Ten Reasons why N R Doshi and Partners is a great place to work

Best place to work

N R Doshi and Partners is itself a world where we define work as joy. NRD values its employees a lot, and that makes it the great place to work.

Open to new opinions

New opinions are the ideas that are going to shape the future. Therefore, we are always ready to welcome those ideas. Letting go of opinion is equivalent to letting go of growth and opportunity. An employee always has a voice in the company, making him feel like a home where he is never left unheard & company is great place to work for anyone.

Family under a canopy

Talking about home, we are a family. Here, we have members working from more than twenty years. We provide them with benefits and growth whenever possible. This is to make sure that complete employee satisfaction is offered to them who work with dedication and pledged to give optimum work.

Consistent events and engagement activities

Amidst the work, we never let the stress grow its roots. We regularly organize activities that give a break to our employees from their respective daily routines. These activities also help to build a bond amongst all the employees, they know each other, and this positively affects the work environment.

Unbiasedness management

It’s just an employee’s work and behavior that matters. We don’t favor an employee for any reason. We understand how important it is to give importance to everyone who is contributing to the company sincerely.

HR department always ready to hear

Our HR department takes care of the company’s human resources with optimum determination. They take their job very seriously, and for them, solving employee-related issues is an essential task. With our HR department, employees always have someone to rely on whenever there is trouble.

Effective use of technology

The implementation of technology is an important aspect for us. It is done to reduce the mental pressure, improve productivity, and to upgrade the quality. We implement technology in communication, work planning and execution, payroll, performance appraisal, and in almost every element of the company. This avoids any chances of mismanagement.

No Micromanagement

We make sure that none of our resources waste their time. However, we do not follow the habit of micromanagement. We know that this can lead to stress and may downgrade the quality of work. We give enough space to our employees as we believe in building a trustworthy two-way relationship.

Recognition and Rewards

If an employee travels an extra mile for the company and it remains unnoticed, he may never do it again. Therefore, we find it essential to recognize his work and reward him for doing that.


Proper communication is a necessity. Whenever there is a change in policies or procedures, we inform all the concerned employees. We have our own communication channels through which we provide updates to our employees regularly.

Healthy Work Environment

All of the above points lead to a healthy work environment. Every day, an employee will be spirited and determined to learn something new and deliver something new. He may face challenges in work, but we assure that he faces those challenges with a strong will. That’s what one learns at N R Doshi and Partners– not only we uplift career growth but also provide personal growth.

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