Make “Passion for Career Growth” a habit at NRD!

Passion for Career Growth

N R Doshi and Partners believe in the fact that one of the major factors of our success is our passionate employees and their expertise. We feed and nurture our employees and uplift the passion they have for their careers. (“Passion for Career Growth” a habit at NRD!)

We enhance their skills by providing regular inputs and forge them according to the optimum brand values. The techniques and technologies keep updating, and we wish our employees to remain familiar with them. We motivate them to apply these techniques and technologies on the work to provide optimum results. This develops a thirst in their minds to achieve more than what they have achieved.

We even organize development sessions in which we prepare them for the upcoming world where the competition will be tougher than what everyone faces today.

Making Familiar with the Tech World

We deliver our employees with the information about the latest trends and technological advancements related to our business. We also ensure that they learn how these advancements can help them to provide work better than ever.(“Passion for Career Growth” a habit at N R Doshi and Partners!)

Business Prime

Besides technology, there are updates related to compliance, laws, regulations, methodologies, and various processes. We conduct regular sessions to tell our employees regarding these upgradations. This way, they will be able to give efficient work to us, and at the same time, they will develop their skills.

Performance Consulting

Regular consulting regarding performance takes place where we discuss with an employee regarding his performance. We identify the hindrances and make sure that they deal with them carefully. This lets them improve the quality and quantity of work they provide in a particular period.

Corporate World Training

This training is highly beneficial for freshers. However, even the experienced people can take its benefit. Here, we make sure that the trainees develop skills to deal with different aspects of Corporate culture. This helps them to gain personal development which can be reflected at every step they take in their career.

Skills Upgradation programs

The skills upgradation program is somewhat similar to Business Prime. However, here our focus is not towards the latest trends but to make our staff familiar with lesser-known methodologies that are highly effective. We let them use it in the work which saves time and uplifts output.

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