Easy Liquidation Process for Companies in DSOA – 6 Simple Steps


Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is a 100% government-free zone that houses technology-based businesses, offering state-of-the-infrastructure as well as prominent facilities. Similar to the company formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis, there are definite steps for the company liquidation process in the UAE, which you ought to follow.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) has taken numerous measures to safeguard the business community. Further, the measures also help investors plan for a business setup in Dubai.

Without following the proper steps of the company liquidation process in Silicon Oasis Dubai, you may delay the entire process. Therefore, we advise you to take the help of business setup consultants to help you with the company liquidation process in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Company Liquidation Process in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Steps for Liquidating a Company in DSOA

Notice submission to Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

The first step to kickstart a company’s liquidation process in Dubai Silicon Oasis is submitting a notice to DSOA. The company must submit the notice three months before the liquidation date. If the company does not serve three months’ notice, it has to pay the penalty. Thereafter, the authorities implement the penalty in the form of an agreement cancellation charge.

Presenting Board Resolution

After the notice is submitted, you need to provide a board resolution regarding the company’s liquidation. The deregistration resolution must be attested as well as presented to the free zone executives.

If the company in Dubai Silicon Oasis has foreign shareholders, or it is a company the parent company in a foreign county, then there is an additional liquidation requirement. The company needs to get the resolution attested as well as authorized by the UAE embassy located in the country from where the shareholder belongs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE, must legalize the same.

Submission of Premises keys

As the lease agreement gets canceled along with deregistration, you are not allowed to use the premises for any purpose. Therefore, you need to submit the keys to the office, shop, or warehouse.

Submission of Original Documents

The Dubai Silicon Oasis will revoke all the certifications and permissions they provided during company formation, and no refund will be issued even if permissions/licenses are still valid.

Clearance check

At the time of the liquidation process, a company needs clearances from the following authorities :

  • Clearance from Dubai Customs Department
  • Etisalat Clearance
  • Facilities Management Clearance
  • Clearance from DSOA Government Services Department
  • Allowance from DSOA Finance Department
  • Clearance from DSOA IT Section
  • Lastly, Clearance from DEWA

Submission of Liquidation Report

Preparing a liquidation report is the last & most vital step in a company’s liquidation process. Only approved auditors at Dubai Silicon Oasis can prepare the report.

Further, the auditor needs to prepare a report that checks the company’s finances and ensures that there are no debts that the company needs to pay at liquidation. Thereafter, this report is a necessary document required by the government to ensure that the individual/s did not use the company as a face to commit fraud.

Steps to Complete the Liquidation Process in DSOA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to liquidate a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

For liquidating a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis, initial approval may take one to two weeks, as well as the document submission & clearances may take approximately 30 days.

Does the visa cancel instantly after I submit the documents to liquidate a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Yes, after you submit the document, the authorities will in particular cancel the work visas related to your company.

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