Life at N R Doshi and Partners and its Company Culture

Life at N R Doshi & Partners

N R Doshi and Partners always support their employees to come up with new ideas. Their additions and inputs are always taken seriously. This shows that every employee is valued  with company culture at N R Doshi and Partners.

Learning and development becomes fun, and that fun is included in every aspect of N R Doshi Company Culture. We support employees in their progress and let them win the career they want.

Team building

For every project, it is necessary to build a team. N R Doshi is a place where different people come together to perform work together. We provide solutions to make people’s lives better, but we do that in a team. This lets our employees learn patience, provide support, and help each other.

Call your creativity

NRD is not only open to ideas but also provides space for one’s creativity. We discuss the possible implementations which we can associate with different aspects of the company. Here, one not only remains updated with the latest methodologies but can also create his own and influence the existing ones.

Continuous Learning and development

As we are pledged to develop ourselves along with the development of employees. Whenever they wish to learn something new, we actively support them. This way, we build a relationship that has two-way benefits.

Life at N R Doshi will always include fun. Every day will be exciting, challenging, and full of opportunities.

N R Doshi & Partners

N R Doshi & Partners, the UAE’s renowned auditing firm in Dubai, is driving growth through expertise for its client’s business for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Dubai, N R Doshi & Partners has seven offices in the UAE, employing over 100 professionals. Our company consistently ranks among the top firms in the UAE and continues to have a dominant presence in the audit and assurance industry, driven by results and set on the bedrock of trust. N R Doshi offers a plethora of wide gamut of services-audit and assurance, VAT consulting, accounting, advisory, company incorporations, and outsourcing services which translates into:

  • More productivity through the rich experience
  • More knowledge through specialized talent pool
  • More innovation through industrial expertise
  • More profits through specialized service

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