Masdar City Free Zone, Abu Dhabi

Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone

Driven by the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision of 2030, Masdar City Free Zone (MCFZ) is a business community in Masdar City. It has house companies ranging from start-ups to SMEs as well as multinationals. It is indeed a prime destination for global business, and Abu Dhabi International Airport is in its proximity. Furthermore, it offers direct connectivity to all areas of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. 

It offers a significantly comfortable environment for businesses to

operate. The competitive pricing, comprehensive support system, as well as synergy springing from the City’s unique innovation ecosystem together combine to offer a great deal of value-add to all its partners.

Moreover, its e-portal allows investors to business setup services in Dubai with a completely online process. A plethora of support services are provided to tenants, which include One-Stop-Shop, registration, licensing, as well as various other development and leasing options. 

Unique Benefits Offered by Masdar City Free Zone 

MCFZ Advantages

It is an emerging global destination where businesses can thrive as well as flourish.

1) Quick Setup:

It takes just five working days to obtain a license to start operations.

2) One-Stop-Shop:

It offers a quick as well as easy setup.

3) 100% Foreign Ownership:

There is no need for local sponsors.

4) 100% Tax-Free:

There are no corporate as well as personal taxes.

5) Freedom of Repatriation:

The investor can freely take away capital as well as profits to his country.

6) Research as well as Development Hub:

Partnership with Khalifa University.

7) Knowledge and Talent:

A critical mass of sector-related expertise as well as talent.

8) Cost-Effective:

Economic licensing as well as office space.

9) Strategic Location:

Strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

10) No import duties:

0% duties on goods imported. 

Masdar City Free Zone offers quick and straightforward mainland company formation in Dubai options to entrepreneurs and accordingly, as per the Masdar City Company’s Registration Regulations, one can opt for any of the following legal structures: 

  1. Firstly, free Zone Limited Liability Company.
  2. Secondly, the branch of a foreign/offshore company.
  3. Thirdly, Branch of a UAE-based company Firstly, free Zone Limited Liability Company  Firstly, free Zone Limited Liability Company.

Services Offered by Masdar City Free Zone for Business

MCFZ Services

Registration and Licensing

Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone, through its One-Stop-Shop, offers a wide range of services, which include registration and licensing services, business as well as leasing opportunities, and numerous other support services. Freezone company setup in Dubai also provides a variety of licensing tariff options that can be selected according to the activities and financial plans of the company.

The following are the various broad categories that are eligible for the issuance of a license: 

  • Renewable Energy
  • Clean Tech and ICT
  • Marketing and Events
  • Human Resources
  • Energy Industry
  • Healthcare Services
  • Service Providers
  • Property Development Services
  • Regional HQ, Trading and Holding Companies
  • Business Centre and Data Centres
  • Oil and Gas Services
  • Retail, Food, and Beverage

Support Services Include

  • Visa Services along with medical checks
  • Dependents Sponsorships
  • Emirates ID Card processing
  • Customs administration
  • PO Box Set-up
  • Facilities and Property Management
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce membership
  • Document Authentication
  • Meeting room and conference facilities

Business and Leasing Services

Office Space:

It certainly offers office space catering to the needs of all sizes of business. Be it Flexidesks in a shared workspace, serviced as well as executive offices, or a larger core and shell unit, it has it all. 


It significantly offers mixed-use community living along with sustainability. The land is available for both buying and leasing for developers. 

Build to Suit:

Large organizations can partner with Masdar City Free Zone to engineer bespoke commercial, retail, residential, recreational, educational, healthcare, as well as corporate spaces. 

Masdar City Free Zone Company Formation Process

MCFZ Company Registration Process

Company Name Reservation

An investor needs to reserve the company name with an initial online payment of AED 2,000. The Free Zone will submit the form for approval to the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. Upon approval of the name, an email will be sent by the free zone to the investor.  

The investor then needs to complete the application for a license and provide the business plan of the company and legal documents.  

Masdar City Free Zone will check the completed application, and any shortcomings will be informed and followed up. 

Then the e-services platform has to be accessed, and submission of the required detailed information and documents has to be done. 

All submitted information and documents and reviewed and accordingly approved. Then the organization’s legal documentation is issued through the system (Resolution, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association). The advisors also reach out to the client to present their existing lease options. 

License Issuance

Then the legal documentation is needed to be signed, and the lease process and payments are finalized, either through a personal visit or courier service. 

After all this, the license and certificate of registration/incorporation are finally issued, which can be accessed online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions:

1. What is the validity of the license issued by the Masdar City Free Zone? 

The license is valid for a period of one year as well as is renewable on an annual basis. 

2. What is the minimum share capital requirement at the Masdar City Free Zone? 

If one wants to set up a branch of a company, then there is no minimum capital requirement. The minimum capital required to establish an LLC is AED50,000. 

3. Can a company take a license at Masdar Free Zone without renting an office? 

No, leasing the facility is a compulsion for receiving a license. 

4. What activities can one undertake at Masdar City Free Zone? 

A business can undertake all trading activities at Masdar City Free Zone. Therefore, the only exception is that one cannot enter into a business of hazardous goods. 

5. Can a Masdar City Free Zone company open a branch office outside the free zone? 

A Masdar City Free Zone company has its own legal identity, and thus it can open branches outside the free zone subject to the applicable approvals obtained from relevant authorities. 

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