and other requirements of human resources management.

Benefit from the Best Human Resources

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